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2nd April, 2011
World Autism Awareness Day
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2 April - World Autism Awareness Day:


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The World Autism Awareness Day was instituted by the UN in 2008 to spread information and raise awareness about autism. ENIL will celebrate this day by demanding the states in Europe to give persons with autism the support they need to leave the institutions and live like other citizens in the society.


-    40 percent of all people with autism have no language at all. 50 percent never develop any usable language.


-    Many people with autism live according to strict routines or rituals that are difficult for others to understand. If the routine is broken the person with autism can become desperate or fly into a rage. Small changes in the environment, as if one thing is moved from one location to another, may cause strong reactions.


-    People with autism may have a limited repertoire of strategies. Someone has learned to wave his hands in front of his face when the environment becomes too bothersome. Others have developed self-harming behaviors such as biting in his hands.

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