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July  2011
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Plan an Alternative Therapy... SPA PARTY!
Sweet 16 or Fabulous 50
Corporate Perks for a team that is nifty,
Treats for the Staff whose work is great,
Reunion of Friends or Anniversary date,
Announce an Engagement, Promotion or Child,
A Girls' Night Out that's healing, not wild,
Think out of the box for your next event,
Time at Alternative is always well spent! 
Whatever the occasion, celebrate your next event at Alternative Therapy.  In this tranquil setting you may design the party including choices of services such as:
Private Yoga Sessions
Bamboo-Fusion Massage
Relaxation Acupuncture
Wellness Classes
Private Tai Chi Class
Armoa Therapy Massage
Choose one or several and build your unique event that's sure to be the "talk of the town!"
Call Alternative Therapy for more information:  941-727-1500 or email us at myalternativetherapy.net
Please Note:  Event size limited according to  service choices.

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Alternative Physical Therapy


"He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead, his eyes are closed."  A. Einstein


Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT


Take a moment to breath, refresh and absorb. 



Old Injuries, New Treatment (to be continued in future issue)

You can be rid of pain!  The cure is within you.

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Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine
Foods and Drinks for Cooling Down


Ellen Teeter, AP, DOM

What you eat can make a difference.   We have known for centuries that foods can have energetic properties.  There's the phrase "cool as a cucumber" or "peppery hot".  The Chinese have taken this concept and developed a  system of Food Therapy.  You can heat up or cool down depending on what you eat and how it is prepared.

1.  Eat more raw foods during the summer months.   Generally raw foods are cooler than cooked and if you think about the foods that are most popular in the summer you will find they are often energetically cooling.  

2.  Eat more blue, green or purple foods,   they are "cooler" than red, orange and yellow.  One of the most energetically warm fruits is pineapple.  One of the hottest foods  is red hot chili peppers.  

3.  Choose cooler natured beans and grains.   Amaranth, barley, millet, and wheat are more cooling than rice and oats. Great northern, navy, kidney, lima, and mung beans are good bean choices.  (Remember to soak legumes for at least 12 hours prior to cooking, discard the soak water and replace with fresh prior to cooking.  Add kombu seaweed to the cook pot to help cut down on the gas production! )  In addition seaweeds are cooling foods.

4.  Steaming and quick frying are the best summer cooking methods.  They retain a lot of the foods moisture content and put a lot less heat in the food than baking, deep frying and stewing.

5.  Choose less starchy vegetables including lettuce, ce lery, radish, cucumber, summer squash, broccoli, tomatoes, and most leafy vegetables.  Most fruits are cooling as well.

6.  Avoid food and drink which heats you up.   Wine and alcohol drinks are very warming, they can stimulate hot flashes and night sweats.  Reserve them in moderation for winter months.  Beer is a little cooler but too many can leave you warm later.  Teas and coffee can stimulate sweating and you can feel warmer temporarily but energetically they don't put as much heat in your system as the wine and alcohol.  Warmer vegetables are cabbage, kale, mustard greens, onions, garlic, winter squash, parsnip, leek, chive, scallion, cherries, pineapples and dates


Practice "safe" medicine...Chinese medicine is not a "one size fits all" medicine, it is custom tailored to the individual.

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Nathalie Cecilia, LMT

Founder, Bamboo-Fusion

Benefits of Massage:
 Good Medicine


Experience the change in your body's health!  Call 941-727-1500 for a Bamboo-Fusion Massage or select another from our wide menu of massage offerings.


Yoga for Body & Soul

Intentional Practice


Many people choose the summer months to rededicate themselves to a healthier lifestyle.  Yoga is the "exercise" of choice for many.  However, yoga must be recognized as more than just an "exercise" or modality to get the physical body in shape.  

Brook Longobardi, CYI 


The practice of Yoga is an excellent choice to assist those individuals who realize a healthy lifestyle consists of more than just a balanced diet and exercise.  The change must come from within.  As "out there" as that may sound take a moment to absorb the concept. Think of it as a "mind set" or INTENTION.  
Practitioners of yoga may begin their yoga journey  to "shape up"physically, however, the majority soon realize the asanas of yoga are clever tools that assist in centering and calming the mind.   To achieve a peacefulness that clears the path and provides opportunities for a healthy lifestyle and successful life practice intentiona yoga.
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