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July 31st, 2012

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Local Produce Update  


The season is peaking - Incredible variety  

to choose from this week!


Where Your Local Food Is From - Small Family Farms:

Watermelon2 Arugula - Equinox Farm, Sheffield 

Beans, Green & Yellow - Markristo Farm & Warner Farm, Sunderland

Beets - Markristo Farm, Hillsdale 

Basil - Riverland Farm & Happy Valley Organics

Blackberries - Love Apple Farm,

Blueberries - River Valley Farm, Whately, MA

Donut Peach Braising Mix - Markristo, Hillsdale 

Broccoli - Smiarowski Farm, Sunderland, MA

Cabbage (Green & Red) - Riverland Farm, Sunderland, MA

Carrots (Bagged & Bunched) - Lakeside Organics, Hadley, MA

Pickle Cukes Cilantro - Markristo, Hillsdale

Collards - Enterprise Farm, Whately 

Corn - Warner Farm, Sunderland, MA

Cucumbers (European or Socrates) - Berlin's Best, NY

Cucumbers (Regular) - Enterprise Farm, Whately, MA

Cucumbers (Picking) - Warner Farm, Sunderland, MA

Eggplant Harvest Currants - Nourse Farm, Whately 

Eggplant (Globe) - Warner Farm, Sunderland, MA

Eggplant (Asian) - Enterprise Farm, Whately, MA

Fennel - Enterprise, Whately, MA

Field Greens Salad Mix - Markristo Hakurei Turnips Farm, Hillsdale, NY & Swartz Farm, Amherst, MA

Garlic (Fresh) - Overmeade Farm, Lenox, MA

Herbs (Basil, Chives, Mint, Oregano, Rosemary) - Happy Valley Organics, Whately, MA

Kale (Dino, Green, or Red) - Enterprise Farm, Whately, MA

Blueberries Leeks - Smiarowski Farm, Sunderland, MA

Lettuce (Green & Red) - Riverland Farm, Sunderland, MA

Melon, Cantaloupe - Riverland Farm, Sunderland, MA

Melon, Charentais - Berlin's Best 

Tomato Harvest Parsley (Flat) - Enterprise Farm, Whately, MA

Peaches - Czajkowski, Hadley, MA

Peaches (Donut) - Love Apple Farm, Ghent, NY

Peppers (Green) - Riverland Farm, Sunderland, MA

Radish Corn Peppers (Jalapeno) - Warner Farm, Sunderland, MA

Potato (New, Red, Russet & Yukon) - Smiarowski Farm, Sunderland, MA

Radish - Markristo Farm, Hillsdale 

Radicchio - Markristo Farm 

GrnPepper Scallions - Overmeade Gardens, Lenox, MA

Spinach - Equinox Farm, Sheffield 

Spring Onions - Markristo Farm, Hillsdale, NY

Sprouts - The Gill Greenery, Gill,

Swiss Chard - Overmeade Farm, Lenox, MA

Tomato (Cherry) - Smiarowski Farm, Sunderland, MA

Kale Tomato (Red)- Warner Farm, Sunderland, MA & Berlin's Best

Tomato (Heirloom & Yellow) -Berlin's Best, NY

Turnip (Hakurei) - Markristo Farm, Hillsdale, NY 

Watermelon - Riverland Farm, Sunderland, MA

Yellow Squash & Zucchini - Enterprise Farm, Whately, MA


Berk Org Kitchen Logo
We've added a new member to our kitchen team


Meet Zach - His Inspiring Story:

Zach & Eric: Team "EZ" - Making it Easy to Eat Healthy

Zach Durso was born and raised in Pittsfield, MA. Zach has traveled across the country and has had many adventures. After traveling, he discovered that he needed to return to his roots, to the town and the people that he loves in the Berkshires.


Zach's early cooking background actually began in the fast food industry. He learned about the fast food industry by working at McDonald's, Old Country Buffet and Taco Bell. He eventually became sick of serving fast food slop and went to further his education in culinary arts at Berkshire Community College. There he learned how to make better quality food, albeit nowhere near nutritious, local or organic. Zach's health then took a turn for the worse, being overweight, he was then diagnosed with sleep apnea.


