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Friends of Miami Marine Stadium
Newsletter  #57              October 9, 2012 

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A Busy Several Months
Tony Goldman
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Dade Heritage Trust (DHT) is the foremost organization in Miami Dade County devoted to historic preservation. Formerly, DHT was the parent organization to Friends of Miami Marine Stadium, providing important advocacy and support and an administrative umbrella. Since 2011, Friends of Miami Marine Stadium became an independent 501(c)(3) not- for-profit organization.   For more informaton on Dade Heritage Trust, click here
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Marine Stadium Memories: 
Water Ski Shows

Cookie Thelen
Cookie Thelen
It seems that practically EVERYTHING happened at the Marine Stadium. What was it like to be in a Marnie Stadium Water Ski Show? Read this account by Cookie Thelen and find out!

# of stories submitted to IF SEATS COULD TALK .....168

We are interested in gathering more stories for our upcoming book! If you've got interesting memories of the Stadium, please reply to this email and we'll interview you! 
Marine Stadium Presentations

Our 60th Presentation on the Marine Stadium was made at the Antique Boat Museum (ABM) near the 1000 Islands in Clayton, NY. In attendance were boat racing legends such as Buddy Byers and Tom D' Eath.  ABM is the premier freshwater  nautical museum in the North America. A future collaboration with the Marine Stadium was discussed.

We are thrilled with two prestigious invitations for
presentations this month: one to the Department of Civil Engineering at Princeton University and the other to The Summit Conference on Preservation hosted by the Municipal Art Society in New York City.
If you know of any organization interested in hosting a presentation about the Marine Stadium, please reply to this email.
# of Marine Stadium presentations made to date.................60
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Planning work continues for the Marine Stadium. Shortly, we will  go before the Miami City Commission and the Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority to specify the site plan required for the Marine Stadium Initiative.     

A Busy Month  
   Maritime Center Proposed Marine Stadium Maritime Center
Here is what was accomplished last month:

-The Economic Impact Study completed by the Washington Economics Group illustrating the fiscal benefits of the Marine Stadium shows the Marine Stadium should generate an annual $18 million of economic benefit to Miami Dade County.

-Our Capital Planning Study is now underway.  This Study will identify our capacity to raise the funds for the Marine Stadium and develop a "road map" to do it. The Study should be completed within the next 30-60 days.

-The Marine Stadium Steering Committee requested a site plan for the amount of land we require, as well as renderings for the "Great Lawn" to the East and the "commercial space/Maritime Center" to the West which will help support the operations of the Stadium. These plans have been completed. Above is a rendering of the Maritime Center, designed by Jorge Hernandez and Hilario Candela. We are now examining the economic feasibility of this concept. The plans we have prepared to date are fully consistent with the Virginia Key Master Plan, approved by the City of Miami in July, 2010. 

Shortly,  we will go before the Miami City Commission and Miami Sports and Exhibition Authority to seek approval for our site plan. We will need your help and support at that time. 

Remembering Tony Goldman 

Tony Goldman, entrepreneur and visionary extraordinaire, passed away last month. Tony was truly a one-of-a-kind. He "reimagined" neighborhoods-Ocean Drive is Miami Beach, Wynwood in MIami, Soho in New York City, and  Center City's 13th Street in Philadelphia-and turned derelict areas into hip, commercially successful destinations. He accomplished all this through a unique combination creativity, business acumen and incredible drive and focus.  During his lifetime, Tony won many honors including the Louise du Pont Crowninshield Award in 2011, the highest award given by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Tony also recognized the vast potential for the Marine Stadium. We documented his tour of the Stadium in November, 2009.  Click on the link below to see it.
Tony Goldman at Miami Marine Stadium 
"Oh man.....Let's Get This Done!-
Tony Goldman declared at the Marine Stadium

Tony gave us several important ideas, suggesting we think about the Marine Stadium and its surrounding land as a "park" suitable for passive use as well as hosting events. He immediately was enthralled by the graffiti, thought we should dedicate several walls of the Stadium to graffiti and hold international competitions annually for new designs. Finally, he came up with a populist fundraising campaign: "Sell each seat at the Marine Stadium" (there are over 6,000 seats). This is something we intend to do.  The Marine Stadium joins a long list of places touched by Tony's brilliance. 


Marine Stadium News 

The excitement about the Marine Stadium keeps building. There seems to be something new every day. We continue to work closely with the National Trust For Historic Preservation (NTHP).  NTHP has made the stadium a high priority. working to develop both marketing plans and special events-details to follow. Check out this link to a story about our joint initiative by NTHP Project Manager, Karen Nickless. 


We are thrilled to be included in a video produced by NTHP of the top four of their National Treasures. Click on the image below to see it (the Marine Stadium is the last of the four projects discussed).


National Treasures: Saving Places That Tell America's Story
National Treasures: Saving Places That Tell America's Story


The Marine Stadium continues to draw international attention. Recently, Spirit of Progress, the Journal of of the Art Deco and Modernism Society based in Victoria, Australia, featured a story about the Marine Stadium. Our thanks to longtime Miami Beach Preservationist Jeff Donnelly, and Robin Grow, President of the Art Deco and Modernism Society for making this happen!  


In November, Gustavo Tumialan, engineer with Simpson, Gumpertz and Heger (the firm that has completed several studies of the Marine Stadium) will deliver a lecture about the Stadium to Asocreto, the  Colombian Association of Concrete Producers, in Cartagena, Colombia.  The organization had read about the Stadium in an article in Concrete International Magazine and requested the presentation.


Finally, there will be a memorial service for Jack Meyer, brilliant engineer of the Marine Stadium, at Plymouth Congregational Church, Coconut Grove, 3400 Devon Park Road on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 3:00 PM. Following the service, there will be a reception at his much beloved Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, where he served as Commodore. We feel so blessed that Jack played an active role in saving the stadium - he was the only one who still had the original set of engineering drawings!! We were able to honor Jack this past Spring with speakers from all over the world praising his exceptional talents. Click here for the obit for Jack Meyer.     




Our non-stop work on the Stadium is gaining momentum.
Enjoy this unique photo taken at the Stadium.

Lori Garner-Singer/Songwriter Gea Gamboa
Photo by Lori Garner Subject: Singer/Songwriter Gea Gamboa


Friends of Miami Marine Stadium