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STAR-TIDES research is supporting critical reconstruction and stabilization projects in Afghanistan.  The Links below outline some of the efforts:
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Happy New Year!  We hope your holidays have been outstanding.  We have some important updates and information to share.  The first is a recent Defense Horizons publication about STAR-TIDES.  The next involves an RFI (Request for Information) recently issued by the Marine Corps for expeditionary power genteration, water purification and enery efficient shelters.  In addition, we will be participating in the AFCEA/USNI West 10 show in San Diego, CA in early February.   Please read on for more information...
Newest Publication:
The National Defense University Press has just published our latest paper entitled- STAR-TIDES and Starfish Networks: Supporting Stressed Populations with Distributed Talent.  
This monograph summarizes the history of  TIDES, its projects and future objectives.  It outlines TIDES underlying concepts and mission and includes examples of the real-world activities where TIDES has contributed.  Click here for the pdf of the paper and feel free to share!
Marine Corps Expeditionary Forward Operating Base: Power, Water, and Shelter Needs
USMC soldier
TIDES recently heard about an RFI (Request for Information) from the USMC, and wanted to pass on this information to any individuals and companies who might have, or be aware of, relevant technologies.  Here is a short description and the link for the official documentation is below:
The USMC with the Office of Naval Research has issued an RFI (Request for Information)  The Office of Naval Research in support of USMC technology requirements is interested in understanding the currently available technologies that could enhance the logistics sustainability of remote Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) engaged in combat operations. Specific areas of interest for this RFI include 1) water purification and distribution, 2) electric power generation and distribution, and 3) energy efficient structures. Technologies of interest are those that would most effectively enhance self sufficiency of a Forward Operating Base roughly the size of a Marine Corps Company (approximately 200 Marines). Information is requested in the form of brief product descriptions.
The full FedBizOps solicitation is at:
TIDES at West 2010
Come visit TIDES at the upcoming AFCEA/USNI West 2010 conference February 2-4, 2010 in San Diego, California. West 2010 is an annual set of activities co-sponsored by the U.S. Naval Institute and AFCEA international. It is the largest event on the West Coast for communications, electronics, intelligence, information systems, imaging, military weapon systems, aviation, shipbuilding and related technologies.   To register for this free event, please go to the conference website at West 2010.  If you are interested in being a part of the the TIDES booth, please contact Walker Hardy at HardyW2@ndu.edu.
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