Zach spent two years on disability, searching for answers but was only given a pain prescription and a CPAP, or "breathing machine" for sleep apnea. One day, Zach made an appointment with a local Pittsfield nutritionist, Lori Reamer. Lori recommended he watch a documentary called, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". After seeing this film, Zach was inspired to make a life-style change. He began juicing fresh vegetables and fruits everyday and eating nothing else (this is not recommended unless consulting a physician). Twenty-three days and forty pounds lighter, Zach was able to walk up to seven miles a day, and he became less dependent on sleeping with his breathing machine.  


Fat Sick Nearly Dead Continuing on in his new healthy life-style Zach has now lost a total of 100 pounds! He has a real passion for healthy, fresh food, cleanliness and customer service. Zach hopes to start a juicing club at Berkshire Organics in the coming months.  


Berkshire Organics is excited to have Zach on our team because he has lived and experienced the fast food life-style and knows what they serve is not actually real, wholesome "food". We hope Zach will continue on his journey to health while inspiring others to make a similar change along the way. Please stop in and say hello to Zach in the kitchen!


Watch the documentary that inspired Zach for FREE!

This documentary is only 1.5 hours and is truly inspiring! It is a must see film that has changed the way I look at juicing. The power fruits & vegetables can have on improving our health is undeniable - Aleisha Gibbons

Click Here for Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Now Available for Delivery Customers
Grab & Go Items
Fresh-made in the Berkshire Organics Kitchen using the best local & organic ingredients from our market!


8 oz containers:
  • Sweet Pepper Hummus $3.99


  • Garlic Hummus $3.99 (Tribe Organic GuacSalsa Hummus will be  discontinued because Tribe is owned by Nestle Corporation)
  • Apricot Mango Salsa $3.99GuacSalsa 
  • Cole Slaw $2.99 - Light, fresh, great  s ide wi th  any meal (no mayo)! 
  • Guacamole $5.99 
  • Quinoa Risotto $4.99 - Vegan & gluten-free. Let us know what you think!

Please Visit Our Website for a List of Ingredients

Click Here to Order

As Seen On
Berkshire Daily Rogovoy
Pure Glass Water Bottles
Arriving to the Berkshire Organics Market by Wednesday!

Pure Bottle

...Glass is making a bit of a comeback. And it is being helped in a small way by an entrepreneur who is developing a reusable glass bottle that is hard to break and will not shatter if broken.



Consumer concerns that chemicals used in packaging can leach into the products they eat and drink are driving more and more beverage makers and food producers to use glass containers, said Lynn Bragg, president of the Glass Packaging Institute, an industry association. "They're also looking for sustainable products to be ecologically responsible."

Click Here for NYT Article on Pure Bottles




Now Available - 1 lb bags  

(Whole Bean or Ground)

Tierra Farm, Valatie, NY finds the best quality organic fair trade coffee beans from around the world, roasts them in micro batches and sells them fresh to you. Their coffee is extremely rich in flavor and refreshing!

  • Coffee Beans After Dinner Blend:  This blend has half the caffeine to keep you going after a good meal, but not so much that it will keep you up all night.  This coffee blends our delicious Sumatran Decaf with a dark rich tasting Mexican bean.  The cup features a medium body with fine herbal notes and noticeable sweetness.  Enjoy!!
  • Breakfast Blend:  Jump start your day with our premium blend of smooth Nicaraguan Coffee and bold Papua New Guinea Beans.  Hints of almonds and chocolate throughout and an aroma that is quite catching too! 
  • Fair Trade Logo Chocolate Almond:  This coffee combines the rich flavor of dark chocolate with taste and aroma of freshly roasted almonds. Look for a creamy body and low acidity throughout the cup. If you've ever had our dark chocolate covered almonds, you know this combination is a must have!
  • Nicaraguan:  This bean, shade grown on the hills in Nicaragua, has been hand picked for Tierra Farm's darkest roast, the espresso roast.  This dark rich roast makes these choice beans versatile enough to make a fine espresso or just a regular cup of dark bold flavor that is sure to satisfy any coffee lover.  Certified Organic and Fair Trade. This coffee is a dark espresso roast.

