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Freedom Drive Update
Preparing for the Freedom Drive!.
Proposal for a new Resolution of the European Parliament
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Enil General Assembly proxy voting
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    2nd September, 2011


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Editorial Team Update


Welcome to this Special issue of Independent Living News! dedicated to the Freedom Drive 2011

Freedom Drive Update




See the Last Freedom Drive week Agenda (1st September)


Help us spread the word about the Freedom Drive by wearing the Freedom Drive Facebook Badge!     


Preparing for the Freedom Drive!


In order to help Freedom Drivers prepare for the week in Strasbourg, we have put together several useful documents. 



  • First of all, the Freedom Drive 2011 Progress Report will give you information about what has happened since the last Freedom Drive in 2009; in other words, has anyone listened to our demands? 
  • The second document, Freedom Drive 2011 Demands Explained will give you a bit more information about each of the demands. Not everyone is familiar with policies and developments at EU level, so we hope you will find this useful. 
  • Finally, the Participant Dossier will provide you with practical information, to make sure that your week in Strasbourg is stress-free and to help you get the most out of all the activities. We would like to thank ENIL's intern Priya Varaprath for all her hard work on these documents.


Read more... 

ENIL launches Proposal for a new Resolution of the European Parliament'



On the occasion of this year's Freedom Drive, ENIL is launching a Proposal for a Resolution of the European Parliament on the effect of cuts in public spending on persons with disabilities in the European Union. 






This Resolution outlines measures that should be taken by the Member States, the European Council and the European Commission to ensure that cuts in public spending do not lead to further social exclusion and institutionalisation of people with disabilities. ENIL argues that doing so is everyone's responsibility under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.




Freedom Drive 2011 Image


Download and print!


A3 Poster (PDF) (JPG)

Enil General Assembly proxy voting

   If you cannot be with us in Strasbourg just send us the completed form as soon as possible to [email protected]


Proxy voting form (PDF) (DOC)