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October 2010
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Alternative Physical Therapy
Acupuncture & Herbs
Let in the Light...
 FDA Approved, NASA developed Laser Light Therapy
Visit  Alternative Therapy and experience this clinically proven, drug free pain relief...free of charge. 
 Already benefited from Medlight?  Visit Alternative Therapy to purchase Medlight and enjoy pain relief in the comfort of your own home!
Even more
of Motion Class
 Tues. 4:30 p.m.
 Additional Class Added!!!
 Thurs. 4:30 p.m.
 Mixed Level Classes: 
 5:30 - 6:30 p.m.
8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
Private/Semi-Private Classes Available by Appointment.  
Affordable Acupuncture 
& Wednesday
 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
 By Appointment
In these challenging economic times, we know people can't always afford the care they need.  We are happy to create this opportunity for you to receive quality acupuncture treatments at an affordable cost. 
Because circumstances change, week to week, you choose what you can afford.
Note:  Please wear loose clothing
Sliding Scale Fee
 1st Visit $30 - $70
Each visit thereafter: 
  (Cash/Check Only)  
To make your appointment, call today...
Alternative Therapy
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 Alternative Therapy
  6080 26th St. West
Bradenton, FL  34207
 A warm and inviting health care haven offering progressive therapy to ease pain in the body, center the mind and soothe the broken spirit through gentle and intuitive, osteopathic physical therapy, massage (including Bamboo-Fusion), acupuncture,oriental medicine and yoga.
Benefiting Children as well as adults!
Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT

"The patient can only achieve whole wellness; balanced health and complete relief from pain, when they consciously choose to empower themselves
to do so."

Questions?  Contact Alternative Therapy for more information:      941-727-1500.

Acupuncture & Herbs
Acupuncture Acceptance on the Rise
More and more medical centers around the country are hiring acupuncture physicians to work in an integrated setting in their medical and research clinics.  Emory Healthcare has acupuncture physicians working in their Center for Pain Management.  Duke University health as a sub division called Duke Integrated Medicine offers acupuncture.  UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, Harvard University Center for Wellness, Loyola and many more university
Ellen Teeter, DOM.
medical centers are adopting acupuncture as a treatment modality.  Even the US military is giving soldiers on the battlefield acupuncture to relieve stress and pain  The World Health Organization and US National Health Institute recognize acupuncture as being effective for a wide variety of conditions. 
They are all recognizing what the Chinese have known for thousands of years.  Acupuncture works!  Try it today!  For the month of October, we are offering a free acupuncture consultation and 20% off your first acupuncture treatment.
Call for your appointment with Ellen Teetor, DOM, today! 
Everyday Oil
The Natural Choice
Every day we inhale, touch, and taste harmful chemicals and toxins. Synthetic ingredients are in virtually every item in the home, from cleaning solutions and personal care products to food additives. That is why Young Living created the unique Everyday Oils to work as natural, chemical-FREE replacements for items you use every single day. 

Essential oils are concentrated liquids extracted from aromatic plants. The natural oils protect plants from insects, environmental conditions, and disease. Here are a few properties of the regular oils that I use on a daily life for massage or to compliment my health. 

LAVENDER is a versatile oil used to cleanse and soothe minor burns, cuts, and other skin irritations. It's refreshing, relaxing scent has balancing properties that calm the mind and the body. 
Nancy Bouffigny, LMT

PEPPERMINT essential oil can help aid normal digestion, and has traditionally been used to promote healthy respiratory function and ease tension headaches. It's fresh, minty aroma combats mental and physical fatigue. 

THIEVES blend is founded on the legend of a group of thieves in the fourteenth century France who used clove, rosemary and other aromatics while robbing plague victims in order to stay immune. Young Living Thieves contains clove for its antimicrobial properties and cinnamon for its purifying properties. 

FRANKINCENSE is used to support skin health. It's earthy, balsamic scent has calming properties that can increase spirituality and inner strength. 

LEMON taken internally is a good source of d-limonene. A powerful antioxidant, and is believed to boost the body's natural defenses. Lemon oil's fresh, zesty scent is uplifting to the body and mind.   

There is much to learn from the natural properties of the plants that surround us. Let's use what we have been given and reeducate our true senses AGAIN. 

Please Note: The use of essential oils does not replace any medication or other treatment and should be monitor by a medical physician to compliment your health. 
 Follow your nose to Alternative Therapy for a relaxing massage with essential oils.  Call for  your appointment 941-727-1500.
Yoga for Body & Soul
On the go... 
Brook Longobardi,
Yoga Tree Pose
 With the hectic pace of the average American's life, it is often difficult, if not impossible, to add daily exercise to an already overcramped schedule.  These are the days to practice what I like to call:  "Yoga to Go!"
These are basic, structural and muscular engagements designed to improve your posture and isotonically work your muscles whether driving, standing in line or pumping gas.  Once you have attended a series of alignment style, yoga classes you build a certain familiarity with the cues used in class.  Then, with your enhanced body awareness, use these cues to practice "on the go" yoga throughout a busy day.
You can easily seek out many moments in your daily routine to squeeze  in a yoga moment and once you get in the habit, you body will automatically "assume the position" thereby enhancing your posture and building body strength.
Begin your "Yoga to Go!" with:
Tadasana (tah-DAHS-anna)
Mountain Pose
1)  Stand with the outside edges of your feet parallel, weight even on all four balance points of each foot
2) Hug you leg bones with the muscles in your legs
3) Pull your abdominal muscles in firmly
4)  Confirm your spine is straight (shoulders directly above hips)
5)  Open your chest by lifting your ribs & drawing your shoulders slightly back
6)  Maintain a level  and relaxed jaw
7)  Relax your neck and facial muscles
Practice this pose in yoga class (preferably) or before a mirror until your body remembers the cues.  Then spend a few days being very conscious of each time you are standing; the grocery store, pumping gas, etc. and use these moments to stand in Tadasana.  You will feel (and look) better for the effort!
Enhance your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing with the gentle practice of yoga.  Call Alternative Therapy at 941-727-1500 for more information. 

Girls' Night Out!!!

Wednesday, October 20  6-9 p.m.
Make Your Reservation Today! 
Grab some comfy clothes and your best gal pals to indulge in a variety of activities designed to illuminate your mind and pamper your body and soul!  Experience osteopathic physical therapy and acupuncture/herb consults, try a bamboo, aromatherapy, ah Shiatsu, Thai or Swedish style massage and practice "Yoga to Go" for $25 per person.  Tempting refreshments and an evening of YOU time makes this an irresistible event!  Pre-paid reservations only.  Space is limited to 20 guests. Credit card, cash & checks accepted.