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Valencia conference on Independent Living and Human Rights
ICAVI and ENIL Swedish Mission
ENIL Conference in the University of Valencia (Spain).
Role model: Meet Jose Alfonso Lopez from Spain
Sterilization of Women and Girls with Disabilities
MDAC launches Croatia report.
DPAC first National Conference
ENIL is looking for a Researcher
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    21st November, 2011


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Editorial Team Update


Welcome to another issue of Independent Living News! with a special focus on Southern Europe.

We still need volunteers to help us translate the ENIL Resolution on Cuts into their language. If you think you can help, please contact us at

Valencia conference on Independent Living and Human Rights 


Jamie Bolling - Executive Director of ENIL visited the Secretariat in October. The main event was a conference on Independent Living and Human Rights organized by Carmen Najera- the Spanish Coordinator. Jamie spoke on the Freedom Drive and follow-up  through meetings with MEPs.

In the background during the day a TV team was conducting interviews of various people for a film on Independent Living inSpain. So stay tuned for the film!

Meetings were organized between IL members and other actors including architects and politicians to discuss IL indicators. Questions on planning of inclusive housing projects were discussed as well as the importance of awareness raising of politicians and the influence of political party programs. 



The Swedish mission was carried out on November 7 - 8, 2011 in both Stockholm and Sundsvall. 
Jamie Bolling, ENIL Executive Director planned the mission for the San Sebastian Cluster of Assistive Solutions. 
It was one of the first activities led by the Cluster launched in January 2011 by the county council of San Sebastian through the Department of Economical Development. The Cluster consists of specialized agents of the sector including Grupo ICAVI as technical adviser, with Laida San Sebastian in the lead. Other partners are for example companies for assistive technology (AT), personal assistance and supported employment, as well as research centers. 



ENIL Conference in the University of Valencia (Spain) 


Last 18th  november 2011, there was a conference under the title "Independent Living, a Life Empowerment Strategy", it took place in the Social Education Faculty of the Valencia University.

The speakers were the ENIL collaborators Katja Villatoro, José Alfonso López and Juan Benages.

The conference sparked off big interest and the audience was implicated, beyond the academic interest. The issues treated were from the history of the independent living movement to the UN convention on the rights of people with disability. 


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  Role model: Meet Jose Alfonso Lopez from Spain


Jose Alfonso Lopez (Spain)

 Read the Role model here

Sterilization of Women and Girls with Disabilities: A Briefing Paper (November 2011)


In many parts of the world, women rely on access to a range of methods to control their fertility, including voluntary sterilisation. However, too often, sterilisation is not a choice. Women with disabilities are particularly vulnerable to forced sterilisations performed under the auspices of legitimate medical care. The practice of forced sterilisation is part of a broader pattern of denial of the human rights of women and girls with disabilities. This denial also includes systematic exclusion from comprehensive reproductive and sexual health care, limited voluntary contraceptive choices, a focus on menstrual suppression, poorly managed pregnancy and birth, involuntary abortion, and the denial of rights to parenting.  


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MDAC launches Croatia report


Last October MDAC, in partnership with The Association for Social Affirmation of People with Mental Disabilities (SHINE), launched the publication "Out of Sight: Human Rights in Psychiatric Hospitals and Social Care Institutions in Croatia".

The report (available in Croatian and English) presents the findings of monitoring visits made to four psychiatric hospitals and four social care institutions in June 2010. It makes assessments according to international human rights law and standards, identifies problems in the implementation of these standards and presents specific legislative shortcomings that create limitations or provide an insufficient framework for practice. 


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DPAC first National Conference London 


Activists take next step in fight against cuts


Scores of disabled activists have come together to plan the next stage of the fight against the government's cuts to disability benefits and services.

Members of Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) heard from activists, politicians and celebrities and discussed their campaigning priorities.

DPAC was formed after its co-founders organised the first disabled people's protest as part of the mainstream march against the cuts at last year's Conservative Party conference in Birmingham.


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ENIL is looking for a Researcher


Conferencia Valencia

The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) is looking for a Researcher to work on an FP7-Cooperation project entitled Social Platform on Innovative Social Services - INNOSERV.