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September 2011
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Lynn Burgess,RYT
to hold
Alternative Therapy
October 29th
10 am - Noon

Space is limited for "Mindfulness based
on Ahimsa"
(to "cause no harm")
a study in boosting body awareness and a practice based on centeredness


Come and assist Brook in welcoming Lynn, a 500 hour certified instructor and teacher trainer, to Alternative Therapy!
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Tooth Powder


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Now there's a new way to care for your teeth and gums - the Good-Gums way!  Made with a blend of all natural herbs, Good-Gums - a toothpaste replacement, provides critical minerals essential for building strong tooth enamel and healthy gums, without leaving behind a film like toothpaste.


Good-Gums soothes sore gums, cleans teeth with low abrasiveness and leads to stronger tooth enamel.  It also helps to counter acidity in the mouth while neutralizing the bacteria that promote plaque growth and cause odor. 


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Yoga Schedule 
Range of Motion 
(Gentle Class)
4:30   -   5:30 pm
Mixed Level Class
5:30   -   6:30 pm


Mixed Level Class
8:30 am   -   9:30 am


Range of Motion 
(Gentle Class)
4:30   -   5:30 pm
Mixed Level Class
5:30   -   6:30 pm


Mixed Level Class
8:30 am   -   10:00 am


Wear comfortable clothes and join us for alignment based yoga.
$10 per class
*$20  Saturdays


Look forward to seeing you there! 




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Time at Alternative
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Whatever the occasion, celebrate your next event at Alternative Therapy.  In this tranquil setting you may design the party including choices of services such as:
Private Yoga Sessions
Bamboo-Fusion Massage
Relaxation Acupuncture
Wellness Classes
Private Tai Chi Class
Armoa Therapy Massage
Choose one or several and build your unique event that's sure to be the "talk of the town!"
Call Alternative Therapy for more information:  941-727-1500 or email us at myalternativetherapy.net
Please Note:  Event size limited according to  service choices.
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Let in the Light... 

 Medlight tm



 FDA Approved, NASA developed Laser Light Therapy
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free of charge. 
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Alternative Physical Therapy



Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT

Grief and the Body's Response


Grief is a very powerful emotion.  Like every other emotion, grief creates a disassociation of the brain from the body and "locks" itself in particular systems of the body.  It has long been established that grief is associated with sadness, anger and fear, ultimately manifesting in the lungs, kidneys and liver. 


As these structures are attached to the skeletal system of the body; the lungs and kidneys to the vertebrae, a snowball effect occurs.  The "grief filled" organs pull on the balance in the spine, causing anterior (side) dysfunction which requires spinal muscles in the back to make corrections.  After time, these overworked spinal muscles begin to irritate nerves; requiring additional muscle involvement, creating extra imbalance from compression of the opposite side, ultimately throwing the spine even further off the "plumb line."


As a result, the whole spine shifts slightly forward.  Directly in front of the spine are bundles of what is called "autonomic nervous system" responsible for controlling the supply of blood flow, starting with somatic nerves, continuing through the organs, muscles and finally the skeletal system.   If the dysfunction continues for an extended period of time, the structure is exposed to an imbalance of either increased or decreased blood flow. 


During grief, with the lungs for example, experiencing decreased blood flow is serious enough and when environmental factors are added; allergens, direct or second-hand cigarette smoke, pollutants, will make the lungs venerable to develop illness such as bronchitis,  COPD or even lung cancer.


This same scenario (a malnourishment due to irregular blood flow) can develop with regard to the kidneys and liver, resulting in weakness and subsequent illness in these organs.


Grief can cause these illnesses over time, if left unaddressed.  Successfully dealing with grief can be performed by emotionally placing it in the past.  This is easily said and extremely difficult to do.  Alternative Therapy assists in relief; clearing the blockages, returning the spine to an improved alignment, opening the blocked pathways to re-regulate blood flow to our lungs and kidneys.


Minimizing grief's affect on our bodies can be accomplished by acknowledging where you are emotionally, in the grief process.  The most harm occurs when our thoughts go unrecognized.  The moment we are aware of our thoughts, we are aware of our emotions.  Alternative Therapy provides education in relaxation, quieting our mind and training in the ability to recognize our thoughts and emotion.  Once this recognition takes place the strength of the emotion (grief) will dissipate.


Alternative Therapy is successful in releasing the tensions on an energetic, visceral and structural level (by mobilizing the spine).  We also train the patient to recognize their thoughts and learn to remain in a state of relaxation for long periods of time.  This combination (hands-on therapies blended with relaxation exercises) keeps the illness from returning.  


You can be rid of pain!  The cure is within you.

 Call for your appointment today!  941-727-1500.




Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

1. Wash your hands frequently and well.  You know this one!  It's taught to school kids.  Try singing the "Happy Birthday" song to yourself as you wash, that's about the right amount of time for scrubbing. 