Other New Items in the Berkshire Organics Market This Week:   

  • Nitty Gritty Mix Pancake Mix, NittyGritty, VT
  • Coconut/Chocolate Mini Bars, Oskri
  • Sponges, Natural Value, Gentle & Walnut
  • Clam Chowder, Bar Harbor, ME
  • Oat Flour, Bob's Red Mill, Gluten Free
  • Rice Chips, Lundberg, Fiesta Lime or Sea Salt, 1.5 oz individual bags
  • Veggie Juice, RW Knudsen, Low Salt, 32 oz
  • Essential Oil, Patchouli, Aura Cacia Organic
  • Hair Creme Conditioner, Dr. Bronner's, Org, Lavender/Coconut or Peppermint
  • Zinc Lemon Lozenges w/Vitamin C, Nature's Basics

Click Here to Order 

Product Review  


Two Mom's In the Raw Granola Bars

by Maya Greene

Two Mom's Raw Two Moms in the Raw are on a mission to make gluten free, organic, and raw food that tastes amazing.  As a mother of three diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, founder Shari has discovered that eating clean, raw food keeps her feeling good.  Now, I don't personally follow a raw diet, instead favoring almost any food that is healthy and tasty.  And although I love to prepare food from scratch, there are times when convenience wins.  I recently tried Two Moms in the Raw's Cranberry Granola Bars, and they are healthy, filling, and tasty.  Buyer be warned, however: these are some serious granola bars!  The bag comes with four, but they're big and dense, so half might be enough.  What I love about them is the ingredients.  Made with 100% organic oat groats, sunflower, pumpkin, flax, and sesame seeds, millet, buckwheat, apples, cinnamon, cranberries, pecans, and almonds, these granola bars are something else.  But fantastic ingredients aside, what I love best is that half a bar (about 100 calories) sticks with me all morning while I teach.  Since I can't stop to eat until lunchtime, I need an easy and filling breakfast that I can feel good about, and these granola bars definitely do it for me.


Granola Bars Ceral Not Just a Granola Bar  

by Aleisha Gibbons

While the Two Mom's in the Raw Granola Bars are in fact in a bar, I love breaking the bar into pieces and making a cereal out of it covering it with fresh, local berries and local milk. What I like most about this granola is that it's ingredients are all raw and it has an incredibly satisfying taste and flavor that gives me energy for hours.

Online & In Store

Place your order online  or mention Online Sale at the store checkout to receive the sale price. Sale ends Friday 8/3.

Online Shopping Made Easier: There is a SEARCH BOX on the top right corner of the Berkshire Organics Website. Type in the word SALE and hit enter to view all of the items listed below. Looking for something specific? For example, type in cashews to see all the varieties we stock. You can do this for all the items we carry. 


Org = Certified Organic.  

GF = Gluten-Free.  

NGMOV = Non-GMO Verified.


Mustard Raye's39% OFF GUS Sodas, 12 oz (Varieties: Grape/Black Currant, Gingerale, Valencia Orange, Meyer Lemon, Ruby Grapefruit, Cranberry/Lime, Root Beer, Cola, Pomegranate) Reg. $1.95 SALE $1.19


29% OFF Raye's of Maine Mustard, KombuchaBrown Ginger, 4 oz, Reg. $4.89 SALE $3.49


26% OFF, Kombucha, Katalyst (Made in Greenfield, MA), 16 oz (Varieties: Ginger Devotion, Schizandraberry, Pure Essence, Bliss Berry, Green Lovin) Reg. $3.89 SALE $2.89


25% OFF Clif Luna Fiber Bars, 1.41 oz, Org (Varieties: Choc Rasp & Van Blue) Reg. $1.69 SALE $1.29


Oil25% OFF Agave, Raw, Madhava, Org, 11.75 oz Reg. $4.29 SALE $3.29 OR 23.5 oz Reg. $7.39 SALE $5.89


23% OFF Sponges, Natural Value (Varieties: All Purpose Scrubber Sponge, Scouring Pads (2pk), Gentle Scrubber Sponge, Organic Walnut Scrubber Sponge) Reg. $1.29 SALE 99  


NittyGritty20% OFF Bulk Olive Oil, Aria, Reg. 50 per oz SALE 40 per oz


20% OFF Spirulina Powder, Nutrex, 5 oz Reg. $19.99 SALE $15.59


16% OFF Pancake & Muffin Cornbread Mix, Nitty Gritty of VT, Org, 1 lb, Reg. $6.99 SALE $5.89


Gringo Chips15% OFF Cornmeal, Wapsie Valy, Nitty Gritty of VT, Org, 1 lb, Reg. $5.29 SALE $4.49


