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Sweden: Freedom Drive road trip..
Save the vote campaign...
The voters no one wants
Swedish people are losing stately granted assistance allowance...
DPAC conference in London...
The importance of the language...
What is Landsailing?...
Meet Hillevi Larsson from Sweden.
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    30th September, 2011


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Editorial Team Update



Welcome to Independent Living News with a special focus on the Nort region of Europe. Let's start with Elena Pecaric from YHD in Ljubljana, Slovenia, who shares the following links to two great films from Freedom Drive 2011:   



Freedom Drive Demands 2011
Freedom Drive Demands 2011
YHD pilgrims on Freedom drive, 2011
YHD pilgrims on Freedom drive, 2011


 Sweden: Freedom Drive road trip


We were nine members from JAG in Sweden who travelled by bus from Stockholm to France together with our personal assistants to participate in Freedom Drive in Strasbourg. Here are some pictures and impressions from the trip and the Freedom Drive week. 


Read more... 

Save the vote campaign





The right to vote is fundamental to our status as citizens. It enables us to have influence over political representatives and policy makers. Denying this right to certain people thus legitimises the silencing of their political voices and undermines their claims to citizenship.




 The voters no one wants


If the political parties consider that the top politicians should mirror the electorate, people with disabilities represent the voters no one wants.

All political parties are aware that there has to be a certain correlation between their own representatives and the voters whom they want to attract.


 Swedish people are losing stately granted assistance allowance



In Sweden, every decision regarding personal assistance is reconsidered every second year. The social insurance agency's new decision making guidelines lead to many people losing their personal assistance affiliated to these reconsiderations.


According to statistics from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, 269 people who were entitled to support lost their right to personal assistance in affiliation to the reconsiderations in 2010. During the first 6 months of 2011 the amount was 159 people.




 DPAC conference in London



Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC) opens to members and hosts first DPAC Conference in London

DPAC is becoming more accountable by opening itself up to members and developing an election process for a new DPAC steering group.

DPAC will be one year old on 3rd October 2011. They have hosted many protests against the condem regimes, cuts in local authority spending and their impacts, and against Atos and the WCA. 




 The importance of the language


Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity
Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity
One of the ways we are discrminated is the way people talks about disabled people... Very good video.


 What is Landsailing?


Landsailing in Valencia (Spain)
Landsailing in Valencia (Spain)
A sailkart is a vehicle designed for leisure or sport, only moved by the force of the wind against a sail. It usually has three points of support on the floor where wheels or ice skates are set. Sail can be of fabric, rigid or semirigid.



 Role model: Meet Hillevi Larsson from Sweden


Hillevi Larsson.(Sweden)