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STAR-TIDES research is supporting humanitarian assistance and disaster relief work in Haiti. The links below outline some of the efforts:
Development of the SMS 4636 Code for Haiti Relief  

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June 8-9 2011
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October 4-7 2011
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May was a busy month for TIDES! We held our quarterly field experiments at Camp Roberts, exhibited at AFCEA Joint Warfighting and participated in FEMA's National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE11). 
This issue also features innovative uses of solar technology, water, and sanitation in the ongoing effort to irradiate contaminated water in Japan. 

Decontaminating Irradiated Water in Japan
WorldWater Pump in Haiti
The world watched as Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant suffered a partial meltdown after being struck by an earthquake and tsunami.  The fallout from that disaster resulted in the irradiation of critical drinking water for the local populace.  WorldWater & Solar Technologies Inc. helped provide a solution to that problem.  WorldWater donated two solar powered water pumps to Japan that would help provide safe drinking water to victims of the disaster.  One pump is used in combination with a reverse osmosis filter which forces salt and radioactive molecules out of the water, allowing only the much smaller H20 molecules through.  This pump can provide up to 3,000 gallons of clean water a day.  The other pump and filter can clean up to 30,000 gallons of biologically contaminated water per day.  More info on this story can be found here.
Camp RobertsCamp Roberts 2011 Wrap Up

TIDES and the Naval Postgraduate School held their 

RELIEF (Research and Experimentation for Local and International Emergency and First Response) experiments at Camp Roberts, California. RELIEF enhances capabilities for the first responder and crisis response community by providing possible solutions to challenges brought about by natural and man-made disasters in both domestic and international environments; as well as creates linkages between NGOs, local, state, and federal entities, and the military to achieve common goals of post-disaster recovery. The most recent exercise examined geospatial awareness functions of DoD's QuickNets situational awareness project. QuickNets was designed to deploy a back-packable system for supporting the basic communications infrastructure and social media infrastructure in a disaster zone. Participants used crowdsourced technologies to run mock application of QuickNets in order to test its integrated mapping and GIS imagery tools. Additionally, RELIEF participants took part in testing out rescue and relief technologies such as portable tents; and reviewed and integrated imagery from the unmanned aerial systems into existing GIS platforms for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief purposes. The group also participated in the mock evacuation drill in order to review and assess the needs and concerns of stricken populations, and to better understand which HA/DR technologies and products can be most applicable to provide relief, protection and security.

Event Highlights: AFCEA Joint Warfighting 

TIDES LogoIn May, TIDES exhibited at the AFCEA Joint Warfighting Conference (JWC) in VA Beach.  A host of exhibitors from the STAR-TIDES network joined TIDES at the event.  As always, we had a great turnout.  LTG Ken Keen, GEN Raymond Odierno and The Honorable Michael Wynne stopped by the booth to learn more about TIDES and the technologies on display. Our next event will be at the Aid and International Development Forum at the DC Convention Center 8-9 June.


Also mark your calendars for the 5th Annual STAR-TIDES demonstration, taking place 4-7 October 2011 at Fort McNair, Washingon, DC.  Interested exhibitors can email: louelin.dwyer@ndu.edu

NLE 11National Level Exercise 11
Recent events in the Midwest highlight the increased need for disaster planning and interagency collaboration. Earlier this month TIDES participated in FEMA's National Level Exercise-11 (NLE-11), an operations based exercise which examined the response and recovery capabilities both nationally and regionally. During the week long exercise, TIDES visited NLE's Master Control Center and travelled to the Business Emergency Operations Center (BEOC) at the New Jersey Institute of Technology,  a project that connects the private sector activities to the federal, state and local disaster response teams. Exercises such as NLE11 are an important component of national preparedness because they help build knowledge and  encourage public-private partnerships. 
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