10% OFF Ginger Carrots, Org (Lacto-fermented), Real Pickles (Made in Greenfield, MA), 15 oz, Reg. $8.69 SALE $7.79


Tempeh Soy Boy18% OFF Tortilla Chips, Green Mtn Gringo, Org, NGMOV, 8 oz (Varieties: White or Blue) Reg. $3.79 SALE $3.09


15% OFF Tempeh, SoyBoy, Org, 8 oz, Reg. $2.89 SALE $2.49 OR 5 Grain Reg. $2.99 SALE $2.59


25% OFF Namaste Gluten-Free Mixes

Namaste Bread MixBread Mix, 16 oz, Reg. $$6.29 SALE $4.99

Cake Mix, 26 oz (Varieties: Choc or Vanilla) Reg. $7.29 SALE $5.89

Brownie Mix, 30 oz, Reg. $7.79 SALE $6.29

Waffle/Pancake Mix, 21 oz, Reg. $6.79 SALE $5.39


25% OFF Mediterranean Organics - All Certified Organic

Roasted PeppersCapers, 3.5 oz, Reg. $3.99 SALE $2.99

Olives, 8.5 oz (Varieties: Grn Stffd w Alm, BlkTr Rrnd Ptd, Kalamata Ptd) Reg. $5.79 SALE $4.29

Peppers, Roasted,  16 oz (Varieties: Red and Red/Yel) Reg. $7.49 SALE $5.59

Sundried Tomatoes, 8.3 oz in Oil, Reg. $8.49 SALE $6.39 OR 3 oz Reg. $4.99 SALE $3.79


25% OFF Woodstock Brand - All Certified Organic

Ketchup, 14 oz Reg. $3.49 SALE $2.59, 36 oz Reg. $6.49 SALE $4.89, 20 oz Up/Dwn Reg.  $4.49 SALE $3.39

Sauerkraut, 16 oz, Reg. $4.99 SALE $3.79

Relish, 16 oz, Reg. $5.99 SALE $4.49Woodstock Pickles

Pickles, 24 oz (Varieties: Bby Kshr Dill, Brd&Btr Sweet, Dill Planks) Reg. $5.99 SALE $4.49

Mustard, 8 oz (Varieties: Yellow, Stongrnd, Dijon) Reg. $3.79 SALE $2.89


25% OFF Go Raw Products - All Certified Organic

Go Raw BarsSuper Cookies, Ginger Snap, 3 oz, Reg. $5.29 SALE $3.99

Super Chips, Spirulina, 3 oz, Reg. $5.29 SALE $3.99

Granola, Live, 16 oz, Reg. $12.89 SALE $10.29

Bars,  (Varieties: Spirulina Energy .493 oz, Real Live Flax .423 oz, Pumpkin .458 oz) Reg. $1.19 SALE 89


10% OFF ALL BioKleen Cleaning Products - See Website for Pricing (Excludes Bulk)

  • Biokleen LaundryAll Purpose Spray & Wipe Cleaner
  • Ammonia Free Glass Cleaner 32oz
  • AP Cleaner Degreaser 32oz
  • Automatic Dish Powder 32oz
  • Bac Out Drain Care Gel 32oz
  • Bac-Out Bathroom Cleaner 32oz
  • Bac-Out Floor Cleaner 32oz 
  • Bac-Out Lavender Fabric Spray 16oz
  • Bac-Out LemonThyme FabricSpray 16oz
  • Bac-Out Stain/Odor Eliminator 16oz
  • Bac-Out Stain/Odor Eliminator 32oz
  • Bio Air FreshCarpet & Rug Shampoo 64oz
  • Dish Soap 32 oz
  • Laundry Liquid, Citrus All Temp 64oz
  • Laundry Liquid, Energy Saver 64oz 
  • Laundry Liquid, Free & Clear 64oz
  • Laundry Powder 5Lbs
  • Laundry Powder, Premium 5 lbs
  • Oxygen Bleach Plus 1/2lb
  • Soy Cleaner for Kitchen & Bath 32oz 
  • Soy Toilet Scrub 32 oz


Please check our website for availability

Over 3,500 Local and/or Organic Products  

Now Available Online and in Store.

Click Here To Order

Summer Menu
Berkshire Organics' Kitchen  



All Ingredients Are Organic.  

