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Greeting Open Door Art Studio Fans!

We are a bit behind on our news updates, but not due to a lack of exciting things going on at Open Door.  Thus far 2011 has been anything but boring.  We continue to be amazed by the talented artists working in the studio (check out that incredible alligator in the banner by featured artist, Tory Harper) and we are so proud of the artists from Open Door who were selected for the 2011 VSA Exhibition.  Open Door also has some big news about a big move and we just cannot wait to tell you all about it.  Read on!


Open Door to Change Locations

Columbus Center for Human Services Inc. is excited to announce the much anticipated expansion and move of Open Door Art Studio.  Over the past four amazing years we have grown to provide services to almost 50 adults and 10 teens annually.  When Open Door first started we only had 8 participating artists.  Needless to say, we have outgrown 1365 Grandview Ave. 


Within the first half of 2011 Open Door will be moving to 1050 Goodale Blvd, less than 1.5 miles from our current location.  We are thrilled to stay in the very supportive community of Grandview and to be so near the up-and-coming "Grandview Yard".  The new space will offer more square footage (almost 5 times as much to be exact!) and even more opportunities for our participating artists!  Everyone is buzzing about this exhilarating change and we hope you will help us celebrate and spread the great news.


armadillo painting
Tory's "Armadillo" wood cut-out
Tory Harper


Tory has a very representational style and she implements her ample skill to paint pieces with loads of detail.  From the armor of an armadillo to the scales of a mermaid, Tory's signature style is certainly her affinity to detail.  Perhaps it's the repetitive nature of the small brushstrokes that she is attracted to as she also enjoys to knit, another repetitive activity.  She claims that art is a great way to reduce stress and really enjoys unwinding with her friends at the studio. 

Tory Painting
Tory working on a painting of British Royalty.

Tory wants to broaden her art repertoire and expand her subjects to more challenging items.  Recently, she has been experimenting with painting British Royalty.  She is named after two queens and is very interested in exploring portraiture.  Luckily for Tory royal outfits are chockfull of detail.



The team at Open Door is very appreciative of the support provided by other divisions of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc.  We love seeing the friendly faces from transportation pop in a few times per day.  Kay Senft has been with the company for 27 years.  She heads the transportation department and organizes the rides in several divisions, including Open Door.  Please join us in getting to know a bit more about Kay.


Kay SenftKay, the head of transportation.

Kay Senft, a native of Ohio, started her career with a degree in therapeutic recreation from Ohio State University.  Upon graduation she completed an internship at Orient, an institution that closed in 1984.  Park West Court Apartments, a division of CCHS inc., was founded in response to deinstitutionalization.  Kay was happy to follow many of the residents that she knew at Orient to their new home at Park West and she has been with the company ever since.  Since day one Kay has enjoyed working in the field of developmental disabilities.  Her greatest job satisfaction comes from the positive feedback heard from participants after experiencing something new or just having a great day.  Kay is a huge supporter of Open Door and gives the program high accolades.  According to Kay it is "phenomenal".  With all the hard work she puts into coordinating transportation, we have to return the compliment to her.   


Before picture of a pile of fabric.
What happened to that donation?

We get lots of exciting donations here at Open Door.  In this section we feature what happens when one of our creative participants reworks the ordinary into the extraordinary.


A variety of batik fabric squares were donated a few months back.  Charles Porter, an extremely hardworking and versatile artist employed this fabric in an amazing textile work.  The piece was inspired by a sketch Charles created depicting a bird.  Volunteer Jeanne Weinberg worked with Charles in dying the bird and selecting the layout of the background.  She then generously aided in sewing the squares together.  With the addition of Charles' embroidery, the piece came alive!

Charles Porter's textile artwork.
Eight ODAS Artists Selected for Juried Exhibition


Congratulations to the following artists whose work was chosen for VSA Ohio's 2011 Accessible Expressions Exhibition and Tour:


Doug Gantt

Curtis Wellman, Shanghai Sunrise
Curtis Wellman's Piece Shanghai Sunrise

Donna Hans

Paula Lasky

Charles Porter

Ceith Purifoy

Corey Sokolnicki

Tommy Tyler

Curtis Wellman


Please come out and  

celebrate this great show  

and the accomplishments  

of some great artists at the Opening Cermony. 


Accessible Expressions Ohio 2011 Opening Ceremony
Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011
Westerville Community Center
350 N. Cleveland Ave.
Westerville, OH 43082
11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Thank you so much for your continued support of the studio and the amazing people who create there.


Open Door Art Studio Team

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