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STAR-TIDES research is supporting humanitarian assistance and disaster relief work in Haiti. The links below outline some of the efforts:
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Aug. 2011 USAID Summer Seminar Series at the National Press Club, DC   
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It's hard to believe Summer is almost over.  Check out our event highlights to see what TIDES has been up to.  We are gearing up for the 5th annual STARTIDES demo--be sure to register (see below for details).

PEAK Demonstration 

PEAK system

On July 21, TIDES attended the Prepositioned Expeditionary Assistance Kit Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (PEAK JCTD) at Fort AP Hill in Virginia. The National Defense University is the technical manager for PEAK and USSOUTHCOM is the operational manager.  The PEAK kits will provide effective, low-cost and sustainable crisis services that support and build a key capacity in partner nations to promote security and stability in theater.


PEAK is a modular system that provides potable water, information sharing, communications and power generation to emergency first responders in the period following a disaster event. HA/DR personnel from partner nations will be trained how to use the technology, which will allow for a more immediate knowledge of the situation on the ground, and for critical information to be passed on to decision makers. The kit uses power from renewable energy sources and the reverse osmosis water purifier can produce up to 1800 gallons a day of potable water from local sources (including salt water).

HA/DR Challenge! 

The National Defense University and the Center for Technology and National Security Policy (NDU-CTNSP) announces the Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Challenge (HADR-C) under the America Competes Act!


Interested individuals and organizations are invited to design a kit for use in Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA/DR) situations. The kit will be suitable for initial HA/DR response activities by US government departments and agencies, as well as by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and foreign governments.


The HADR-Challenge runs from 6 July 2011 through 15 August 2011. Announcement of the Challenge winner will be made on 31 August 2011.

The total financial award for the winner of the HADR-Challenge is $10,000.


Visit http://challenge.gov/challenges/193 now for details on this challenging and exciting opportunity!

STAR-TIDES 5th Annual Fall Demo 
TIDES' 5th Annual outdoor demonstration will take place at Fort McNair, Washington, DC, from 4-7 October 2011. We are looking for companies and organizations specializing in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR) and stabilization and reconstruction (S&R) to exhibit. Register as an exhibitor or visitor here.

For more information please contact Lou Elin Dwyer at louelin.dwyer@ndu.edu or 202-685-7284. 
July Event Highlights:

Last month, Samuel Bendett, Research Associate from the TIDES project participated in the Building Global Human Geography Information panel discussion sponsored by ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute)- the official geographic information system used by the Department of Homeland Security - in San Diego, CA. The discussion addressed the need for global partnering to capture geospatial information on human geography in order to support human security around the world. Human geography is the study of spacial patterns of interactions between humans and their physical environment.  TIDES is working to incorporate human geography into future RELIEF (Research and Experimentation for Local and International Emergency Response) experiments at Camp Roberts to showcase how GIS can be used to address needs of stressed populations. 

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