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Harness the Economic Benefits of Legal Aid:Telling Your Program's Success Story

Success and Marketing


Legal Needs Assessment: Translating the Results into Updated Priorities, New Initiatives, & More Resources


A Key to Expanding Access to Justice


Now in our 28th Year


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Article1Harness the Economic Benefits of Legal Aid:

Telling Your Program's Success Story


Legal aid boosts state & local economies


 Legal aid not only helps individuals and families resolve their legal problems, it also boosts state and local economies. And that's a story worth telling as programs seek to build support and increase resources in challenging times.


The Resource's analysts and writers can help your program identify, quantify, and convey the economic impact of your core work. The result: Powerful marketing materials that help convince legislatures, foundations, and other prospective funders to invest in your legal aid program and its tangible results. 


The Resource's recent clients -- including the IOLA Fund of the State of New York, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, and the Legal Services Corporation of Virginia -- have staved off cuts and secured legal aid revenue by quantifying and describing how their services benefit state and local economies. More>> 


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LegalNeedsLegal Needs Assessment:
Translating the Results into Updated Priorities, New Initiatives, & More Resources
 Translating Ideas or Results

Translating results


Conducting a successful, civil legal needs assessment can be viewed through two primary lenses: the regulatory requirements of LSC and other funders and the opportunity to boost your program's effectiveness.


The Resource can help you produce an analysis and report  that not only meets the regulatory requirements but also produces insights about client needs that enable your program to recalibrate program priorities, engage new partners, launch new initiatives, reap more resources, and unlock creativity among front-line legal services advocates. Our recent clients -- including the Southwestern Pennsylvania Legal Services Consortium -- have applied our findings to strengthen relationships, launch effective new service initiatives, and diversify their funding. More>>


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Article4Benefit from Program & Project Evaluation:
A Key to Expanding Access to Justice

Evaluate your efforts to strenghten the impact

The Resource's program assessment services can help you improve service delivery to clients by building on the strengths revealed by the evaluation process and identifying solutions for any weaknesses that are discovered.


The result: Better services to low-income people, powerful success stories ready to be told, and more funding and support for your civil justice program.


Outcomes-focused, program assessment resonates with funders and produces insights you can use to improve your legal aid program or state civil justice system. Our recent evaluations include:



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 The Resource

The Resource for Great Programs, Inc., is a consulting firm based in Michigan that assists civil legal aid programs and their funders across the United States and Canada. Now in our 28th year, we offer services that concentrate on points of leverage in our client organizations where small-dollar investments can deliver big impacts. More>>


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Article7 See Us at the NLADA Conference in Wash., D.C.: Dec. 7-9, 2011


NY State Capitol Building
Ken Smith, President of The Resource
The Resource's Ken Smith and Kelly Thayer
will exhibit and present two sessions at the Centennial NLADA Conference in Washington, D.C. from December 7-9, 2011.
Kelly profile
Kelly Thayer, Research Analyst at The Resource


We hope you will stop by and see us at our exhibitor booth in the exhibitor area. Also please consider attending these NLADA sessions that we will co-lead:


* The Economic Benefits of Legal Aid: Crafting and Sending the Message that Everyone Wins When Justice Is Served



* Leveraging the Results of a Legal Needs Assessment: Updated Priorities, New Initiatives, and More Resources in Tight Times

For more information about our upcoming sessions, Click Here >> 
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The Centennial NLADA Conference is coming to Wash., D.C. on Dec. 7-9



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