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Human Rights Breech UK
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Assistive Technology
SOLCOM Report 2010
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ERA Election Campaign 2011
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     26th February, 2011

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Freedom Drive Update

General Assembly Update  


Check out the latest news related to the Strasbourg Freedom Drive on Facebook here.

Save the dates! 
  • 13th September; ENIL Conference and meetings with your regional MEPs.
  • 14th September; Freedom Drive March and meeting with MEPs at the European Commission.
  • 15th September; General Assembly and Freedom Drive Evaluation and Progress planning 
ENIL's 2011 General Assembly will take place in Strasbourg 15th September.
Please remember that only members are allowed to participate in the General Assembly. For information regarding membership please contact your Regional Team Coordinator or ENIL's Secretariat at [email protected]

Human Rights Breech in the UK
Disabled people are under attack in the UK.
The public expenditure cuts policy the goverment has issued will ruin their quality of life, deny their human rights and threaten to destroy all that has been achieved after hard years of Independent Living activism. 
  • Call for fairer benefits tests article 
  • Sue Bott's speech at the Independent Living Festival in Glasgow 17th February
  • James Elder-Woodward speaks at the Welfare Reform Conference 4th February  
Independent Living Organizations
South Regional Team 
Meet ENIL member organizations of ENIL's South Region. Read more to know about their activities, expectations and a short overview of Independent Living in their countries

Please do not hesitate to contact Itziar Fernández, ENIL's South Regional Team Coordinator if you would like to have more information from the South.

Download the Agenda of South Region for this year in this link.

Assistive Technology 

ICT imageWe may think that accessing a computer is easy, or writting an email to a friend but for some it becomes a difficult or even impossible task without the use of ICTs or Assistive Technology.

But what is Assistive Techonology?

 If you want to know the answer to this question please read the following article.


And if you live in Spain please do not hesitate to join the ENIL Conference on ICTs and Assistive Technology which will take place 24th March.



Dublin Bus 
Dublin BusIn January 2000 Dublin Bus adopted a policy whereby all new buses bought by the company would be low floor, kneeling suspension wheelchair accessible buses with a target of a fully low floor accessible fleet by 2012. Currently 90% of the fleet are low floor accessible and this figure is set to reach its 100% target on time.


For information on the Dublin Bus Accessibility features and policies check the Dublin Bus webpage.  
Lizz Carr's Speech
People's Convention
12th February 2011

"Thank you ... I can only dream of being on the platform. One day ... One day we'll make it"


This was the start of Lizz Carr's speech since she was not able to access the speaker platform because it was inaccessible.

Do not miss this opportunity to listen to the inspiring and truthful words of Lizz Carr here 

ERA Election Campaign 2011
Make your Mark for People with Disabilities

The Equality & Rights Alliance (ERA) was established in August 2008 following reports of a merger of five State bodies, including equality and human rights bodies.  This move was widely seen as an attempt by Government to undermine the effectiveness of statutory bodies charged with promoting equality, preventing discrimination and protecting human rights.   


ERA banner

  • Read the complete article on ERA here  
  • Watch David Egan talk at the ERA launch campaign in the following link