President's Message

Hello colleagues. I am hopeful that you are having a successful fall semester. This month, I will review several key campus initiatives and reflect upon the successes of the last academic year.

Higher Learning Commission Reaccreditation Process

Later this month, the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HLC) will visit the College as part of our 10 year HLC reaccreditation process. The HLC Site Visit Team, led by Dr. David H. Devier, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs with Clark State Community College, will visit MCC on October 25-27. The team will meet with a broad array of students, faculty, staff and trustees during that time. Please extend them courtesy, a warm welcome, and be prepared to respond to their questions. For more information on the HLC reaccreditation process, please visit the following webpage: www.muskegoncc.edu/hlc.

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Achieving the Dream at MCC: An Update

As an Achieving the Dream college we have the opportunity to develop a culture of evidence – to develop and implement data-informed strategies to improve student success and then to evaluate whether the strategies work. This semester we are laying the groundwork for planning and implementing strategies by gathering and organizing a great deal of information about our students, our classes, our certificates and degrees, and our policies and procedures.

As a new AtD school, we recently submitted historical student data to the national database. Pat Werly (OIT) and Kathy Krentz (IR) have spent countless hours over the past few weeks extracting and submitting this information. The 80 data fields include general demographic information on students, as well as information for each term since fall 2007 (how many credits each student took and earned, if they were placed into developmental courses, their term GPA, if they graduated, etc.).

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Upcoming International Programs at MCC

Here are some ways you can bring the world closer to your students! Don’t miss out on these exciting events at MCC! Your students will appreciate it!

Travelogue Turkey! - Tuesday October 5, 2010, 7:00 – 8:00PM. Stevenson Center for Higher Education, Room 1100. Keith St. Clair, political scientist at Grand Rapids Community College and frequent speaker at international events, will share his insights on the intriguing nation of Turkey. Keith spent more than a month in Turkey and will use his photos to share his impressions and thoughts about this fascinating country. A period for questions will follow Keith’s presentation. A reception with samples of Turkish cuisine will be available at 6:45pm and after the presentation.

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CIO Message

We are about one month into the fall 2010 semester, and I hope everyone is finding it to be a positive and enjoyable experience. Below are three topics related to the new semester that I would like to share with you.

Everyone knows that this time of year is typically busier than the rest, but it may be interesting to know some fast facts about our startup with technology for this academic year. The numbers below represent the work that the OIT team is working on or completed in September.

Active Projects - 12
Employee computer replacements - 28
Active Datatel & Other Programming Requests - 46
Media & Equipment Deliveries - 96
Computer replacements in labs and classrooms - 135
Total Cases resolved (in-house and 24-hour helpdesk) - 956

With the return of fall semester, the MCC Technology Council is once again active. The purpose and goals of the Technology Council are to assist the college with strategic management decisions regarding information technology, and to set the direction and priority of projects in a timely manner. Tech Council also reviews and recommends information technology policies and procedures, and helps to determine standards for technology use at MCC. This month, the Tech Council agenda focused on instructional needs, distribution lists, adjunct faculty software, and the Red Flags Rule from the Federal Trade Commission. I envision a Technology Council that promotes collaboration and awareness between OIT and MCC, so I’m excited for us to work with those goals in mind this year. To find out more about Tech Council, visit www.muskegoncc.edu/oit and select the link for Policies and Governance.

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MCC and United Way of the Lakeshore partner to help reach 2010 campaign goal

MCC is proud to support United Way of the Lakeshore in their effort to promote education, income and health in our community.

We need your help! Please join us at one of the upcoming informational meetings (specific dates/times to follow via MCC email) now through the second week in November.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Aaron Hilliard, Director of Human Resources has promised that if, through the campaign, MCC reaches a 90% participation, rate he will dance to the song of the employees choice during half time of an upcoming Jayhawks basketball game!!

The meetings will be less than 30 minutes long, and will paint a better picture of the positive impact United Way has had - and continues to have in Muskegon, Oceana and Newaygo counties.

Check out their new campaign video on the United Way of the Lakeshore website.

For more information regarding our campaign, donating and getting involved - contact Erin Patrick at x614.

Let's make that goal and see Aaron's moves as a Jayhawk!

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Open Enrollment Insurance Information

MCC staff can attend a meeting on October 12 at 11:00am (location to be determined) in regards to the upcoming Open Enrollment period. Questions will be entertained after the presentation. Please watch your email inbox for complete details.

