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Southern European Region of ENIL coordinator, CIL Sofia (Bulgary)...
Invitation to the hearing in the European Parliament...
Report on ENIL Independent Living Start Up Conference in Belgrade, Serbia...
ENIL and Multiple-Discrimination...
ENIL at the 'International Conference on Good Policies for Persons with Disabilities'...
Role model...Peter Kichaski from Sofia (Bulgary)..
Update on the FRA Project on the rights of people with intellectual disabilities and mental health p...
Research: LGTB Young disabled persons...
Submissions for 2011 annual report on hate crimes...
Implementation of the Article 9 on accessibility of the UNCRPD..
European Commision. Public consultation with a view to a European Accessibility Act..
6th International Women's Institute On Leadership And Disability (WILD)..
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    31st January, 2012


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Editorial Team Update


Welcome to our first Newsletter of 2012. This year you will receive it monthly. 


In this issue we present you our new South Regional Team Coordinator, Peter Kichashki from Bulgary. 


We remind you our hearing in the EP, you are still on time to register! 



A Southern European Region of ENIL has been in existence since the beginning of 2012.The Region is coordinated by the Centre for Independent Living in Sofia and personally overseen by Peter Kichashki. Although CIL Sofia  is well-known in the Region for promoting independent living, Peter is a relatively new face - a young, energetic and remarkably smart guy who won't be held back from being part of a good cause by any barrier. Despite his youth he has a lot of experience in fighting discrimination through taking cases to the Bulgarian Anti-Discrimination Board. At the moment he is studying Law at the New Bulgarian University. 


Thursday 9 February 2012 - European Parliament Brussels

15.00 - 18.30, Room A1G2


ENIL would like to invite you to a hearing in the European Parliament entitled 'Defend the Right of Independent Living - How the EU's Austerity Policy Is Undermining the Lives of People with Disabilities'. The hearing will be hosted by the European United Left/Nordic Green Left Parliamentary Group.


To register, please send an e-mail by 2 February 2012 to [email protected]. In case you do not have access to the Parliament, please include your date of birth and passport number.

Download the Programme (Updated!).


The Regional ENIL start up conference on promotion of Independent Living (IL) in Serbia, was organized by Center for Independent Living Serbia (CIL Serbia) organized as a part of the ENIL annual work plan for the East region. The Conference took place in Belgrade on 21st - 23rd December 2011. in Holiday Inn hotel. It was supported by EU Progress Project, TACSO (Technical Assistance for Civil Society Organisations) Serbia Office and CIL Serbia. 


Fundamental Rights agency's report from 2010 Data in Focus - Multiple Discrimination

ENIL has a focus on multiple-discrimination and has worked on a selection of questions to be presented in a survey in the next months.  We would now like also to start the collection of examples from the network.


If you have experienced multiple -discrimination please send an account of the discrimination to  [email protected]


Please watch for the survey and please participate as it is important to make known cases of discrimination.  



The huge popularity of the conference encourages the initiators in their long-term perspective: The organization team already started working on the sequel next year.

On January 22 and 23, 2012 the International Conference on Good Policies for Persons with Disabilities took place for the first time in Vienna, Austria with ENIL participating through Jamie Bolling, the ENIL Executive Director ( see her speech). It was part of the Zero Project (see with over 250 stakeholders from all over the world. Future legislation for a better world was the main theme. The conference was organised by the Essl Foundation in cooperation with the World Future Council and its founder Jakob von Uexkull, as well as by UniCredit Bank Austria.  


Download the Press Release 


Read more... 

Role model


Peter Kichaski from Sofia (Bulgary)



The desk research reports will be made available online on the FRA website in February 2012. The remaining reports will be published in the course of the year, with the Synthesis report being launched at a dedicated conference, which FRA is organising jointly with the Danish Institute of Human Rights, Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and Danish disabled people's organisations (DPOs) under the umbrella of the Danish Presidency of the European Union. The Conference will take place on 7-8 June 2012 in Copenhagen and more information about it will be available from the FRA website next month.  


This research aims to find out how disabled young people (aged 16 - 25) see themselves, their identities, and their social networks. These networks may contain a variety of people, organisations and services that are an important part of their lives.


Please send an email to  [email protected] if you have any questions about anything on this information sheet, and if you would like to take part in this research!


Research information leaflet for young people

Research Information Sheet for professionals


The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) is now preparing the 2011 annual report on hate crimes. The report provides an overview of data collected on hate crimes as well as of responses to combat hate crimes. It will be launched on International Tolerance Day on 16 November 2012.

As in previous years, ODIHR encourages submissions from non-governmental organizations. This year, ODIHR has compiled further information for NGOs, please find more information on TANDIS:
- Overview of the hate crime report;
- Frequently asked questions;
- Sample format for collecting information on hate crimes


Information should be sent to [email protected] no later than 30 March 2012 indicating in the subject line "HCR 2011 (NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION)".


Pursuant to the Day of the General Discussion on Article 9 of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, held on October 7th, 2010, and the decision taken by the Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities' Working Group for drafting a General Comment on Article 9 of the Convention, at the Committee's 6th session held in September 2011, the Committee puts forth an official call for submission of practical and theoretical papers on implementation of the Article 9 on accessibility of the Convention.  


End date: 29/02/2012


Objective of the consultation


The Commission is reflecting on the development of a European Accessibility Act containing measures to improve the accessibility of goods and services in the European market. This consultation is part of the preparatory data collection that will underpin the assessment of the impact of the measures.


Target group(s)


All citizens, including persons  with disabilities and older people, enterprises and organisations of public and private sector as well as civil society in EU Member States, EFTA/EEA and candidate countries.



Mobility International USA (MIUSA)  

Invites women with disabilities around the world to apply for the 

6th International Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD)


MIUSA's Women's Institute on Leadership and Disability (WILD) will bring together approximately 30 women leaders with disabilities from approximately 30 different countries, to strengthen leadership skills, create new visions and build international networks of support for inclusive international development programming.



'Responsible Reform. A Report on the proposed changes to Disability Living Allowance'
To Download click the image.