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1-3 April, 2012
Dubai, UAE

27-29 April 2012
Washington, DC  
15-17 May 2012
VA Beach, VA
October 2-5, 2012
Washington, DC
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Hope that you're enjoying early February! TIDES has been busy so far this year, with AFCEA West and the recent Tech@State:Real-Time Awareness Event. Dr. Lin Wells also had an op-ed published. Next up for TIDES is the Horn of Africa Conference on March 8th and DIHAD from April 1-3.
AFCEA West booths at the San Diego Convention Center
AFCEA West booths at the San Diego Convention Center
STAR-TIDES network exhibited at the AFCEA West Exposition. The Exposition included over 400 companies, government entities and non-profits, was visited by over 12,000 people and provided great exposure for STAR-TIDES. The Team displayed a combination of low-cost, renewable, sustainable, and versatile technologies that were not displayed anywhere else. People were surprised that the explanation of the STAR-TIDES mission and goals did not include a sales pitch. The TIDES team had a great time and were able to showcase both the mission of sustainable support to stressed populations and the wonderful capabilities within the STAR-TIDES network. Coverage of the event can be found on the TIDES blog.
Horn of Africa Conference 
USAFRICOM sealTIDES will host a conference on the "Horn of Africa Food Security Crisis: Implications for United States Africa Command" on March 8, at Ft. Leslie McNair in Washington, DC. The conference will address the strategic implications of food security issues in Africa for the US, taking the recent famine in the Horn of Africa as an example. The conference will highlight USAFRICOM's response to non-traditional security threats and how to improve interactions with NGOs, International Organizations and other non-traditional stakeholders.


To register for the conference please RSVP here. Please find the draft agenda here.

Tech@State: Real-Time Awareness 
On Friday, February 3rd, Dr. Lin Wells chaired a panel for the most recent Tech@State event which focused on the role of real-time situational awarenss. The panel discussed the need for a better way to manage the information that comes out out social media and expressed a desire for a system that would turn this one-way information channel into a two-way conversation. Our coverage is on the the TIDES blog
In the News 

Dr. Lin Wells recently published an op-ed in Defense News entitled "Tech Changes Affect U.S. Security" and details the need for the U.S. Defense Community to invest in and work on understanding the recent and continuing technological opportunities and risks as a key aspect of global strategy.

Infrastructure Directory 

We recently updated our website and we need your help to update our Infrastructure DirectoryThe directory is designed to be a powerful resource for researchers and responders looking for the products you produce. By uploading the items in your catalog, you will be able to showcase your tools and technology and provide the researchers and responders with information necessary to select the right solutions. If you have questions please contact us at star.tides.net@gmail.com  

Join the STAR-TIDES Network 
STAR-TIDES is an international research and networking project that is only as good as its members.  Learn more and consider joining us in bringing research support and relief to stressed populations.  Continue to share and support TIDES by clicking the "Update Profile/Email Address" link below.
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