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Freedom Drive Update
Ireland: Leaders, leading a new way forward...
Belgium: CAMPAIGN GRIP vzw 'We're stronger than we think'.
Support needed - Montenegrin Government dismissed the Council for the Care for Persons with Disabili...
Coalition for inclusion In the Netherlands...The board of the coalition for inclusion in the Netherl...
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    30th August, 2011


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Editorial Team Update


Welcome to another issue of Independent Living News! with a special focus on countries from the West Region of ENIL.

We hope you are all enjoying the summer!  
Freedom Drive Update




We have been raising our voices in Strasbourg since 2003, here you will find a collection of videos... Let's keep fighting proudly.


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Ireland: Leaders, leading a new way forward 



Ireland as an island has always been an outward looking country, set between the melting pot of America, our friendly neighbour Britain and the network of vision that is Europe. 

For us Leaders living in Ireland we have always been eager to have what our neighbours have - a system of Direct Payments. The Leader's movement of change in Ireland is dynamic, is influenced by our neighbours and by the actions of Leaders among us that have strived towards bringing about change. 

Many of us have left Ireland, travelling to parts of Europe explaining the changes we have made in our country to emerging European states.



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Belgium: CAMPAIGN GRIP vzw 'We're stronger than we think'


On July 2, 2009, Belgium ratified the UN Convention on the rights of persons with a disability. The Convention is an important tool for persons with a disability. It gives them a chance to participate, and to strive for their rights and fight for equal opportunities.

A lot of disabled people are not familiar with this Convention, nor with their rights. In order to fully implement the Convention, it's of paramount importance that disabled people themselves are convinced that they have the same rights as everyone else. Hence, these people should be familiar with their rights so they can stand up for themselves.


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Support needed - Montenegrin Government closed down the Council for the Care for Persons with Disabilities



Open letter to Montenegro President by Milan Saranovic, Acting Executive Director of the AYDM (Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro), on the behalf of 12 Disabled people organizations.


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Coalition for inclusion In the Netherlands

 The board of the coalition for inclusion in the Netherlands is occupied with a research on how the future of this network will be. Many questions on the movement that the coalition for inclusion represents, the form it will take.... A lot of brainstorm.

Thursday the 18th of August they organized in Rotterdam a meeting open to all members.

The coalition for inclusion is leading the movement direction complete inclusion and a place of inspiration and how it can bind people and organizations to complete and learn from each other?