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STAR-TIDES research is supporting critical reconstruction and stabilization projects in Afghanistan.  The Links below outline some of the efforts:
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We know that the earthquake in Haiti has been all over the news and we wanted to share what we and some of our partners are doing to support and share information.  We also want to highlight ways that companies and organizations can get involved and donate or provide equipment to help.  Finally, with all this going on, we're still getting ready to participate in the AFCEA/USNI West 10 show in San Diego, CA in early February.  See below for more information!
Haiti: Collaboration and Information Sharing Across Open Networks

InSTEDD workers picture pulled from their website

The Open Technology Community has responded in support of Haiti and it has provided content beyond our greatest expectations. 
In addition, the US Military, is providing improved platforms to allow the sharing of information and documents, including the All Partners Access Network (APAN). These developments have been reported by CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and Wired Magazine, among others. Other capabilities have been provided by Ushahidi, Sahana, CrisisMappers, InSTEDD, ICT4Peace Foundation, Open Street Maps, and many more. TIDES has had the privilege of working with these organizations, and more, and has begun gathering lessons learned to continue to improve both these resources and procedures for Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HA/DR). Some of the products being updated continuously include:
http://community.apan.org/: US Military's web portal
http://crisismapping.ning.com/ : Provides early warning support during disaster situations
http://instedd.org/: Uses technology to improve collaboration for global health and humanitarian aid 
 : ICT4peace's wiki, which lists lots of information and updates links to other web resources daily
For a more detailed listing and one of the daily situational reports put out by our partners at InSTEDD, visit our site here - http://www.star-tides.net/node/617
Interested in Providing Services and Equipment to Haiti?

Aid Warehouse - Reuters

Many companies, organizations and individuals have asked how they can help, to provide services or equipment to the people in Haiti. The following links can help:

http://community.apan.org -US Military run blog/sharing site with lots of situation reports, maps, and a place to post questions.  There is a specific place to post Offers of Assistance.

http://business.un.org/ - This site is used by the UN for Haiti relief, but also for many other disasters and development issues across the world.  This lists and sorts areas where the UN and its partners need equipment, donations, or services.  Check back often for updates if you're looking for ways to get your organization involved.  
http://dex.cidi.org/ - CIDI - Center for International Disaster Information, which is linked with USAID, allows companies to register here if you can provide technical services or commodities to support Haiti.  This site is used for many disasters, so check this regularly.
http://www.aidmatrixnetwork.org/fema/States.aspx?ST=USAID  - This site which is also linked with USAID, allows NGOs to post their equipment needs here. You can search and respond to these needs, or you can make a general donation.
TIDES in the News
Wired and Defense News have both reported on innovative approaches to disaster relief in Haiti.
TIDES at West 10
Come visit TIDES at the upcoming AFCEA/USNI West 10 conference February 2-4, 2010 in San Diego, California. West 10 is an annual set of activities co-sponsored by the U.S. Naval Institute and AFCEA international. It is the largest event on the West Coast for communications, electronics, intelligence, information systems, imaging, military weapon systems, aviation, shipbuilding and related technologies.  
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