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November 2010
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Affordable Acupuncture 

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Affordable Acupuncture is a low cost alternative for the busy schedule and the overburdened budget.  Cost is a sliding scale from $25 - $50.  (This does not include prescriptive herbal consultations) The first visit includes a $10 initial consultation fee.

Pain relief, stress reduction, sleep improvement, better digestion are just some of the benefits of acupuncture.  By relieving blocked energy in the body and rebalancing the system, acupuncture enhances body function and  improves circulation to areas where it promotes the body's own natural healing abilities.

Note:  Please wear loose clothing

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 A warm and inviting health care haven offering progressive therapy to ease pain in the body, center the mind and soothe the broken spirit through gentle and intuitive, osteopathic physical therapy, massage (including Bamboo-Fusion), acupuncture,oriental medicine and yoga.
Benefiting Children as well as adults!
Alternative Physical Therapy

Immediate Injury Care


What are Injuries?

Injuries we sustain are a result of excessive external force acting on structures of the human body in which the weakest

Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT

link and/or the most exposed area is always compromised.  This can happen through improper stretching or excessive pressure on body parts resulting in a fractured bone, sprained or over extended ligaments, tendons and muscles. 


The Body's Natural Defenses

After the injury, the body's natural protection system is ignited.  A spiral begins from the injury sight as your body attempts to protect the area by tensing and immobilizing neighboring joints and muscles. That tension, (your body's attempt to protect from further pain) causes lockage in joints and structures, irritating nerves of the autonomic nervous system.  The autonomic nervous system is responsible for feeding the somatic nerves.  When this system is interrupted, the surrounding nerves are either agitated or suffocated.  These nerves containing nocireceptors (pain receptive fibers) sustain irritation and become vulnerable to any movement.  Consequentially, additional pain and discomfort are experienced at the site of the injury and a referred pain is produced in other areas of the body, apart from the injured site.


Eliminating Lag Time Between Injury and Rehabilitation

Immediately subsequent to an injury, osteopathic adjustments from Alternative Therapy assist in alleviating this natural protection system the body uses when injured. The treatment consists of releasing the tensions (created by the injury) from the muscles, joints and irritated nerves.  Removing these tensions will restore proper function to the nerves promoting efficient and rapid healing of the injury.


Lasting Effects

Additionally, patients are trained in restorative exercise; learning methods of identifying the patterns of tensions (developed from the time of injury through early recovery) and creating habits to release them.   From the onset of an injury, a patient may begin, with their initial visit to Alternative Therapy, assisting their body to promote healing and full recovery of the injury.


Visit Alternative Therapy as soon as possible after an injury.  Call 941-727-1500 to arrange your appointment with Andrzej.

Acupuncture & Herbs

Oriental Medicine and the Common Cold

Oriental Medicine treats the common cold with acupuncture and Chinese herbal remedies.  Treatment can often prevent a cold from taking hold, other times it can shorten the duration or severity of the various stages leading to a speedy recovery of energy and function.

Ellen Teeter
Ellen Teeter, D.O.M.

  Oriental Medicine approaches the body from the standpoint of patterns of disease.  This concept includes both the symptoms and how they manifest in a person's particular constitution.

The most common patterns of the common cold and flu's are called "Wind Heat" and "Wind Cold".  Wind is considered a pathogenic influence and is what can "drive" an illness into the body.

The symptoms associated with the Heat pattern are:  fever and chills with more fever, stuffy or runny nose with yellow discharge, headache, slight sweating, possible thirst, irritability, and sore throat.  

The Cold pattern symptoms are:  fever and chills with more chills, body aches, clear runny mucous from nose, sneezing, slight scratchy throat, sometimes wheezing, lack of sweat and possibly a headache.  The cold pattern often turns to heat after is has lingered.

Some acupuncture points like Zusanli (ST36) have been shown to increase the body's immunity and can help the body fight the virus.  Hegu (LI4) is used to clear heat and open up the nose or Shaoshang (LU10) help clear heat and relieve sore throats.  For the cold type illness you might combine LI4 with Lieque (Lu7) and Yingxiang (LI20) for the runny nose.

I often have people come in for acupuncture at the beginning of a cold and report it lasts a shorter time and is less of a bother than when they don't come see me.

