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August 2010
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Relaxation... The Element of Pain Free Living
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Andrzej Strzalkowski, RPT
The Element of Pain Free Living
Commit to Change, Part 2
In last month's article, the levels of relaxation were compared to the layers of an onion as the question was raised: How do we get to that bottom line (innermost layer) of relaxation?    Reviewing; There are three steps:  first is recognizing the need to relax (See "Relaxation" article in July's issue of Intentional Health), second is the willingness to commit to change and thirdly; we must work on controlling our thoughts and focusing on one activity.  "Relaxation" for this month will focus on...
Commit to Change (or "Deeper into the Onion")
When we are willing to make the change, we need to set a goal to relax and further, develop the ability to differentiate between the layers of relaxation.  For example; watching TV is one way of relaxing.  But, if we are watching news related accidents and calamities that happen around the world, this is very possibly going to create some tension in us.  Yet, we're going to consider watching TV a relaxation activity.  Well, are you relaxed?  Yes, probably to some degree, but not enough.  Another example is reading a book.  We are removing ourselves from the daily activities, daily stresses, daily problems, however what are we doing?  Taking our mind away from reality to the fiction of the book, but at the same time, we also take our mind away from our bodies.  So, we are not paying attention to the body. 
Another option would be to just sit in a chair and breathe.  That is perfect.  Focus on one activity, breathing as opposed to watching TV or reading a book. The question, however, is are we recognizing at the same time there are about 100,000,000 thoughts going through our head as we are sitting in this chair and breathing?  Relaxation breathing is a deeper layer in the onion.  Any other relaxation activities are again sub layers of eliminating tensions and achieving a deeper level of relaxation, as long as we are committed to making that change. 
Breathing is a form of a meditative technique.  We can utilize other methods to assist in accomplishing relaxation.  These tools can be tai chi, chi gong and I would say the most popular and common choice is yoga.  All of those tools should be directed with a sense of accomplishing not stretching, or getting rid of the pain, but enhancing our ability to listen to our body and relax.  Our body is whispering to us continuously, but our hectic mind doesn't allow it to be heard.  So, when we practice yoga and are in downward facing dog, our thinking can be:  "Oh my goodness!  My back cannot stretch!  I'm aching there! Oh, my hamstrings are not stretched enough! My calf is hurting! The top of my foot is hurting" OR we may choose to think; "Ok, I'm in a certain position.  Is my body tense?  Am I able to relax?  How is my breathing?"  We need to learn the difference between tension and pain.  Tension being: a slight abnormal state of the muscles; and what we're going to do about it?  Are we going to push them through (as most people do) or are we going to stop, focus our brain on controlling the tension?  Our willingness to make that change and consistently fine tuning the level of our ability of intentional focus can eliminate the problem of constantly being diverted by other thoughts.
            The goal of our treatment is to hear the tensions in your body and release them. 

Look for part III in the "Relaxation" series and contact Alternative Therapy for more information:  941-727-1500.
AndrzejAcupuncture & Herbs  
Military Using Ear Acupuncture
Alleviate Stress & Pain

The very ancient art of acupuncture is being adopted and adapted by the US Military to treat pain and by several groups to alleviate veteran's post traumatic stress.
The treatments are an adaptation of an ear acupuncture system developed by the French physician; Dr. Paul Nogier in the 1950's.  This system uses a reflexology principle where points on the earlobe correspond to the head and points near the tops of the ears correspond to the feet with the rest of the body corresponding to the area in between.  The military version uses short gold needles, often left in place under helmets for 3-4 days.

Ellen Teeter, AP has been trained in the original French system and has studied the traditional Chinese reflex system as well.  Her treatments are gentle and effective. 
Come experience this very powerful stress and pain relieving treatment.  Call 941-727-1500 for your appointment today.
Sports Massage - on the run...
Maria D. Calain, LMT
Maria C.
Massage for Runners.  Whether you are a competitive or casual runner, massage can do more than just help you relax!  Sports massage contributes to flexibility and range of motion (preventing injuries), aids in muscle recovery, and treats soft tissue injuries.
The massage focus is on the muscles relevant to the particular athletic activity.  Specific massage techniques are utilized to assist athletes during performance, both in training and competition.

Pre-Event: Warms up muscles and tendons through the use of invigorating techniques in preparation for intensive use. Ideally used immediately prior to starting the event, pre-event work also gives athletes the chance to prepare mentally for maximal performance. A typical session is 10-15 minutes duration.

Post-Event: After cooling down, post event massage can help to relax tight muscles, relieve cramping and reduce recovery time. Decreased muscle soreness is an added benefit! A 15-30 minute session is typical.

Training Massage:  Used regularly during training, sports conditioning massage can improve flexibility as well as take care of muscle problems before performance is impaired.    A 1-11/2 hour, full body massage.

Please keep in mind you don't need to be a course record breaker to benefit from regular massage!   Call and make your appointment today: 727-1500
Yoga for Body & Soul
Allowing our body to remember
Yoga is more than twisting your body into "pretzel like" contortions, getting in shape or grabbing an hour away from the kids.
Brook Longobardi,
Yoga Tree Pose
The repetitive physical poses (asanas), meditative practices and the increased body awareness gained from a consistent yoga practice allow your body (muscles in particular) to "remember".  Yoga gently reminds your body of flexibility and structural postures you may not have performed since infancy.  Yet, at an early point in life you did, indeed, have the ability and yoga can assist your muscles in "remembering". 
This is not to suggest your first yoga class will find you wrapping your leg around your neck! 
In time however, you can begin to restore the flexibility previously lost to lack of use, injury or illness.  Creating this "muscle memory" can return your muscles to a state of wellnes (turning back time) when your low back did not constantly ache, you could completely straighten your legs and your shoulders didn't feel frozen in an permanent hunch. 
Yes, it will take some time and dedication. After all, your body didn't get in its current shape overnight!  Just think of it as an investment in your own private fountain of youth!
Enhance your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing with the gentle practice of yoga.  Call Alternative Therapy at 941-727-1500 for more information.

Summer Grande Finale

An $80 Value!
Experience 3 of our unique osteopathic physical therapy treatments and receive 1 full body massage with our compliments.
 (Evaluation, with additional charge,  will be necessary as one of the 3 therapy treatments for new patients or existing patients who have not visited within one year.  Treatments must begin and end during the month of August.  Offer may not be used in conjunction with Wellness Program,  Medicare or any health insurance claims.)  Offer expires August 31, 2010.