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January 25-27  
AFCEA West  
 San Diego, CA 

June 2011
Washington, DC

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STAR-TIDES research is supporting humanitarian assistance and disaster relief work in Haiti. The links below outline some of the efforts:

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With the busy month of October past, TIDES is looking ahead to its next big event, AFCEA West 2011 this coming January in San Diego. 

In this newsletter you will also find a survey regarding the 2010 TIDES fall demo, a recap of the Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce event we attended, and our monthly feature:  Hydrovolt. 

Survey:  2010 TIDES Fall Demo
View of Demo
TIDES 2010 Demo,
Fort McNair, DC

Did you attend TIDES' 4th annual
Fall Demo at Ft. McNair last month?  If so please take a few moments to fill out this survey regarding your experience.  This year was our most successful demo to date and we want to continue our projects.  To do that we need your feedback, so please take a few moments and fill out the survey by clicking this link.

Upcoming Event:

AFCEA West - January 25-27 in San Diego
TIDES will be exhibiting at AFCEA West at the San Diego Convention Center in January.  Co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, West 2010 is the largest event on the West Coast for communications, electronics, intelligence, information systems, imaging, military weapon systems, aviation, shipbuilding, and more.  TIDES will be sharing informaton about sustainable solutions for post-disaster, post-war and impoverished populations. For more information click here.

If you would like join TIDES at AFCEA West as an exhibitor, please contact Lou Elin Dwyer at louelin.dwyer@ndu.edu  or 202-685-7284. 

RECAP:  TIDES at Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce Event 

TIDES participated in the two day US-Afghan Business Matchmaking Conference in November.  The event focused on networking and business opportunities in Afghanistan. The TIDES booth was set up with information and research on subjects like relating lessons learned in the Haiti disaster to problems in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, as well as information about our infrastructure database. 


amcham afghan

Feature:  Hydrovolts

Hydrovolts' new hydropower technology taps a plentiful but overlooked global source of renewable energy from water currents in canals and channels.  It offers an economical and easy way to generate 1 to 25 kW/hr of reliable, local clean power in millions of locations around the world. Hydrovolts' floating Flipwing turbine is simple to deploy and connect. Just drop it in the water and tether or anchor. No dams, weirs or site preparation are needed, reducing costs and minimizing environmental impacts.  Hydrovolts proved in July 2010 that it can install an operating turbine in one hour. 
The technology offers reliability, predictability, cost-Hydrovolt 2efficiency and control unmatched by other renewable energy sources.  Controlled water flows in man-made canals are predictable and reliable, capable of producing a steady source of clean, renewable hydropower.  Hydrovolts turbines generate power from much smaller systems than wind generators because flowing water has more than 800 times more energy per area than flowing air.  The preferred sites for Hydrovolts turbines are artificial canals because they are controlled and have little debris.  But in disaster areas or post-conflict areas where electric power is needed urgently the turbines can be deployed in rivers or streams.  For example they can be lowered from bridges into a river below. Hydrovolts has won national awards for its technology and business plan and has signed development agreements with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Insitution and Raytheon Corporation. 

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