As symptoms progress with a cold different herbs are needed.  For the very initial stage of either wind Heat or Wind Cold a modern formula called Gan Mao Ling is used.  Modern research in China showed certain herbs have strong anti-viral properties and Gan Mao Ling was created to take advantage of those properties.  Gan Mao Ling and another formula called Yin Qiao San can be taken as prevention, although they are only taken if you might be exposed to a virus.  For instance if you are traveling by plane or train and breathing air with a lot of people you could take one of these formulas, or if your workplace has lots of people sniffling with colds. 

A famous formula which is taken if you frequently catch colds and want to avoid them is called Jade Windscreen and is traditionally taken in late summer and early fall to build up the immune system and reduce the chance of you catching a cold. 

Whether you tend to catch colds frequently or find yourself surrounded by sneezers and snifflers Oriental Medicine has a lot to offer to keep you healthy and happy this Fall.  Call for your herbal consultation today at 941-727-1500!

Practicing Self Care 

It Really Is All About You!

It is difficult to carve time from busy schedules to practice self care, yet it is a habit that should be practiced daily.  Recognizing your personal needs and taking time for yourself regenerates your energy.  Taking care of yourself by doing something just for you, keeps you in a positive emotional place, enabling you to meet the needs of others in your life.


 With this in mind, think about taking an hour for a massage.  Alternative Therapy offers a variety from therapeutic to relaxation massages provided by licensed therapists in our comfortable and inviting setting.  Choose from one of our revitalizing massages described below and take advantage of our Holiday Wellness Savings of 20% off.  You and those around you will be glad you did!


Bamboo Fusion - Experience this massage from the nationally recognized creator; massage therapist; Nathalie Cecilia, LMT.  A warm, lubricated bamboo is used to apply moderate to deep intensity for a luxuriously relaxing massage.


Aroma Therapy - Natura, chemical-free oils extracted from plants provide a mood shifting, calming revitalizing massage.


Thai Massage - The oldest healing modality in the world, this deep, full body treatment is both stimulating and relaxing as the therapist uses gentle stretching of the joints to relieve muscle tension and increase flexibility.


 Ah-Shiatsu - A simple therapy allowing the energy system of the body to rebalance, improving immune system functionality, promote wound healing and revitalize the body's natural healing capabilities.


Swedish Massage - Light to moderate intensity, this famous European massage promotes overall relaxation and renewed energy.


Be kind to yourself, so you may be kind to others...schedule a massage with Alternative Therapy:  727-1500 

Yoga for Body & Soul

Still ... on the Go!

Yoga Tree Pose

Brook Longobardi,

Last month we covered the importance of practicing yoga and the ability to integrate it into our daily activities, such as standing in line, pumping gas, etc.  We will continue this month with another yoga to go pose: 
"Yoga to Go!" #2
 Uttanasana (OOT-ta-NAS-ana)
Standing, Forward Bend

1)  From "Tadasana" (see last months "Yoga to  Go!" pose), hinge forward from the hips and extend each side of your waist, keeping your spine straight.

2)  Keep your chest open, the muscles in your legs wrapped snuggly around the bone and your abdominal muscles drawn in snug to your spine.

3)  Relax your head while you extend your legs through your heels.  Lift your sacrum (tailbone) to fully elongate your hamstrings and use the "space" from your lifted sacrum to pull in your abdominals further.

4)  Avoid "rolling" the spine to come up. On an inhalation, keep your leg and ab muscles strong while drawing your sacrum down and in toward the pelvis.

Practice this pose in yoga class (preferably) or before a mirror until your body remembers the cues.  Then spend a few days being very conscious of each time you are forward bending.  My personal favorite time to practice Uttanasana is while drying my hair (I bend forward, drying the roots first).  Also, whether practicing Uttahnassana or not, remember to draw in your abdominal muscles whenever you bend forward.

Remember:  These are basic, structural and muscular engagements designed to improve your posture and activate your muscles during daily, routine activities.  Once you have attended a series of alignment style, yoga classes you build a certain familiarity with the cues used in class.  Then, with your enhanced body awareness, use these cues to practice "on the go" yoga throughout a busy day
Enhance your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing with the gentle practice of yoga.  Call Alternative Therapy at 941-727-1500 for more information. 

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