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October 2011
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Space is running out...
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Lynn Burgess,RYT
to hold
Alternative Therapy
October 29th
10 am - Noon

Space is limited for "Mindfulness based
on Ahimsa"
(to "cause no harm")
a study in boosting body awareness and a practice based on centeredness


Come and assist Brook in welcoming Lynn, a 500 hour certified instructor and teacher trainer, to Alternative Therapy!
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Yoga Schedule 
Range of Motion 
(Gentle Class)
4:30   -   5:30 pm
Mixed Level Class
5:30   -   6:30 pm


Mixed Level Class
8:30 am   -   9:30 am


Range of Motion 
(Gentle Class)
4:30   -   5:30 pm
Mixed Level Class
5:30   -   6:30 pm


Mixed Level Class
8:30 am   -   10:00 am


Wear comfortable clothes and join us for alignment based yoga.
$10 per class
*$20  Saturdays


Look forward to seeing you there! 

Plan an Alternative ...
Whatever the occasion, celebrate your next event at Alternative Therapy.  In this tranquil setting you may design the party including choices of services such as:
Private Yoga Sessions
Bamboo-Fusion Massage
Relaxation Acupuncture
Wellness Classes
Private Tai Chi Class
Armoa Therapy Massage
Choose one or several and build your unique event that's sure to be the "talk of the town!"
Call Alternative Therapy for more information:  941-727-1500 or email us at myalternativetherapy.net
Please Note:  Event size limited according to  service choices.
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Alternative Therapy 

Fear and It's Effects on the Physical Body

Fear is one of the strongest of

Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT

human emotions and it affects us immensely. Fear can show up in our lives over finances (one of the most common), loved ones and personal health, to name a few. It is often an omnipresent force woven in our lives.   What we need to realize: These fears, 99% of the time, never materialize.   Commonly, though we are tense, due to fear 99% of the time over these perceived fears. How can we reduce fear in our day to day lives?

A Blanket of Positive Thinking

Sometimes, fear can be diminished with a "blanket" of positive thinking. Sometimes this can help to a certain degree. Over time, however, this positive thinking becomes merely an illusion of calm as we "bury" the fear under a deeper layer in our subconscious where it festers and begins to deteriorate our health.


Direct Result of Fear on our health

Fear creates stress in our physical body. In alternative medicine it is believed the primary organs directly related to fear stressors are the kidneys. When the tension from the kidneys cause pressure on the nerves to the upper lumbar (L1-L3) spine, the lower lumbar (L4-L5 area) which is the hardest working part of our spine must work even harder causing the entire lumbar region of the spine to become vulnerable. The genito-femoral nerve (located at L2) next to the kidneys can be compressed or irritated creating groin, knee and thigh pain. Sciatic pain can develop as the lower lumbar become susceptible. Left unchecked, these conditions can disturb the entire dynamics of the spine leading to abnormality of gait (limping) and even scoliosis (lateral or side curving of the spine), increase or decreased blood flow to the organs, bones and muscles creating illnesses, indirectly related to the fear.


Fear Management

As this barrage of fear-related pain surfaces, how can alternative medicine help in its elimination? First, we need to realize how much damage/dysfunction fear can cause. In treatment at Alternative Therapy we focus on liberating the kidneys to open the meridians through Chinese acupuncture or manual treatments. Then opening the lumbar spine becomes the priority with myofascial release and gentle manipulation.


Fear Eradication

Steps can be taken to eradicate fear and avoid producing the tensions that affect our health.

I)  Meditation - Alternative Therapy teaches simple meditation together with relaxation techniques to assist patients in calming our mind and filtering our thoughts.

II)  Identification - Through meditation we acknowledge our thoughts and determine real fears vs. imaginary fear in our thoughts.

III)  Redirection - When, through meditation, we begin to redirect our thoughts we are able to determine if, when and how we want to worry (be fearful).


Meditation sharpens our conscious thought and gradually, over time we are able to funnel our thoughts directly to solutions for real fears and eliminate imaginary or unfounded fear altogether. 


You can be rid of pain!  The cure is within you!

    Call for your appointment today!  941-727-1500. 


Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine


Ellen Teeter, AP, DOM

 AOM Day Celebration!


