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August 2011
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Twins Triples Team
Banquets coming up
Benefits of chess
Staff member meets President
Prez speech

ProAct human service technician Lucretia Jackson sho
ok hands with President Barack Obama on his Midwest tour.  "It was amazing," she said.  The Lucretia Jacksonpresident was visiting  the Coffee Mill just down the street from ProAct.


Back to work in Hudson

Hudson work at Expedite International

Life Opportunities consumers are back online at Expedite International. 
Twins Triples drive in $5,000+

Minnesota Twins Triples

Triples each generated a $300 donation from Staples Financial.  Join ProAct's

 Minnesota Twins Triples Team and help people with disabilities.

Staples Financial logo  

Staples Financial is a proud partner of the Minnesota Twins.

Recognition banquets September 23, October 7

recognition banquet


Don't forget about ProAct's upcoming recognition banquets, held at the Prom Center in Oakdale and Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Red Wing.  The annual events celebrate people's accomplishments through the year. 

  • The banquet for Red Wing and Zumbrota is September 23 at Treasure Island Resort and Casino, 5:30 p.m. start.   
  • Eagan and Hudson (Life Opportunities) celebrates on October 7 at Prom Center in Oakdale, begins at 6 p.m.
United Way logo
Programs funded in part by the United Way
Charities Review Council certified

ProAct golf event succeeds again,

TDS Metrocom wins Golf Classic with 16-under 

Golf Classic winners

Taking home the top prize at 16 under par was the TDS Metrocom team. From left are Martin Bruder, Josh Bruder, Eric Johnson and Rob Armfield.

A gorgeous day in the sun made the 2011 ProAct Golf Classic especially memorable, and much more for the team from TDS Metrocom, which together shot for 16 under par.

Set at the Hastings Country Club, the annual event drew some 100 golfers, nearly all of them staying for a gourmet dinner after the game.  ProAct President Steve Ditschler thanked players for their contributions and shared information about ProAct's vital role in the disabilities community.

Golf shotDunleavy swings

Jim LouwagieBordas family
For more photos, see ProAct's page on Facebook.

New video another introduction to ProAct
ProAct video
Catch a glimpse of ProAct from a new perspective in this engaging five-minute video production. 

Interviews with key leaders from ProAct and a facility manager, together with examples of work and classroom activity help tell the story of ProAct's focus on assisting people with disabilities.  It's available on ProAct's website and on  YouTube.
Benefiting from chess: star player teaches clients

  Mark Barbar was once sponsored by the country of Liberia at chess competitions.  Today, before picking up a consumer to take to a group home, he's sharing his chess knowledge with ProAct people in Eagan. 

Learning the game of chess
The game that some believe dates back some 1,600 years is still challenging minds in 2011, including those in the Adult Day Services program. Barbar sets up on-board scenarios to teach strategy. He has studied many books and played in numerous chess tournaments, achieving a U.S. Chess Federation rating of 1600 to 1700.

The training involves on-board puzzles to solve, including challenges to find out how to achieve checkmate in a certain number of moves. 

HumaChess trainingn service technician Dan Abramowicz provided the enthusiasm and planning to keep the sessions going. He started the game when he was five, playing against Russians who competed against his father. "I played people who didn't speak any English and we would communicate through chess," he said.  The game has become an excellent outlet for ProAct's consumers to improve their thinking skills.