March Newsletter


1-3 April, 2012
Dubai, UAE

27-29 April 2012
Washington, DC  
15-17 May 2012
VA Beach, VA
Washington, DC

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Happy Women's History Month! In this issue we will highlight activities at Camp Roberts, our Horn of Africa event, and the upcoming Science and Engineering Festival.
Happy International Women's Day from Afghanistan!
March is International Women's month and this year's theme is "Women's Education- Women's Empowerment." Our friends at Synergy Strike Force organized an International Women's Day celebration in Afghanistan. Over a thousand women participated in the event which included awards and presentations. 


Camp Roberts

Participants at CR12
TIDES and The Naval Post Graduate School held quarterly field experiments at Camp Roberts, CA earlier this month. Discussions focused on "Infrastructure as a System". The thinking behind this concept was based on the idea that in the rush to provide basic infrastructure to populations who have been affected by disasters, solutions tend to focus on one type of intervention without operating as an effective, integrated system which provide elegant solutions to otherwise complex problems. The discussion brought together participants from the US government - NDU, Naval Postgraduate School, Department of State and FEMA, as well as a range of NGO and private sector representatvies such as Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, CrisisMappers, Team Rubicon, Synergy Strike Force, Geeks Without Borders, Burners Without Borders, as well as many others. The group shared their experiences and lessons learned, discused various approaches and summarized next steps in advancing this multifaceted cooperation. For more information on the discussions, see the blog posts here and here.
Horn of Africa Event 

USAFRICOM sealOn March 8, TIDES hosted an event titled, "Horn of Africa Food Security Crisis: Implications for U.S. Africa Command." Research shows that 11 million people are in dire need of emergency assistance, due to East Africa's most recent drought.

The conference addressed the ongoing relationship between food security and human security in a one-day session held at the National Defense University. The conference was well attended by 180 government, academic and civil society participants and speakers included General Carter Ham, Commander, USAFRICOM; Administrator Rajiv Shah, USAID; and Vice Admiral Ann E. Rondeau, President, National Defense University. Read more about the event here.

USA Science & Engineering Festival
Next month TIDES will exhibit at the 2nd Annual Science and Engineering Festival taking place 27-29 April at the DC Convention Center. The Festival kicked off with its Nifty Fifty Program, and will continue with over 150 FREE events for the public and Greater Washington, DC schools leading up to the Finale Expo - all geared toward sparking an interest in Science and Engineering. You can find out all the details here.  


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