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15 years of independent living initiatives in Serbia...
YHD: On the remembrance of the 3rd of December...
Personal Assistance as a condition of freedom...
Role model: Meet Suvad Zahirović from Bosnia...
Conference: Implementing the rights of persons with disabilities...
Independent Living Fund (ILF) in the UK: DPAC Signature campaign...
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    12th December, 2011


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Editorial Team Update

Welcome to another issue of Independent Living News! , with a special focus on Eastern Europe, where, among other things the Serbian activists are celebrating the 15 years of their IL initiatives! Congratulations and keep on moving!.


CIL Serbia from its foundation has been working on providing the condition for PA service establishing and development.

The result of the 2-year pilot project from 2003 and 2005 and local advocacy activists is that 4 municipalities (Sombor, Smederevo, Jagodina and Leskovac) recognized the importance of the service and allocate the funds for it.



YHD: On the remembrance of the 3rd of December 


It has been 20 years since the first attempts to implement Independent Living in Slovenia and 15 years since the foundation of YHD - Association for theory and culture of handicap, which is the only organization providing for independent living and personal assistance according to internationally accepted principles and the principles of the European Network on Independent Living, ENIL. 


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Personal Assistance as a condition of freedom



When we were at the beginning of our struggle for our right to personal assistance and we started looking for role models we began by reading up on the history of the independent living movement. We were very surprised to find out how similar the struggle these pioneers faced was to our humble beginnings. The only difference was that 30 years had passed since their effort had been embarked upon and that socio-economical situation and historical and cultural contexts are now vastly different.

Role model: Meet Suvad Zahirović from Bosnia


Suvad Zahirović from Bosnia.


Conference: Implementing the rights of persons with disabilities 


The Essl Foundation, the World Future Council and Bank Austria are working together to organize an International Conference on January 22-23, 2012, Vienna, Austria on future just policies which successfully implement the rights of people with disabilities.


Download brochure  (PDF) (Text only)



The Essl Foundation, the World Future Council would like to get in touch with policy makers, international academic institutions and practitioners, NGOs and foundations to cooperate in the planning process of the event.


Ingrid Heindorf

Policy Officer

World Future Council

22297 Hamburg,Germany

Phone +49 40307091419



Dr. Michael Fembek

Program Manager

Essl Foundation

3400 Klosterneuburg,Austria

Phone +43 22434209149





To add your signature please email, or 

DPAC Independent Living Fund letter

'Thousands of disabled people rely on funding from the Independent Living Fund to enable them to live independently with choice and control over their lives. ILF users have been left shocked and extremely anxious since it was announced in 2010 that it would be closed down by government in 2015. Already closed to new applicants since May 2010 this decision was taken with no evidence of an equality impact assessment having taken place nor any consultation carried out with current and potential beneficiaries of the fund.

 "The Independent Living Fund is a ring fenced resource, for a priority group of disabled people with high support needs that can provide a better lifestyle and outcomes for service users whose full needs would not be met by local authority funding. "'


Download the letter (DOC) (PDF)