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Friends of Miami Marine Stadium
Newsletter  #55              July 2012 

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Dade Heritage Trust is the foremost organization in Miami Dade County devoted to historic preservation. DHT, which recently celebrated its 40th birthday, was the parent organizaton to Friends of Miami Marine Stadium, providing important advocacy and support and an administrative umbrella. Though Friends of Miami Marine Stadium is now an independent 501(c)(3) not for profit, the two organizations remain close. For more informaton on Dade Heritage Trust, click here
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Marine Stadium Memories:  Humor and the Marine Stadium 
 Having a concert with performers and viewers right on the water often resulted in some pretty unusual-and humorous events. Click here to read about a submarine sandwich, Jack Meyer, the engineer of the Marine Stadium, and one irate and very hungry concert attendee..... 

# of stories submitted to IF SEATS COULD TALK .....162

To: Miami Marines    

Throughout the summer,  we continue working on strategic plans for the initial fundraising,  ultimate restoration and operation of the Marine Stadium.    

Next Steps 
As stated in our previous email update, our Memorandum with the City of Miami has been signed. It stipulates that by November of this year, we must present the City with a plan for the restoration and operation of the Marine Stadium. We must achieve full funding by May, 2014 which is the end of our two year window.

We are moving full speed ahead with our Economic Impact Study, undertaken by the Washington Economics Group. We are working on details for our site plan and beginning to develop our Capital Campaign Plan.

So much to do in so little time but we thrive on challenge!

A Remarkable Marine Stadium Video 

For a visual treat, check out this simply extraordinary video of the world's premiere athletes performing jaw dropping stunts at the Miami Marine Stadium-sent to us by the World Freerunning Parkour Federation.

Click here to see the video.

Please"like it", send it to others, post a comment, blog it, etc. This video has already generated quite a buzz and greater global  awareness of the Marine Stadium. 


Floating Stage Design Exhibit at Coral Gables Museum 
DK Design Group, Copenhagen, Denmark
DK Design Group, Copenhagen, Denmark

In 2011, Friends of Miami Marine Stadium collaborated with DawnTown, to create a design contest for a new floating stage for the Miami Marine Stadium. Administered by Dawntown and co-sponsored by the Natonal Trust For Historic Preservation, the Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and Dade Heritage Trust, this "ideas" contest was a great success-attracting over 90 entries from all over the world and lots of press.

We are delighted to announce that selections from this contest, along with memorabilia and artifacts from the Marine Stadium, will be on exhibit at the Coral Gables Museum in the spring of 2013. We're planning a full schedule of related events to accompany the exhibit.

After years of planning and renovation (sound familiar?), the Coral Gables Museum opened in 2011 immediately capturing the essence of the community.  We are thrilled to collaborate with them on what should be a groundbreaking exhibit!
Princeton University and Miami Marine Stadium 
Princeton University
Princeton University
About 1.5 years ago, we were introduced to Sigrid Adriaenssens,  Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at Princeton University. Since Sigrid and her family visited the Marine Stadium, through her efforts, Princeton has done an extraordinary amount of research on the Marine Stadium. Her research demonstrates the Stadium's historical engineering distinctiveness and envisages its 21st century potential.

Through hand calculations and complex engineering analysis, Sigrid and her collaborators have presented the unique qualities of the thin curved concrete roof in terms of structural, environmental and constructional efficiency. You can read about this work in two papers:

1)"Structural Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Folded Plate Hyperbolic Parabloid: a case study of the Modern Miami Marine Stadium" a peer reviewed publication, International Journal of Architectural Heritage (click here to see an abstract of the article).

2)"The Shells of the Marine Stadium: Synergy Between Form Force and Energy", a paper presented this spring at the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures Symposium in Sarajevo.

-Nathan Brown, an Undergraduate student in Civil Engineering, wrote his thesis on the Marine Stadium. The paper, entitled "Form Use, and Sustainability: A Geometric and Structural Study of Hypar Shells" includes a lot of information about the history and social-politcal context of the Marine Stadium as well as a fascinating engineering analysis of the curved folded roof. Nathan Brown won the W.Mark Angas prize and Sigma Chi book award for his work. You can read it by clicking here (please note this will take 15 seconds to upload).

-Four interdisciplinary groups of Princeton students (Civil Engineers and Architects) envisaged and presented  a series of floating stages for their CEE546 design prjoect. The focus of the project relied on shape generation driven by architecture, structure and acoustic performance. Click here to see the entry by Toshiki Hirano and Jia Xin Chum.

We are preparing to make a presentation at Princeton in the fall and we look forward to continuing this relationship.  
We're working away;  in the meantime, we welcome your ideas, contacts, suggestions.

Friends of Miami Marine Stadium 

July 4 at Miami Marine Stadium
The Fourth of July at Miami Marine Stadium
Rendering by Arseni Varabyeu