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May 11-13, 2010
Joint Warfighting 2010  
Norfolk, VA
July 22-23,2010
October 5-9,2010
TIDES' 4th Annual Outdoor Field Demonstration
Washington, DC
STAR-TIDES research is supporting critical reconstruction and stabilization in projects in Afghanistan. The links below outline some of the efforts:
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Spring has sprung! The last few weeks have been busy for TIDES. The PEAK JCTD project began in March, we continued follow-up work on the Haiti earthquake response, and we added more infrastructure-related substance to the website. Additionally, TIDES is helping to frame a "Grand Challenge" to enhance the nation's disaster preparedness (read more below).
Also, we've got a lot of events scheduled over the next few months including: AFCEA Joint Warfighting (May), Aid & International Development Forum (July), and our annual outdoor demonstration at Fort McNair (October).  Be sure to check the website for news and updates!
UPDATE: Prepositioned PEAK LogoExpeditionary
Assistance Kits (PEAK)
PEAK is a Joint Capabilities Technology Demonstration (JCTD) project that began in March 2010. 
The project is sponsored by US Southern Command (USSOUTHCOM) and the goal is to help build partner nation capacity by delivering kits with water purification, power generation and tools to gather and share situational awareness. The Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) at National Defense University (NDU) will serve as the Technical Manager of the project. TIDES supports PEAK with research and information sharing, but TIDES is not part of PEAK.
From Haiti to Helmand:  Using Open Source Information to Enhance Situational Awareness and Operational Effectiveness
Open source information and distributed collaboration played a significant role in Haitian earthquake relief. This paper explores how distributed collaborative approaches from Haiti could be applied in Afghanistan, and describes some Afghan information-sharing initiatives.
To read more please visit:  http://www.star-tides.net/node/641  
"Information Platform" Grand Challenge  
TIDES has been requested by senior government officials to help frame a "Grand Challenge" related to the development of an information platform that would enhance the nation's disaster preparedness by enabling the restoration of information sharing capabilities to the American people quickly after a natural or man-made disaster.  The concept started out focused on post-disaster service restoration, but the overwhelming sense of the inputs has been that the nation should emphasize resilience--before, during, and immediately after a disaster. 
A wiki has been set-up to help frame the challenge language.  Please visit:platformchallenge.pbworks.com 
Check out the updated Infrastructure Directory!
You may have noticed some changes to the TIDES website. We recently updated the infrastructure directory, adding new companies and organizations to the greater STAR-TIDES network.   
Joining the TIDES network is simple and it's a great way to share research and connect with other likeminded groups and individuals.  If you would like to get your company/organization added to the directory please visit: http://www.star-tides.net/infrastructure
EVENTS: TIDES at AIDFaidf logo
TIDES will be exhibiting at the Aid and International Development Forum (AIDF) July 22-23, at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC. AIDF is a global event for humanitarian aid, disaster relief and development effectiveness. 
Please click here to find out more about AIDF.
AFCEA Joint Warfighting is less than a month away! Come join TIDES May 11-13, at the Virginia Beach Convention Center.
AFCEA Joint Warfighting is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute, in coordination with U.S. Joint Forces Command.
Click here to read more about Joint Warfighting 10
EVENTS: 4th Annual NDU Demo
Outdoor demonstration at Fort McNair
TIDES 4th Annual outdoor demonstration will take place at Fort McNair October 5-9, 2010. 
We are looking for companies and organizations specializing in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to exhbit during the week long event. 
For more information please contact Lou Elin Dwyer at louelin.dwyer@ndu.edu  or 202-685-7284. 
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