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Military Friendly Designation

Muskegon Community College (MCC) has been designated a Military Friendly School by G.I. Jobs Magazine, an honor only bestowed on the top 15% of colleges, universities, and trade schools nationwide. This designation was made due to efforts to efforts by MCC to recruit and train military and veteran students. MCC will be noted in the 2011 Guide to Military Friendly Schools, published by G.I. Jobs.

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Nursing Program Note

The current wait time to start the nursing courses once a student is “ready” is approximately 2.5 -3 years. As noted on our website www.muskegoncc.edu/nursing, * Effective 2011, up to half of all Nursing admissions to each class will be selected from the applicants who have completed all general education courses for the AAS Degree (eligible to write the NCLEX-RN). The remainder of the 100 admissions for 2011 classes will be taken from the standing ready lists. We start calling students for 2011 admissions in late November of 2010. The student will enter according to where their name comes up first.

Also, remember that we have a selective admission process which means that if a student applies and meets our ready requirements, the student will be admitted on a first come, first served basis. This is in contrast to a competitive admission process where all students apply and then the top x percent are selected and all the rest of the applications are discarded. It is important for the public to understand that students applying to those competitive admission schools (eg “no waiting lists”) may never be admitted to them.

For more information, please direct students to our nursing website www.muskegoncc.edu/nursing, If they need a direct link to the Admissions page have them visit www.muskegoncc.edu/pages/562.asp where there is a detailed checklist of steps for admission to the MCC Nursing program, the only nationally accredited nursing program in Muskegon.

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Institute for Healing Racism

Did you know that the Institute for Healing Racism is now located at Muskegon Community College? The Institute for Healing Racism presents both a Basic Institute, entitled "A Conversation on Race" and Institute II, "The Next Step" which focuses primarily on institutional racism.

Institute I Upcoming Dates
- October 12 & 19 (Consecutive Tuesdays) 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
- October 26 & 27 (Tuesday & Wednesday) 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
- November 10 & 11 (Wednesday & Thursday) 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
- December 7 & 14 (Consecutive Tuesdays) 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Institute II Upcoming Dates
- October 5 & 12 Consecutive Tuesdays 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
- November 16 & 17 Tuesday & Wednesday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
- December 14 & 15 Tuesday & Wednesday 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

For more information, or to sign up, call Larry Lundquist at x536 or visit the IFHR website at www.muskegoncc.edu/ifhr. .

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Campus Flu Shot Clinic

Don't Forget Your Flu Shot!

Visiting Nurse Services will conduct a Flu Shot Clinic at MCC on Friday, October 15 between 11:00 am and 1:30 pm in Rm 1208 of the Stevenson Center for Higher Education. No appointment necessary. Available to anyone age 9 or older. Medicare Part B members, no charge with card (all others $30). Pneumonia shots also available. $40 (first time or with doctor's orders only). For additional Flu Shot Clinics dates call (231) 726-5025.

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President's Message continued

Strategic and Master Plans

The 2010 Strategic Plan and 2010 Facilities Master Plan have been completed. Thanks again to all of you who provided guidance and input through subcommittee work, review of drafts, and working with our master planning architect, Tower Pinkster. The Board of Trustees is currently reviewing the Strategic Plan and will rank and provide comments at its October board meeting. The Board will also review the Facilities Master Plan and rank the projects by priority at the same time. Once Board review is complete, the final versions of the plans will be available on the MCC website around November 1st.

Thank You Notes Formalized

Each month, I provide the Board of Trustees what I call “Thank You” notes, recognizing the efforts of students, faculty, and staff for their accomplishments. These are included in my President’s Report to the Board. These ideas are generated at biweekly Cabinet meetings, during which I ask the Cabinet for thank you(s) that I may bring to the Board. For example, last month, I thanked Sally Birkam, George Maniates, Greg Marczak and their respective staffs for their outstanding efforts in bringing Welcome Week to fruition. From this month on, I would like to formalize that process. I will call upon each of you to suggest outstanding efforts by staff, faculty, students, and colleagues to the Cabinet. I will then forward the top suggestions to the Board in my monthly report to them. I will also ask for the person(s) recognized to attend the Board meeting if they are available to be recognized by the Board. Please send along your suggestions to the Cabinet and thanks for your efforts.

