MARCH 2011

President's Message


It’s hard to believe Mid-Semester break is behind us and we have entered the second half of the Winter 2011 semester. As the end of the semester draws near, I will reemphasize my desire to do what it takes to help you support our students. Also, you may be aware that I am making the circuit around campus, meeting with all academic and staff departments through the end of the semester. Please check with my office or your department secretary regarding when I will be in your area.

After focusing my message on Science Facilities and Recreation/Athletic facilities the past two months, I’ll wrap up my focus on facility needs by turning to our Creative and Performing Arts facilities. As you may be aware, the MCC Board of Trustees prioritized facilities master plan projects in the order of Science, Recreation, and the Arts, in that order.

The Creative and Performing Arts have a long and proud history at MCC. Faculty have nurtured students in Art, Dance, Humanities, Music, Philosophy and Theater over the years. In addition, the department has enlightened the campus and the wider community through the presentation of cultural opportunities, such as art exhibits, plays, and lectures.

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Achieving the Dream

The Achieving the Dream Strategy Institute, which took place in Indianapolis from February 8-11, prepared MCC’s delegation – Dr. Dale Nesbary, Teresa Sturrus, Anne Meilof, Kelley Conrad, Jenny Klingenberg, and JB Meeuwenberg – for some exciting work to come! An executive summary of the initiative’s first five years, sessions highlighting everything from best practices to pitfalls, and a moving student panel prepared this team to return to the College with a realistic, focused, and hopeful attitude toward the future of student success at MCC.

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Community College Survey of Student Engagement

THANK YOU to all instructors participating in the CCSSE this month! This is the first time that MCC has taken part in this national survey focusing on teaching, learning, and retention in community colleges. More than 60% of community colleges nationwide have participated in the survey, and we are excited to join them for the first time in 2011. We know that the results of the CCSSE will inform our efforts to help more students finish what they start. If your course has been selected to participate, you have already been contacted by your department chair. A member of the Achieving the Dream core or data team will contact you soon to determine the most convenient time for the in-class survey administration.

Thank you again for your cooperation!

Teresa Sturrus
Vice President for Academic Affairs

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MCC Maritime Program

With maritime occupations in demand, MCC has entered into an articulation agreement with Northwestern Michigan College’s Great Lakes Maritime Academy. According to the 2008-2009 Occupational Outlook Handbook, water transportation occupations, with starting wage of around $60K and the range is $60 - $110 K, will increase 16 percent from 2006-2016.

John Berck, Director of Admissions, Great Lakes Maritime Academy, Northwestern Michigan College will be at MCC March 16th to meet with students, administration, and faculty, and to celebrate our new articulation for the Deck and Engine Officer Programs for the maritime industry. The agenda is as follows;

11:00 – 12;00 noon. John will meet with interested students in the Blue and Gold room for presentation and discussion
12:15 – 1:30 P.M. Lunch with admin, counselors/faculty. L167-L169
2:00 – 3:30 John will be available to meet individually with interested students for more in depth discussions. Blue & Gold Rm.
400 P.M. General meeting with students and interested community members. Blue & Gold Rm.

More information can be found at

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Keep our Campus Safe

Help avoid crimes of prevention and keep our campus safe!

  • Lock your car and don't leave valuables in sight
  • Don't leave personal belongings unattended, even for a minute, in a classroom or any other area.
  • Mark your property such as laptop computers, tape recorders, calculators, radios, etc.
  • Something come up missing? The lost and found is located in Student Life, Rm 103. Please check there for items lost or to turn in found items.
  • Report all crimes and suspicious activities to Room 1107, 777-0588, or x588 on the campus phones.
  • See an accident waiting to happen? Help us avoid potential accidents before they happen by reporting to Rm 1107 and completing a P.A.I.N. form (Potential Accidents I Noticed). We'll check it out and make the necessary improvements to prevent a potential accident.