Celebrations are happening all over the USA this October 24th for AOM Day (Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day).  Countless people lead happier and healthier lives thanks to the healing power of Oriental Medicine and acupuncture. 
Oriental Medicine treats imbalances in the body's energy systems.  These imbalances can eventually lead to dysfunction or even organic changes in the body.  Restoring balance can improve function and improve your health.


     In celebration of AOM Day we are offering Affordable Acupuncture* treatments all day:

 Monday October 24th .  


    * Affordable Acupuncture is a sliding scale fee of $25-$55 (please add $10 for new patients).


Call 941-727-1500 to make your appointment today.

 Thanks and remember I'm here to help! 

Bamboo-Fusion Massage

Massage Heals Tissues of the Body

Brush aside any thoughts that massage is only a luxury splurge that has no real health benefits. To the contrary, hands-on healing helps you unwind, lowers blood pressure, promotes muscle relaxation and boosts your immune system. During a massage session, massage therapists use their hands and fingers to press and manipulate your skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The strokes gently move your blood, oxygen and lymph to various tissues and organs in a way that normally doesn't happen in the bodies of most people. As a result, the person who is receiving the massage experiences a level of physical and mental renewal that is hard to surpass.


Hidden Health Benefits of Human Touch

Today, numerous well respected studies indicate that massage therapy doesn't only feel good, it also may be good for you. Take a look at the health benefits below and discover the power of human touch:

  • Stress & anxiety relief
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Blood pressure control
  • Better circulation
  • Pain reduction
  • Enhanced cancer treatment
  • Improved quality of sleep

But there's more - a study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine suggests that individuals who undergo massage therapy experience measurable improvements in their immune response.

Mark Rapaport, M.D., and his colleagues from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center followed 53 healthy adults who were divided into two groups: The participants received either 45 minutes of Swedish massage or the same amount of time of light touch massage, which is much milder and served mainly as a comparison to the more vigorous Swedish massage. After examining their blood samples, the scientists found that people in the Swedish massage group experienced a decrease in cortisol and a significant increase in lymphocytes, cells that keep our immune system strong.

"More research is ahead of us but it appears that a single massage may deliver a measurable benefit," Rapaport said in a news release.

Massage is far more potent therapy than most people realize. In fact, it can (and should) replace analgesics as a treatment for tension headaches. As it turns out, it takes only a 30-minute massage on cervical trigger points to boost autonomic nervous system regulation and alleviate the symptoms. Patients also report an improvement in their psychological and physiological state, which goes hand in hand with the reduction in stress and anxiety associated with such a disturbing condition.

Stress and lack of rest have devastating effects on our health, fitness and beauty. Don't be afraid to find yourself a good massage therapist and get some healing on a regular basis. When you're taking care of your skin and what's beneath it, you are taking care of your whole world.

Schreiber, J (2011, April 9). Massage Heals Tissues of the Body. Natural News, Retrieved October 19, 2011, from http://www.naturalnews.com/



Yoga for Body & Soul
Let yourself "Fall" ...into our Yoga Workshop: 

Mindfulness based on Ahimsa 

Saturday, October 29th          $30           10am - Noon


I love this time of year and not just because it's my birthday month!  Fall reminds me of how mother earth embraces change and reminds us to do so, as well.  The crispness of the air, the change of colors and the spunkiness that's contagious to all creatures from squirrels to dolphins.  It is as if the entire natural world is experiencing one last burst of energy, before hunkering down for winter.


Brook Longobardi, CYI 


Change is also important in our yoga practice.  Experiencing a new asana, advancing to a more challenging class level or attending a workshop will ad a "crispness" and infuse a much needed vitality into any yoga practice.


With this in mind, Alternative Therapy is honored to present the opportunity to practice with Lynn Burgess, my yoga instructor and teacher trainer and acclaimed proprietor of "Yoga from the Heart" studio.  Lynn will be leading a workshop called "Mindfulness Based on Ahimsa"  A class to raise your emotional attentiveness and and improve your body awareness.


Come and experience the power and wonder that is yoga!


Register soon, ONLY 5 MAT SPACES LEFT!!



Stop in to sign up at:

Alternative Therapy
6080 26th St. West
Bradenton, FL  34207


Call 941-727-1500 for more info


Remember, I am available online at brook@myalternativetherapy.net 

for any questions you may have. 

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!  See you at the workshop!




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