2.   Take action to handle stress.  

We can't avoid stressful events in our lives but we can take steps to help counter some of the negative effects.  There is strong evidence that stress can lead to an increase in catching colds (as well as many other illnesses).  

Eat a  healthy diet - include more whole foods and less processed foods

Engage in a regular exercise program.  Tai chi and qigong exercises are particularly good for building up the body's defensive energy called the "Wei Qi"

Find time to engage in spiritual refreshment - relaxation meditation, journaling, and religious or support groups can all help to keep us grounded and calmer.


3. Get enough sleep.  

To properly repair your body and restore your mind you need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.  If you aren't getting it your health suffers.  There are studies correlating lack of sleep to everything from low immunity, lack of mental ability to weight gain.   

4.   Give acupuncture a try.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine seek to balance the body and restore its function.  Certain acupoints stimulate the production of "Wei Qi", the body's defensive energy.  

Have you ever wondered why when colds are flu's are going around there are some people who never seem to catch them?  It is because their "Wei Qi" (defensive energy) is strong and can ward off the invasion of pathogens.  Certain points used in acupuncture, such as Sunsanli boost the Wei Qi and have been found in western scientific studies to increase white blood cell production (the body's infection fighters).


5. Take Chinese medicinal herbs.  An ancient Chinese physician Zhu Dan Xi (1281-1358) developed a famous herbal formula called "Jade Windscreen".  Jade is a precious substance and the formula acts to help "screen" the body from illness, thus this is a precious herbal formula for building up your "Wei Qi".  Among other herbs it contains Astragalus, a well researched herb for boosting the body's immunity.  


Chinese medicinal herbs are prescribed in multi herb formulas according to the chief problem of the patient as well as their constitution.  There are no side effects when the right blend of herbs is prescribed for the individual's specific body condition. 

Call 941-727-1500 and make an appointment to see if Jade Windscreen is the right formula for you.


Practice "safe" medicine...Chinese medicine is not a "one size fits all" medicine, it is custom tailored to the individual.

Call for your personal evaluation with  today: 


Bamboo Fusion Massage &
Nathalie Cecilia:  A great combination!


Bamboo-fusion massage combines the therapeutic benefits of heat with the time tested strength and durability of the bamboo plant.  A customized set of bamboo tools is warmed on a moist heating pad.  The tools are then used to apply heat and increase the depth and effectiveness of strokes for the entire body and to provide a calming and soothing effect.  The heating pad takes only a few minutes to warm the entire set of tools and allows for rotation and reheating throughtout the session.  It also ensures precise temperature control for all the benefits of heat, without the risk of burn. 

Nathalie Cecilia, LMT



The custom bamboo tools incorporate various sizes and shapes, affording the therapist the option to provide a range of techniques.  Unlike the use of just one tool for a specific situation, such as trigger point therapy, the full set allows you to treat the entire body and cater to the needs of each individual area. 
Longer pieces facilitate flowing, luxurious strokes as well as myofascial stretching.  The smaller tools allow you to zero in on problem areas and fit inside the palm of the hand for easy palpation, allowing for deeper, more effective work.  Two of the tools are even designed specifically for tapotement, a percussion style massage.
Whether you love a rhythmic, relaxing massage or crave seriously deep work, this unique bamboo fusion massage will help you to exceed your massage expectations.
Come, experience the avant garde of massage!
Call for your Bamboo-Fusion massage appointment today!

Yoga for Body & Soul

Workshop Set for October 29th!
Workshops are a great opportunity to "shake up" your yoga routine, especially if you have found your practice "stuck" on a plateau of complacency where growth (both physically and spiritually) is slow.  


With this in mind, Alternative Therapy is hosting Lynn Burgess, RYT-500, at our office to present: "Mindfulness based on Ahimsa" workshop here on Saturday, October 29th from 10am - Noon. For $30 yoga students will  be studying ways to grow in body awareness and learning to listen to their bodies, in an effort to keep structurally safe and injury free, on and off the mat.


Lynn Burgess, my mentor and teacher, comes to us a studio owner/teacher-trainer with 20 years experience, who has studied with Rodney Yee, practicing alignment based yoga. Lynn was awarded the "Woman's Entrepreneurial Excellence Award by the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce (June 2002).  She has also been voted as having the #1 Yoga Class in Sarasota (June 2006) and Sarasota's Favorite Yoga Instructor (2008).  Her witty style and knack for weaving the ancient teachings of yoga into everyday life will make this workshop a must do for every yogini's calendar!

Brook Longobardi, CYI 



Register soon, as space is limited.


Stop in to sign up at:

Alternative Therapy
6080 26th St. West
Bradenton, FL  34207


Call 941-727-1500 for more info


Remember, I am available online at brook@myalternativetherapy.net 

for any questions you may have.



Don't miss out on this great opportunity!  See you at the workshop!


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