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Regarding Catered Events

It has been brought to the attention of Conference & Catering that events on campus that have ordered catering for their participants are experiencing non-participants helping themselves to food. We advise to please not go into a conference/classroom that has catered food. It may appear that a group has left, but in many cases they are on break or in an alternate room. In many instances once the event is over this has happened as well. Please allow the catering staff to collect the leftover food for proper disposal. It is embarrassing to the College to have the group come back to find MCC employees enjoying food that has been purchased for their attendees or having people hovering around waiting for them to leave.

We appreciate all efforts to make our guests feel comfortable while they are on campus.

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MCC Community Needs Assessment

Stemming from the Strategic Planning process, the Office of Community Relations is working with an independent researcher from GVSU to conduct a series of surveys and assessments. Current students, graduates, community members, local businesses, education partners, and other stakeholders are participating in surveys, focus groups, and other methods of determining community perceptions and needs. This community input will help identify the biggest educational obstacles facing our community and provide direction about which types of academic programs and services are needed.

In addition to specific surveys administered with students, educators and other key constituents, the general public is invited to share their input by participating in an online survey. You can support the needs assessment process by encouraging your community contacts to participate in this survey, which is available at

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Food Service Gift Certificates

If you would like Bistro/Grill Gift Certificates, please contact Zac Falor in Food Service. Zac will have them printed and he will sign them. Food Service will only be accepting gift certificates that are printed from Zac’s office. Feel free to contact Food Service or Conference & Catering with any questions. Thank you!

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Each month the Records office is raising FERPA awareness by submitting a FERPA True/False Question to Campus Connections. The answer, and next month's question will appear in next month’s issue.

February 2011 question

A student’s Social Security Number (SSN) could be verified to a caller who received a document a document with the student’s SSN on it?

False A student’s Social Security Number can never be considered as “Directory Information,” and therefore cannot be disclosed or even confirmed as public information.

March 2011 question

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Don't go Postal! Reminders from the Mail Room

The mail room will now offer supplies to departments within the college. In an email sent out 1-28-11 to MCC employees by Amy James there was a list of supplies available attached. The mail room can charge your department for the supplies that you need. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call the mail room at x429.

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Craig Brown Portrait Dedication

Craig Brown's Portrait Dedication to the Diversity Wall will take place Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 12:30 PM in the Bue & Gold Room. The oil painting "Portrait of Craig Brown," is by Muskegon Community College student Aryan Johnson. Craig Brown, moved from St. Louis to West Michigan in 1992 to teach psychology at Muskegon Community College. A source of boundless energy, he served on numerous local, state and national organizations and boards, including the Urban League of Greater Muskegon, Muskegon Community Solidarity, the NAACP, Michigan Education Association, Muskegon County Museum, Muskegon. Brown was passionate about education, and had a reputation as an instructor that demanded the best efforts from his students.

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Western Michigan University Open House

WMU-Muskegon will host an Open House on Tuesday, March 22 in the Steven Center for Higher Education. MCC students and alumni, MCC staff and faculty, community members, and anyone interested in learning more about available degree programs are invited to attend. Advisors will be on hand from 5 to 7 p.m. to discuss program requirements and admission information. In addition to several graduate programs in education, WMU offers transfer programs in Recreation and Manufacturing Engineering.

Visit our website for more info.

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Men's Conference at MCC

The Annual Men’s Leadership Conference will be held on our beautiful campus on March 19, 2011 from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm and it is entitled “The 3 Rs of Leadership, Revisioning, Re-arming and Rejuvenating”. It will be a time for leaders of the community to come together; network, brainstorm and strategize as well as become stakeholders in the ultimate goal for the annual mens/boys conference in June. We are hoping that from this March gathering we can bring 200-250 young men/boys on campus and we can help re-educate and change their way of thinking. To get involved call Mary Williams at x348.

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Institute for Healing Racism

MCC has reached our # of students who may attend the Institute at no cost according to our agreement. Anyone who would like to attend after this point will be charged at a 25% discount rate from the regular price of $75.00.

