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Editorial Team Update
Freedom Drive Update.
New research about disabled children
Access City Award 2012.
ULOBA's 20th birthday!
Law and Disability.
Accessible trains in Latvia.
Good example: Grunden gender project.
Swedish MEPsupports demands
Rolf Bergfors scholarship
ENIL scholarship granted to Richard Sahlin
SERVUS System in Slovenia
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    2nd July, 2011


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Editorial Team Update

Welcome to another issue of Independent Living News! with a special focus on countries from the North Region of ENIL.


Unfortunately, Peter Lambreghts ENIL's West Regional Team Coordinatordue to an accident is on sick leave at the moment so please forward all mails addressed to Peter to ENIL's Secretariat;  


[email protected] 


We all wish him a swift recovery and hope to have him back for the Freedom Drive week. 

Freedom Drive Update

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Summer is here, so just relax under the sun and get ready for Strasbourg's Freedom Drive Week!

Download Agenda of the week here and make sure you save the date in your calendar!


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Download registration form here and send it back to your Regional Team Coordinator as soon as possible. 


Stay tuned for possible changes in the Agenda and the Freedom Drive 2011 special edition of Independent Living News!  coming soon. 


New research about disabled children by the JAG Associaton and the J�nk�ping University 

JAG Association LiogoThe JAG Association in Sweden is collaborating with J�nk�ping University and two other organizations in a project about children's participation in family activities.

The Convention on the Rights of Children inspired Jenny Wilder, PhD in Psychology, Senior Lecturer in Special Needs Education M�lardalen University, and her colleagues to start an inquiry, called PFA-CHILD, on how disabled children do participate in different family activities.


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Access City Award 2012   
access city award 2012If you live in a city with over 50.000 inhabitants that has taken real action to implement measures and policies to promote and support accessibility  for disabled people you can nominate your city to the Access City Award 2012.


ULOBA's 20th birthday! Stolthetsparaden 2011, we are proud, visible and strong!


Marching in Norway
Marching in Norway

On the 18th of June the Pride Parade took over the streets of Oslo for the fourth consecutive year with over a 1000 people participating. The parade was the largest demonstration of disabled people ever in Norway.


Together we marched from Universitetsplassen to Oslo Spektrum to show the world that we are PROUD, STRONG and VISIBLE!



Law and Disability

The Institute of Legal Information Theory and Techniques (ITTIG) belongs to the Italian National Research Council (CNR). 


It is in Florence, it was founded in 1969 as the first Italian research institute in the field of information and communications technology applied to law and public administration. Nowadays it is a main Italian research institute in this field.



Accessible trains in Latvia 


In Latvia trains become accessible also for disabled people!



latvian train
latvian train

The Association of people with disabilities and their friends-Apeirons is pleased to announce that after a long collaboration and consultation process, the VAS Latvijas Dzelzcels (LDZ, Latvian Railway), on Tuesday, 20th May 2011 showed the media a new service designed for disabled people. 


This services consisting in mobile ramps will be available on nine railway stations.



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Good example: Grunden gender project 

grunden web (Swedish)
grunden web (Swedish)

Why are the men playing the music and the woman singing to it?


Grunden is a national organization in Sweden for and with people with intellectual disabilities.  In 2010 members of Grunden started a gender equality project to show that gender inequality exists and make it visible.



Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikstr�m supports demands from the JAG Association on deinstitutionalization in Europe 

MEP Cecilia Wikstr�m and Birgitta Tullberg, member of the board in the JAG Association
MEP Cecilia Wikstr�m and Birgitta Tullberg, member of the board in the JAG Association

At the annual meeting in Stockholm the JAG Association demanded that the European Union promote the development of socially integrated efforts in Europe and deinstitutionalization as a top priority in the agendas of EU countries. 


The call was addressed to Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikstr�m, who attended the annual meeting as a special guest. 




Holders of the scholarship for the memory of Rolf Bergfors By Jessica Linder Jansson 

logo_bergforsIn a previous post we wrote about the Foundation Fund established for the memory of Rolf Bergfors,  who through his work in GIL helped to push through the assistance reform in Sweden.


We can now announce this year's beneficiaries of the scholarship...


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ENIL Scholarship granted to Richard Sahlin 

Richard Sahlin
Richard Sahlin

Richard Sahlin received a scholarship from ENIL for his lecture at the Nordic Network on Disability Research - NNDR conference, which took place recently in May in Iceland. Richard Sahlin is a deaf lawyer with a doctoral degree in disability law. 


He is currently a researcher in disability law at �rebro University in Sweden finishing his third book on disability benefits. 



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Introducing SERVUS system in Slovenia 

YHD logoYHD has started a co-operation with a company which is introducing the SERVUS system in Slovenia. The company has approached us, because a few years ago we already had a successful cooperation with one of its managers, getting brand new computers and software to 20 users of the Independent Living Programme. This new co-operation is about introducing a new technical aid that allows severely disabled people to manage their home with their voice.