Happy Valentimes

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Good Times

In addition to Magnetic Poetry Kits, which have been well-documented catalysts in the ignition of many a romance, I would like to tender two more contributions to this season of love.


One, let's just go ahead and call it Valentimes, with an "m" and without the "Day." You did it as a kid, you want to do it now, and the "times" thing makes more intuitive sense than some story about an obscure saint. And taking away the "Day" makes it sound like a whole season, possibly an entire era!


I Like You 


Two, let's focus more on liking the people we love, as in the poem pictured above, made with our Romance Kit (which, incidentally, is on sale for 15% off):


"...for not only do I love you

I like you"


What does this mean? Is it a joke?


Well, I guess it is sort of funny in that it turns the conventional order of things on its head. But I seriously believe that this is a pretty good description of "true love."


Let Me Play Dr. Phil... 


"Falling in love" is easy, as easy as catching a cold, and often just as temporary. A person can fall head-over-heels in love with someone they hardly know. It hits like a tsunami and obliterates rationality and order and sense of self and place and time. It ruins plans. It makes people crazy. Then it fades into a different sort of non "in-love" love. From there it can mutate into anything from brotherly/sisterly love to white-hot hatred.


Liking someone is far more subtle, and it's more of an autonomous choice. Its flavor deepens and changes over time, as it is challenged by getting to know the person better and better. It can develop into or alongside "in-love" love, but over time it becomes much more important than lovey-doveyness, and can even turn a well-seasoned love romantic.


To find someone that you both love AND like... well, it is my totally unprofessional theory that it would result in a long and happy era of Valentimes!


-Dave Kapell
Inventor, Magnetic Poetry

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