Team Building and Success

One of the ways that a team is defined is by the product that it produces. I say that your work product has been outstanding, telling me that this institution is coming together as an even more effective and cohesive unit. What are some of the products produced? Here are some examples:

  • A very successful Welcome Week. Students, staff and faculty took this idea, a first time activity for MCC, and ran with it. As a result, in excess of 400 incoming students and numerous vendors were on campus to learn about MCC and enjoy an opportunity to see the most beautiful community college campus in Michigan. The leadership of Sally Birkam, George Maniates, and Greg Marczak among many others contributed to the success.
  • Creative thinking by faculty and staff lead to the replacement of all of our “workhorse” classroom microscopes, over 100 in all. Thanks to Theresa VanVeelen, affiliated faculty, and Joe Doyle for generating some outside the box financing ideas to accomplish this.
  • Updating the Master Plan and Strategic Plan concurrently. Approximately 40 faculty, staff, trustees, and students participated in making this happen. Why is this unusual? Typically, strategic plans are completed, then a master plan is begun. The best practice of completing both concurrently is highly unusual. If you had not come together to move this process forward, the College would not be in position to put forward its most ambitious master planning process since the 1960s.
  • Launching multiple new/enhanced academic programs and certificates, including, solar, wind, biofuels, and instrumental music. This took time, effort, energy, and dedication to accomplish, along with the collaboration of multiple faculty and staff.
  • Launching four new athletic programs, with two more coming, is a huge challenge. Having full squads to compete in the first year is even more difficult. Very dedicated coaches, counselors, students, faculty, and staff worked tirelessly to see this goal achieved. As a result, MCC now has more students, student athletes, excitement, and another piece of the student engagement puzzle in place.
These accomplishments don’t happen by themselves. They take effort, vision, an intelligent approach to work, and most importantly, teamwork. I thank you all for pulling together to make this happen. Finally, I hope that you are enjoying the gorgeous fall colors and the beautiful days we are experiencing. Continue to strive for excellence and enjoy the month of October.

Best regards,

Dale Nesbary, Ph.D.

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Achieving the Dream continued

Soon we will be able to 1) get an overall picture of our students’ academic progression over the past couple of years, 2) compare ourselves to other AtD schools, 3) dig deeper when we start forming the detailed questions, and 4) eventually be able to see if the strategies we put into place lead to greater student success. Mark your calendars! November 9 and 10 the campus will begin making decisions about this information. All faculty and staff, including adjunct faculty members, are urged to participate in one of two half-day sessions. We will look at the statistics and divide into small groups to identify possible priority areas, which the college will study further before developing strategies to address areas of concern. Times for the sessions will be November 9 from 3:30 to 6:30 and November 10 from 9:00 to 12:00. The AtD effort is being led by two teams: the Core Team: Sally Birkam, Janie Brooks, Pam Brown, Eli Fox, Elena Garcia, Trynette Harps, JB Meeuwenberg, Papa N’Jai, Char Parker, Jean Roberts, Cathy Rusco, and Sheila Wahamaki, led by Jenny Klingenberg and Kelley Conrad; and the Data Team: Mike Alstrom, Greg Marczak, Renica Minott, and Bruce Wierda, led by Anne Meilof.

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International Programs continued

Experience a little of Mexico and India! - Join us on our first Culinary Cultural Excursion (CCE) and experience some of the best Mexican food around Muskegon! ‎‎ Wednesday October 20, 6pm at El Tapatio restaurant located at 1026 West Laketon Ave, Muskegon -(231) 759-7408. This is a new program where we will be visiting ethic restaurants in the West Michigan area. Watch your email for details.

Travelogue India! - Thursday November 18, 6:45 – 8:30PM in the Stevenson Center for Higher Education, Room 1100. Join Dr. Tom Donahue as he presents an exciting travelogue of his adventures in India. A reception with samples of cuisine from India will be available. In February of this year Dr. Donahue participated in a "Mystical Tour of India" sponsored by the University of Michigan. Tom will lead you through northern India via pictures and music, including holy sites, temples, slums, cities, archeological sites, graves, holy cities and places. He'll discuss aspects of India such as the 1.2 million Hindu gods, the influences of Moslems and Hindus on the history of India, the caste system, values, and social and economic developments, as well as language, approach to milestones such as birth rituals, coming of age, schooling, marriage, and death. Dr. Donahue has traveled extensively on six continents and worked for many years in Europe and Asia. Currently he teaches humanities and human development at MCC.

International Education Week - November 15-19

Monday – MCC’s 10th Annual International Panel Discussion in the Stevenson Center for Higher Education. Last year’s event drew over 70 MCC students to listen to our international students from Vietnam, Indonesia, Gambia, Bosina, Poland and Costa Rica share insights about their corner of the world.

Tuesday – Movie “Das Wunder von Bern” The Miracle of Bern. An inspiring movie about the 1954 World Soccer Championship. The movie tells the tale of a young boy and his unemployed father who are brought together by West Germany's win over Hungary in the 1954 World Cup final.