Our Goal Is To Use As Much Local Produce As Possible.




Caprese SaladSpinach, Peach & Blueberry Salad........ 7.00

Tossed in house-made raspberry vinaigrette with toasted pecans over spinach. (vegan, gluten free)


Caprese Salad...7.00

Sliced heirloom tomatoes dressed with sweet and savory balsamic dressing, topped with mozzarella & basil pesto. Served with French bread toast. (vegan, gluten free without toast)


Taco SaladHouse Chicken Salad.............................. 8.00


Grilled chicken salad, with walnuts, apple, celery, raisins and scallions. Served with sliced apple over lettuce and tomato. (gluten free)


Taco Salad.......................10.00

Shredded lettuce, tomato, pinto beans, jack cheddar and seasoned ground beef over organic tortilla strips, topped with sour cream, house salsa and house guacamole. (gluten free)


SANDWICHES - served with house-made coleslaw and choice of chips or fruit.


Tuna MeltPeanut Butter and Jelly Panini.............. 5.00

Chunky organic peanut butter with local, Lakeside Triple Berry Jam and seasonal berries on choice of bread. (vegan, gluten free option)


Grilled Veggie, Lettuce & Tomato............. 6.00

Served with house made garlic almond aioli on choice of bread. (gluten free option)


Open-Faced Tuna Melt........................... 8.00

Dill-herbed yellow-fin tuna on choice of bread with lettuce, tomato and melted baby swiss cheese. (gluten free option)


Beet ChevreBeet and Monterey Chevre..................... 9.00

Roasted beet and Rawson Brook Farm goat cheese with red onions and lettuce. Dressed with white wine vinaigrette on choice of bread. (gluten free option)


The Berkshire, Organic, BLT................ 9.00

Vegan BLT Also Available! Using Smoky, Maple Tempeh 

Classic toasted sandwich served with local, organic bacon, lettuce and tomato on choice of bread. Dressed with house-made aioli. (gluten free option)


Weekly House-made Pasta or Potato Salad


Daily Specials Will Be Posted On Facebook 


To Order Ahead Call: 413-442-0888 or


Ice Cream Cones & Sorbet
Ice Cream Cone
 We have locally-made ice cream from Maple Valley Creamery (Hadley, MA). Featuring Organic (Non-GMO) Cones & Gluten-Free Cones.
New Ice Cream Flavors:
Maple Bacon 
Lemon Ricotta 
  From Farm Country Kitchen, Southfield, MA  
Farm Country Soups     

SOUPS 28 oz $11.49


Gazpacho (Vegan)

Berkshire Borscht (Vegetarian)

Sweet Pea with Fresh Mint (Dairy)

Carrot Lemongrass (Vegan)

Tomato Cheddar (Dairy)


QUICHE & FRITATTA Lg Quiche $18.99 Small Quiche $12.99 Fritatta $15.99 


Arugula Goat Cheese Roasted Pepper

Arugula Cheddar Tomato

Spinach Roasted Tomato

Spinach Mushroom

Spinach Feta

Zucchini Tomato Corn


PIES, TARTS & CAKES Large $18.99 Small $5.25-$7.99


Choc Chip Cookies GF

Summer Fruit with Mixed berry

Rustic Peach Blueberry

Strawberry Rhubarb Lattice


Carrot Cake

Flour less chocolate Tart with ganache Gluten Free

Key Lime Pie


Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies & Muffins Available!


Click Here to Order 

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SAT, MON, TUES                         9AM-6PM

WED, THURS, FRI                      9AM-7PM

SUN                                                10AM-6PM



Wed: PRODUCE, Dairy & Groceries & Bread Euphoria arrive by noon. 

Thurs: Farm Country Soups, Prepared Items, & Baked Goods by 2pm, Strafford Farm Milk. 

Fri: Berkshire Mtn Bakery Bread by noon.
Special Sales

Sun: 20% off select produce
Mon: 30% off select produce
Tues: 30% off select produce, Berkshire Mtn Bakery Bread, High Lawn Farm Milk.
To order by phone, please call 413-442-0888.

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The Berkshire Organics store is located at 813 Dalton Division Rd (Burgner's Shops) in Dalton on the Pittsfield/Dalton line.
Open 7 Days A Week.

Sincerely, BerkLiving Pic 
Aleisha & Brian Gibbons
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