The Institute for Healing Racism at MCC presents both a Basic Institute, entitled "A Conversation on Race" and Institute II, "The Next Step" which focuses primarily on institutional racism.

Institute I Upcoming Dates
March 7 & 8, 14 & 15 (Two Consecutive Mondays & Tuesdays) 5 p.m.—9:30 p.m.
March 15 & 16 (Tuesday & Wednesday) 8 a.m.—4:30 p.m.

Institute II Upcoming Dates
March 22 & 29 (Consecutive Tuesdays) 8 a.m.—4:30 p.m.

For more information, or to sign up, call Larry Lundquist at x536 or visit the IFHR website at .

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Andersen Closing Speaker

Newly titled Dr. Maria Andersen, presented the closing speech at the e-Learning 2011 Conference. She discussed the pressures now being felt in education due to technology, student/parent expectations, financing and the open education movement. She then focused on some of the disruptive forces in our world that could be the catalyst for major changes in higher education, such as universal translation, federal government, rising energy costs, artificial intelligence, among others. Dr. Anderson ends this talk with a scenario that may provide value to the higher education movement. For the presentation, please go to this link.

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CIO Message

I hope everyone has enjoyed their mid-winter break. Here are three updates I expect will have a positive impact on students, faculty, and staff.

Degree Audit

Degree Audit is automated process that matches a student’s courses that they have completed with an academic degree or certificate program. Because of the number of programs to automate and complexities found within the ASA degree, considerable effort is required to enter the information and verify the audit process. When completed, degree audit will provide students with a tool to plan their registration. Additional benefits are realized by the MCC staff members that presently perform manual audits. Automating the degree audit process will provide opportunities to work on other issues that require staff’s personal attention. During the week of February 28, SunGard Higher Education is providing an additional onsite resource to support the degree audit project. Terri Emmett, a Systems Analyst with extensive experience in degree audit, is joining us from Phoenix, Arizona. Terri will also attend the March Datatel Administrator’s Group meeting where a discussion on progress and outcomes will take place.

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President's Message continued

Regardless of these contributions, the facilities supporting arts education are lacking. In particular the Visual Arts building is separated from the main building and is inadequate to meet the department’s needs. As a part of the 2010 Master Plan Building Assessment, the facility received 502 of a possible 1150 points, earning a grade of “poor”. The building lacks proper insulation, is not handicap accessible, has soundproofing and structural issues with systems interfering with class activities, and has an inefficient or altogether lacking HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system.

The Frauenthal Foundation Fine Arts Center, our primary performing arts exhibition and performing center also has challenges, making it a less than adequate pedagogical resource. The building’s electrical, technology, stage, storage, and music performance areas are all cited by the MCC Facilities Master Plan as being problematic.

The Master Plan points to two solutions to these issues. One option is to construct an addition to the south of the Frauenthal Arts Building designed to support Creative and Performing Arts. The space would include five visual art studios, three instructional classrooms, offices for faculty, an exhibition gallery for display of artwork, as well as support spaces such as ceramics, fibers, and acrylics, and storage for bulk materials. The addition would also include an expanded scene shop and dressing rooms at the Overbrook Theater. The existing Overbrook Theater would be renovated, as would the vocal and instrumental music spaces.

A second option is the creation of a Downtown Muskegon Arts Center. As part of its new strategic direction, and in its position as an economic development engine for the greater Muskegon area, a new presence in downtown Muskegon provides an opportunity to relocate the visual art department on the main campus to new quarters there. This project includes a new building or renovated space of about 35,000 SF, to be built on a site within the downtown core or within walking distance of the downtown core.

The implementation of either of these solutions depends on the resources that become available to MCC, and will be weighed with funding opportunities for our other identified priorities including the Science addition and the Gymnasium renovation. We are committed to pursue every and any opportunity to make all of these improvements a reality and continue to make MCC a leader for higher education in the Muskegon area.