Wednesday – Culinary Cultural Excursion (CCE). This is a new program where we will be visiting new and exotic ethic restaurants in the West Michigan area. Watch your email and the next International Newsletter for details. Thursday – Travelogue - Watch your email and the next International Newsletter for details.

Global Awareness Festival - February 7-11, 2011. This year’s festival will focus on Europe. There will be Photo Journeys to Italy, France & Germany in the Overbrook Gallery. The New Europe series of lectures and discussions on the EU. Under the Tuscan Sun at a Cooking School. Food, Flags, Music, Lectures, Movies and much more.

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CIO Message continued

Beginning in the fall semester, students, faculty, and staff can now take advantage of several new features available with the college’s email system upgrade. There are a number of improvements. For example, calendars and contacts are easier to access by both students and staff, using Macintosh computers, PCs, or even mobile devices. Rules for auto-forwarding or replying to mail is now available both on and off campus. There have also been improvements to web-client email search capabilities, making it easier to find messages. Improvements also extend to the system Address Books: there are now specific address books for faculty and staff so students can readily access contact information without having to search through too many records.

On behalf of everyone in the Office of Information Technology, thank you for the continued opportunity to work with you. I expect this academic year will be as exciting as it is rewarding.

Mike Alstrom
Chief Information Officer

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President's Message

Achieving the Dream

Upcoming International Programs

CIO Message

United Way Campaign

Open Enrollment Information

MCC Designated Military Friendly

Nursing Program Note

Healing Racism at MCC

Campus Flu Shot Clinic

Creative and Performing Arts Schedule

MCC October Birthdays

MCC Staff Notes

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MCC Links

MCC Event Calendar

Reach for the Stars campaign

HLC Accreditation

MCC News Stories

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Creative & Performing Arts

October Events

Art Gallery Exhibit
Valerie Mann: Self, Awareness
Artist Valerie Mann of Saline, Michigan will exhibit a multi-media installation in MCC’s Overbrook gallery relating to this year’s AH Fest Theme.
Exhibit Dates: September 27 - October 31, 2010
Reception: Wednesday, October 20, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Lecture at 7:00 pm by Valerie Mann
Gallery Hours: 9:00 Am To 4:00 pm
Overbrook Art Gallery, MCC Campus

AH Fest: Muskegon Area Arts & Humanities Festival
Festival Theme: Self
www.ahfest.org or 231.777.0324

Film: Hamlet,with Patrick Stewart and David Tennant
Thursday October 7, 2:00 pm
Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard
Presented In Conjunction With AH Fest 2010
Wednesday – Saturday October 13 – 16, 7:30 pm
Sunday, October 17, 3:00 pm

Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus

La’Ron Williams
African-American Storyteller
presented by the Institute for Healing Racism
Friday, October 22,2010 7:00 p.m.
Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus

MCC College Singers
Fall Concert
Sunday, October 24, 7:00 pm
Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus

An Evening with Poet Li-Young Lee Muskegon Writers' Center
Monday, October 25 7:00 pm

Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus

Jazz & Wind Ensembles
Wednesday, October 27, 7:00 pm
Overbrook Theater, MCC Campus

Lecture Series
The Future of Human Augmentation
Dr. Joe Dvorak, Director of Innovation At Research In Motion
Thursday, October 28, 7:00 pm
Collegiate Hall, MCC Campus

Coming in November

Art Exhibits:
Tim Norris: Fire Paintings, Carborn Drawings and Earthwork models
Dates: November8 – December 17, 2010
FREE Public Reception:
Wednesday, November 17, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Gallery Talk at 6:30pm

West Michigan Concert Winds
Angels in the Architecture
Sunday, November 7, 4:00 pm
Reeths-Puffer Rocket Centre for the Fine Arts

West Michigan Youth Symphony
Fall Concert
Sunday, November 21, 3:00 pm
Spring Lake High School

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MCC October Birthdays

Janie P Brooks - 6
Leona L Adams - 6
Janice Whitlow - 7
Stephen Fiorenzo - 8
Gerald Nyland - 10
Jesse J Montgomery - 12
Phyllis J Robey - 19
James G Royce - 22
Cheryl Flannery - 26
Sylvia Hayes - 27
Robert Vanderlaan - 27

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MCC Staff Notes

Al Barreto received a plaque of appreciation from the Social Security Administration Office of the Inspector General, for his work hosting their Regional Training in September.

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by the last Friday noon of the month. For more information contact Tina Dee at 231-777-0660 or Dan Rinsema-Sybenga at 231-777-0569

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