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STAR-TIDES research is supporting humanitarian assistance and disaster relief work in Haiti. The links below outline some of the efforts:
Development of the SMS 4636 Code for Haiti Relief  

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Over the past few weeks there has been a big focus on crisismapping efforts in Japan and Libya. Our friends from CrisisMappers and ICT4Peace have put together some really helpful resources in support of Libya and Japan.


In this issue we'll also address the new initiative by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on ultra low cost sanitation infrastructure.  In addition, there are several events coming up, including X24 Europe, and a few new research papers to look into.

egypt crowdTaking Stock of Crisis Mapping Technology
Members of the CrisisMapping community have been working around the clock in support of the disaster in Japan and the growing social unrest in Libya. Since Ushahidi grabbed the media's attention last January, an explosion of CrisisMapping projects have cropped up for natural disasters, weather events, and social unrest worldwide.  CrisisMappers Network has pulled together a catalogue, on a shared spreadsheet, of all the projects ongoing in the crisismapping community in order to better establish who is out there doing this work.  You can find the catalogue of projects here
The ICT4Peace Foundation created a wiki focusing on the unrest in Libya. The wiki features information on Libya and UN operations, situation reports, Twitter feeds and other social media updates. Additionally, The Standby Task Force was activated to provide mapping support for Libya. iRevolution reports that the Japan Crisis Map team is working with government officials on the Ushahidi iPad app to report information from the field.
Leveraging the STAR-TIDES Network in Support of Excercise 24 Europe

This month TIDES will be participiating in Exercise 24 Europe (X24 EUR)a virtual disaster relief exercise scheduled for 29 March to 1 April.  X24 EUR will demonstrate uses of social media, crowdsourcing, and collaboration tools in an innovative cloud computing environment.  The scenario is a complex simulated seismic event that generates a tsunami in the Adriatic with corresponding damage to  to essential resources and critical infrastructure in the Balkans.

The X-24 series of robust, virtual, online experiments builds on an outstanding lineage.  It draws from the exceptional success of the GOLDEN PHOENIX collaborative events held in the San Diego area through 2008.  They showed the power not only of collaboration, both real and virtual, but also of broad inclusion.  During the last GOLDEN PHOENIX over 140 separate organizations participated--public-private, whole-of-government, trans-national. X-24 "Southern California" in 2010 involved over 12,500 participants from 79 countries and 90 USG, non-USG, public and private entities. This is not just a technical or academic exercise.  The powerful role of social media and "outside the wire" comms is being demonstrated daily, from Haiti, to the Gulf  Coast, to Afghanistan to the Maghreb. X-24 Europe offers and opportuunity to build additional  relationships through open, collaborative operations. TIDES has been working with EUCOM during the planning of the exercise.  We will be operating an observation center at National Defense University, and looking for ways to leverage the STAR-TIDES network during the course of X24 EUR. Check out EUCOM's Prezi for X24 EUR. 


For more info on X24 EUR: http://x24.eushare.org

To Register: http://x24.eushare.org/registration

Reinventing the Toilet

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has recently initiated a challenge to "reinvent the toilet".  The challenge is to design an exceptionally high cost-efficiency (i.e. less than $.05 per person per day) means of dealing effecitvely with human bodily waste for the 2.6 billion people on earth who currently don't have access to safe and affordable sanitation.  There are 21 institutions, mostly top universities, that have been invited to this challenge for the first round.  However if your institution would like to form a team to submit a design for the second round you can contact the Gates Foundation at RTTC@gatesfoundation.org or Philip Eckhoff at peckhoff@intven.com

Call for Exhibitors:  AFCEA JWC and AIDF 2011

 TIDES is looking for exhibitors to join us at two large events in the near future.  AFCEA Joint Warfighting Conference (JWC), in Virgina Beach, VA from May 10-12, and Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) in Washington, DC from June 8-9, 2011. 


If you are interested in joining TIDES please contact LouEllen Dwyer at LouElin.Dwyer@ndu.edu.  Find links to these events in the sidebar to the left.

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