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Have you heard the commercial that says "A Brain Fart is a temporary release of ignorance?" LOL... yep, I've had a couple and now there's room for some good stuff and clear thinking LOL. I've decided to include my Article in the newsletter rather than to continue to link to it. Less clicking, more fun. I know, I know, duh!

This weeks Article is about Cell phones and Text Messaging LOL. I know there have been times when you thought "why don't they just pick up the phone and call", or "I don't have time to text back and forth". If it's a necessity that's one thing but if someone has started using that as a 'usual' form of communication that's another. Read Wired up (below) and let me know what you think
The Nature of It!
narly treeYou may have noticed I have a thing about Nature. It's something about the bigness of it, the beauty and the danger. I'm awed by how beautiful it can be one minute and how it can turn into something so wild the next.

My blog Diviacity is not only about Art & Inspiration but about what inspires me and so many others, Nature. check it out and see some of the beautiful pics I've taken along by Journey.

The tree pic was taken in San Juan Baustista across the street from the San Juan Bautista Mission. To see more of my Collection of these photos click here East Coast*West Coast Divas.

tin can

Personal contact has suffered a great loss. It's been replaced by electronics. Electronics of all forms. But namely, the Cell phone and the Internet. Cell phones are great for calling but thanks to things like text messaging even calling has dropped a notch or two on the communication ladder. Have you ever had people text you many times, but not pick up the phone to call once? Even family can sometimes use Text Messaging (cell) and Instant Messaging (internet) as a form of constant communication. Relaying a quick message is fine, but here we're discussing Texting replacing verbal conversation.

I think I noticed just how serious this was when I realized a week had gone by without hearing my daughters voice but I'd convinced myself that I had talked to her every day, and I had. She texted in place of calling to avoid hearing the inevitable momisms from me. But I was so used to it that it was just like I'd actually talked to her.Apparently I had been wooed by another form of electronic communication.

Texting has taken such a strong hold that some tend to think they can even detect the mood or emotions of the receiver. LOL Message: How are you today? Response: I'm okay, how are you? Message: What's wrong, why are you being so short? LOL. I asked some people about texting and their thoughts and some said they really prefer it and others said it was a nuisance.

Why do you prefer it?

It's easier to control the conversation.

I'm not a phone person, this way I can relay a message and move on.

Less questions and annoying conversation.

Sometimes it's nice to have a record of a conversation.

I text therefore I am. Short quick and no immediate response required.
 With instant messaging response is implied. Not always easy to do.

I've only just begun to text; a particular friend and I communicate that way quite often. I am no technophile, "so I only learned how to send text messages about a year ago. I don't care for IM'ing because I don't type fast enough. Also, I can't get with the short hand that is needed for quick responses.

Why do you dislike it?

It's a nuisance to have to stop what you're doing and type messages when it would be so much easier to pick up the phone and call.

Takes away from the human contact experience.

I think it's a lazy form of communicating.

It requires more thought than I want to have to give a conversation. I just want to say it and move on!

To me it's like giving into the whole 'Living by Tech' thing we discussed a while back.

Are you wired up to Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Tagged or any of the tons of other network/social sites out there to attract and distract? Are you wired up to more than two, three maybe? What a technical society we've become. There's Cell Phones that do everything but walk and... well I guess they do talk. Today I talked to a friend and we laughed as we reminisced about the old days. The days when Telephones we connected by long cords and weighed as much as a small television. No driving around talking or walking around talking on the phone. Indoors or Phone booths. That was the choices.

rotary phone

In some instances I personally think technology has also created a great wealth of laziness. No need to doll up and go out there in search of the other half. Or really to do anything. Simply share your personal info with this wire or that wire and it's on.We have officially become a computer driven society, you know, just like they said it would be in the days of Outer Limits and Twilight Zone.

At one point I fought the whole blogging and electronic networking thing with all my "child of the 60's might". In the late 80's there was the BBSs and seeing someone typing on the screen at the same time was magical. Playing games (for me it was Jousting LOL) with someone across the miles through a dark screen of a box that was as big as microwaves are now was to die for.

Once I got turned on to it, there was no end. I graduated from one to the other, joined many online communities, as there are many, something for anything you can think of. I joined art sites because they were there. I joined jewelry networks because I could, food networks because I was hungry LOL. You name it, it's out there. And there are many lessons to be had from joining all of these networking communities and not all good.

As I sit here typing on this 17in laptop I laugh at the fact that my first computer was half the size of an oven LOL. And the screen was black and the letters were Cyan?

I fear I too have become spoiled by technology. The cell phones, the digital this and wireless that. Polaroids replaced by palm sized boxes that contain everything but the printer and allow you instant view. The phones without the long knotted and twisted spiral phone cords LOL, remember those? LOL Unfortunately, along with the change in the phone came the change in service you get over the phone too. Please Push 1, Please Push 1, Please push... you know what I mean. And you want to curse the recording out but what good would that do. She'd listen only for a few seconds before repeating, 'please press 1' grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I know we all basically have to go along with the changes as that's life, I guess I will just keep hoping that people don't become cold and distant without the need for that ever wonderful human contact only an actual phone call or letter would provide. I always mention to friends and family that I'd rather talk by phone. A couple of messages is one thing, a form of consistent communication is another.
What do you think? I think... I'll respond to any questions or comments in the next newsletter.

Life is Good
Steph Jordan
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Do you celebrate the Holiday? Do you celebrate alone? If you are alone this year and wish you weren't, There's no reason you can't celebrate alone. When it's all said a done, a good meal, a good movie and a loving phone call can make it so much easier to take. Celebrate! Your own Happiness is a power you can control! :-)
One of these definitely applies to you: I miss you, I love you, I wish you the best, I pray all works out for you, Talk to me, I hope you're having a lot of fun, Congratulations, Thank you!

Life is good!
Life in Color,

Steph Jordan
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