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Greetings Open Door Art Studio Fans!

We are so excited to about the holiday season here at Open Door.  We wish you and yours all the best as 2010 comes to an end.  Happy Holidays!
Gargoyle Guardian, 2010
Corey Sokolnicki

The level of excitement with which Corey Sokolnicki approaches a new artistic challenge is enviable. His frenetic illustrations capture his energy and it is no surprise that he enjoys drawing things that move. Cars, planes, and army tanks fill his many sketchbooks along with his imaginative "critters". Corey aptly compares his style to Wassily Kandinsky who shares his affinity for bold lines and colorful geometric shapes.
Picture of Corey
Corey hanging out with his painting.

Corey enjoys both illustration and painting and many of his works are accompanied by an imaginative story. His love of art extends to his time outside of the studio. He is a huge supporter of the arts and attends many shows and festivals with his mother. Corey currently shares a home in central Ohio with his wife, but has lived in several different states while growing up. Corey finds the creation of art to be extremely fun and each of his works emits his positive energy.

Jamel Rider

The team at Open Door is very appreciative of the support provided by other divisions of Columbus Center for Human Services, Inc.  We love seeing the friendly faces from transportation pop in a few times per day.  Jamel has been supporting Open Door the longest of any driver and is loved by staff and participants alike.  Please join us in getting to know a bit more about Jamel.

Jamel Rider loves "the people that he works with and for."  His signature big grin greets everyone he sees.  His third anniversary with the company is coming up, but if you shadowed him for a day you would think it was much longer due the number of people who know and love him.  Jamel was born in Columbus, but was raised in the small town of Beaver, Ohio.  He remains close with his family who are split mainly between Beaver and Columbus.  Jamel has been a member of the army reserves for eight years this December and spent thirteen months in Iraq.  After his deployment he took some time off and then began working at CCHS.  His fondest memories of work are the Halloween parties.  Jamel has musical aspirations and would one day love to live on the west coast or anywhere warm.

Don't forget Open Door for your holiday shopping!

New T-Shirts are available at Open Door.  Above is a selection of the designs.  We have a range of both Men's and Women's sizes available and each shirt is twenty dollars.  Hope you love them as much as we do!

Jeanne Weinberg


Jeanne Weinberg has been a great addition to the Open Door environment since her arrival a few months ago.  We very much appreciate the dedication and creativity she brought to Open Door.  She recently reflected on her experience in the Columbus Dispatch saying of volunteering, "I'm asked to help with projects I actually know how to do. Smiles greet me. Community happens."

The whole article is a great read, and can be found here.

CCAD ART SALE: Work by Students and Alumni

"This event has long been known in the community as THE place to find a wide range of artwork from more than 100 talented CCAD artists. If you've never been, come see what you're missing!"

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Loann Crane Center for Design on the CCAD campus


All admissions proceeds fund student scholarships.

$50 First Choice Admission-9-10:30 am

$5 General Admission-10:30 am-2:00 pm


For more information visit or call 614.224.9101.

As a Columbus College of Art and Design Alum, Courtney, the Studio Director, will be participating.  We wish her much success!
Thanks so much for your continued support of the studio and the amazing people who create there.


Open Door Art Studio Team

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