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Freedom Drive Update
UNICEF reports: Stop sending children under three years into institutions
DPAC - Protest Against the Cuts
YHD: Illegal distribution of funds between disability organizations
Letter of Mrs. Mira Čas to the Slovenian Authorities
Letter of a user of Personal Assistance in Slovenia
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    22nd August, 2011


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Editorial Team Update


Welcome to another issue of Independent Living News! with a special focus on countries from the East Region of ENIL.

We hope you are all enjoying the summer!  
Freedom Drive Update



Visit the Freedom Drive 2011 webpage!


Download key documents related to the Freedom Drive week and register before the 30th of August! 



UNICEF reports: Stop sending children under three years into institutions 



This UNICEF reports revealed the lack of Human Rights suffered by disabled people living in institutions across Europe, and even worse,  children under the age of three, lots of them with disabilities, are suffering this situation.



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DPAC - Protest Against the Cuts - 18th September 2011 - Birmingham

Source of the post


Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) call on disabled people across the UK to stand up against the government. We are working with  the TUC and Right to Work to organise a protest to happen at the same time as the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on 18th September.

It is important that disabled people speak out and tell the Lib-Dems what we think. More information including timings, access  information and meeting places to follow.

There will also be an online protest for people who are not able to come in person.

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YHD: Illegal distribution of funds between disability organizations in Slovenia



YHD - Association for theory and culture of handicap has sent a legal opinion to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, specifically, to the Labour, Family and Disabled Persons Board, which we fought due to many years of discrimination against our association concerning the allocation of resources by the Foundation for Financing of Humanitarian and Disabled Persons Organisations (FFHDPO).


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Letter of Mrs. Mira Čas to the Slovenian Authorities

 Life is a journey, for which no one gets a map. Anyone is travelling thru his or her life according to his own needs. Some people choose the easy way to achieve the goal, while they say that they have the courage and vision. Consequently, there is something horribly wrong within our society, which is showing it selves thru scandals and problems that are appearing on daily basis in our country, which are skilfully prepared and wants in this way to obscure the facts of the country. The ruling elite work only for its own sake and its interests, although they are saying that we are a mature society.


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Slovenia: Letter of a user of Personal Assistance.

When my life started to change because of my illness I was 30 years old, in a rock&roll relationship and with a small child. I was just preparing to start to plan my new life goals, new insane ideas and a new peace. At that time nothing was going my way or the way I have planned on the contrary my life turned upside down, the new condition frequently pushed me into depressions at the beginning. How am I supposed to hang out with persons that are used to seeing me healthy, which play or show should I visit, that doesn't have a lot of stairs?