Again, as we head into the “make it or break it” portion of the semester, I encourage you to do all you can to help students succeed in line with our commitment to Achieving the Dream. And as always, strive for excellence and please feel free to contact me at, via phone at 231-777-0303, or stop by my office at room 400, Main Building on campus.

Best regards,

Dale Nesbary, Ph.D.

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Achieving the Dream cont'd

To begin working toward this future, MCC’s Achieving the Dream Core and Data Teams defined Developmental Education and students’ First Year Experience as the two priority areas to receive the focus of research and resources for the 2011-2012 school year. This decision was based on the results of both the November all-campus discussions and student focus groups held in December and January. Currently, two research teams of faculty, staff, administrators, and students are forming with the purpose of researching best practices that would be most appropriate for MCC’s needs and resources. JB Meeuwenberg will chair the Developmental Education Strategy Team, while Renica Minott and Cathy Rusco will co-chair the First Year Experience Strategy Team. If you’d like to share your wisdom or experience with one of these teams, please contact its chair.

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CIO Message continued

New Data Colleague Client

The method that MCC uses to access the Datatel is undergoing some significant improvements. Colleague UI 4.2 (UI stands for User Interface) provides many features to help improve workflow. One of the most important changes is the use of a new Microsoft Windows Silverlight style interface. Windows Silverlight creates common controls that people are more accustomed to seeing in Microsoft Windows products. This aspect is anticipated to make training new Colleague users much easier. Another benefit is the ability to save searches when working on a collection of information. This feature saves time because multiple operations can be performed without needing to call up a record set each time. Further benefits include the ability to search commands by context and function. Our current Datatel Client requires users to remember a large number of acronyms for performing work. The new context search feature should also help to reduce the complexity of training. Colleague UI 4.2 has the ability to display a person’s portrait alongside their record. The Office of Information Technology has linked the database of pictures from the student badge system to the new UI client. This feature allows staff an additional element to identify students who they are interacting with. In March a demonstration will take place at the March Datatel Administrator’s Group Meeting, and a training schedule will be posted.

Blackboard 9 Faculty Development Opportunity

Coming in March, the MCC Faculty has an opportunity to experience our new Blackboard 9.1 Learning Management System. Seven sessions focused on the differences between Blackboard 8 and 9 will be offered both afternoons and early evenings. These two-hour sessions will be particularly useful to those who are teaching online or hybrid classes this summer. The Office of Information Technology would like to thank Stacey DeBrot for help with coordinating these sessions. For more information on this or other employee development opportunities, visit

On behalf of everyone in OIT, we look forward to continuing to serve you.

Mike Alstrom
Chief Information Officer
Muskegon Community College

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Creative & Performing Arts


Poetry of Dust
Alvey Jones
Artist books, paintings, prints, and assemblages are featured in this Michigan artist’s exhibit. .
March 14- April 22 at 9:00 am To 4:00 pm
Reception: Monday, March 21, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Gallery Talk at 7:00 pm
Overbrook Art Gallery, MCC Campus - Free


Studio on Stage
Wed & Thurs, April 20 & 21 7:30 pm
Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus


Jazz and Wind Ensembles
Thursday, April 14 7:00 pm
Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus

College Singers Winter Concert
Sunday, April 17 7:00 pm
Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus

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MCC March Birthdays

Kathy Tosa - 15
Tom O'Brien - 15
Cheryl Hite - 16
Chris Patterson - 18
Jody Miller - 20
Christina Donley - 21
Judith Stonex - 22
C. Vanoosterhout - 24
Cathy Rusco - 25
Larry Visconti - 25
Robert Ross - 25
Jessica Graf - 27
Dean Fritzemeier - 27
Victor Raczok - 28
R. Alexander - 29
Mary Ann Ochs - 30
Paula Halloran - 31
Daniel Knue - 31

MCC April Birthdays

Tom Harryman - 2
Julie Weller - 2
Don Bogema - 4
Lori Bailey - 5
Kelli Ann Loughrige - 9

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