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Greetings Open Door Art Studio Fans!

If April showers bring May flowers?  What do May flowers bring?  Pilgrims.  Oh, and even more great art from Open Door!  We can't wait for you to read about two fantastic people:  Curtis and Sharon, two individuals who are very important members of the Open Door community.  We also wanted to let you know about how Open Door repurposes some of its material donations and to request more donations of commonly disposed items.  Enjoy the read!

mixed media painting that says the world's not heavy if we have God
"Not Heavy" Mixed Media, 2011
Curtis Wellman 


Curt is a dynamo on wheels.  Even though he is one of ODAS's older studio artists, you'd never know from his youthful spunk and moxy.  Curt is a strong advocate for those with disabilities and serves on several councils including the Governor's Council for the Disabled.  Curtis speaks openly about his experiences living in an institution and the progress he has witnessed for himself and other individuals with disabilities over the past decades.   His passion for continued progress is truly an inspiration.  


When he's not in a meeting or working at any number of entrepreneurial endeavors, he can be seen at Open Door slinging paint on a canvas.  Curt utilizes a completely customized glove that affords him an infinite number of mark-making opportunities.  He is extremely appreciative of his friend, Carl Mulberry, who developed this adaptive art equipment.  Curtis finds the creative process extremely gratifying.  He is very thoughtful about selecting his surface, texture, color palette, and title.   


If Curtis isn't in motion, there is no doubt that his mental wheels are spinning.  He constantly pushes himself to expand his body of work.  Most recently he has experimented with incorporating recycled cans and toy cowboys and Indians into his art.  Curt's positive attitude and his unique artistic sensibility are a true enhancement to Open Door.  Curt is proud to have his paintings in a growing number of private art collections and he is extremely honored to have a piece of his artwork hanging at the Ohio Statehouse.

Curtis Working at the Studio 

Sharon standing in front of a painting
Sharon with Larry Ross's "Circular Abstraction"
Sharon Donis  


Sharon has been with CCHS Inc. for more than eleven years.  She began in Park West Court Apartments and after two years became the Transportation Coordinator, the position she still holds today.  Sharon's favorite aspect of her job is getting to know the residents and her positive attitude and kindness make her a favorite among coworkers and clients alike.  She is an especially generous fan of the artists at Open Door.  She has a sizable art collection that is split between her and her son's homes.  She loves hearing about an Open Door artist discovering a hidden talent and all the artists love showing Sharon their latest creation.  There is hardly a visit to Open Door that Sharon doesn't utter at least one "Oooh" or "Aaah". 


In addition to her impact in the lives of countless individuals with disabilities over the past eleven years, Sharon is the proud mother of two daughters, two sons and grandmother of two grandsons.  Sharon is also an animal lover and her household includes two dogs and six cats.  Sharon is a consummate collector.  Aside from Open Door artworks, she collects rhinestone pins, flamingos, Jim Beam bottles, hot wheels, and glass baskets.  With such varied interests, it is no wonder that Sharon is such a unique and fun person. 

a pile of crayola crayons
What Happened to that Donation?

We get lots of exciting donations here at Open Door.  In this section we feature what happens when one of our creative participants reworks the ordinary into the extraordinary.

A gigantic bin of new and used crayons was donated to Open Door from a volunteer who saved them from an untimely fate of dumpster death.  We do not use crayons all that much at Open Door, but studio artist Ashley Pauley put her thinking cap on and genius struck.  She created an interesting surface out of the crayons, reworking these art materials into an interesting canvas of sorts.   

Marty Freireich's "Crayola Creation" Mixed Media piece
After! "Crayola Creation"


Marty Freireich then went to town adding colorful paint strokes and Voila! "Crayola Creation" was born!  We are all huge fans here of this imaginative collaboration and the fantastic result.  

Open Door always takes donations.  Big thanks to the supplier of the crayons for her generosity of supplies and time to Open Door!    

bottle caps Open Door is Collecting Plastic Bottle Caps and Lids 

The hard plastic caps on most bottles are not recyclable.  They are a great material for art, however, and Open Door will be accepting donations of these kinds of lids indefinitely.  Any size, shape and color will do and the more the better!  Water bottles, liters of soda, laundry detergent, and milk jugs are just a few of the many sources that are already in your home.  So please start stashing away those little plastic gems and on your next visit to Open Door to see some great art unload those caps.  Reduce the amount going into landfills and support a local non-profit with supplies.  What more could you want really?

Thanks in advance for saving those lids!
Thank you so much for your continued support of the studio and the amazing people who create here.


Open Door Art Studio Team

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