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27th January, 2011
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
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ENIL - European Network on Independent Living honors again The International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2011. ENIL still demands an end to degrading treatment of disabled people and the closure of Europe's institutions housing disabled people.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day is to be a day of remembrance of the 6 million European Jews and five million others including disabled people, Romani, homosexuals, and others, killed by the Nazi regime.

ENIL members, disabled people, many in need of personal assistance, would have been among the Holocaust victims. Disabled people with all kinds of disabilities were among those killed in the Nazi gas chambers. They were also used for medical experiments and in the death operation called Action T-4.

Forgotten Crimes, a report by Disability Rights Advocates (September 2001) describes the Nazi persecution and exploitation of people with disabilities.



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