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Greetings Open Door Fans!

September was a fantastic month at Open Door.  We had a very successful sale at the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival.  We kindly thank the festival and the community of Upper Arlington for such a warm reception.  Since the sale everyone has been hard at work replenishing our art and some amazing pieces are hot off the press.  Customers often ask when we get new art in and we gladly reply "Always!" Any day is a good day to visit Open Door to see the latest and the greatest!

October should be an equally great month.  It's National Arts and Humanities Month, we have an exciting upcoming sale, and Halloween will be here before we know it!
Mark Taylor

Mark has lived his whole life, from start to present, in Columbus, Ohio.  Technically minded, Mark employs a ruler in his linear style of drawing.  His colorful, graphic imagery is frequently architectural and his drawings of dream houses are nothing short of spectacular.  He also draws cars and motorcycles that are equally dreamy. 

Mark at the Studio.
Mark loves singing along to an eclectic mix of songs at the art studio.  His taste ranges from rock to country and his love of music can explain some fabulous paintings that incorporate instruments.  Recently, Mark has been hard at work creating wooden cut-outs of some very intricate and amazing illustrations.  He has sold several cut-outs of houses (one is featured in the banner above) and more will be on display in conjunction with the Passion Works show of cut-outs this month at Open Door.
Last month we featured the two newest members of the Open Door team. This month we wanted to start reintroducing the veteran Open Door artists whose hard work, enthusiasm and spirit have made Open Door what it is today!

Courtney Yoakum

Courtney Yoakum was born in Indiana where she grew up a "farmer's daughter".  Aspiring to be an artist from a young age, she was awarded the opportunity to study at the Art Institute of Chicago while still attending high school.  From there, Courtney received the National Scholastics Hallmark and Portfolio Award.   This afforded her a scholarship to Columbus College of Art and Design where she studied Fine Arts and received her BFA.  Currently, Courtney is an experienced professional in the field of developmental disabilities.   She started her career with Columbus Center for Human Services Inc. eleven years ago in the Recreations Therapy Department and has been the Studio Director of Open Door Art Studio since its inception in 2007.

Courtney continues to be practicing artist and enjoys painting and creating jewelry.  She currently sells her jewelry at several local galleries including Open Door.

Courtney's favorite thing about Open Door is the positive energy that thrives from the creative, nurturing environment within the studio.  

Even if you didn't make it out for the opening during the Grandview Hop on September 25th, you can still see the Passion Works show on display at Open Door. Passion Works is located in Athens, Ohio and was founded by the wonderful artist Patty Mitchell.  The work made at Passion Works exemplifies the best of the collaborative art process.  Many of the works on display were created by several artists, with each adding their own unique flavor.  This exhibition consists entirely of fun and colorful cut-outs and is definitely worth the trip.

Learn more about Passion Works
Craft Gone Wild!

Mark your calendars.  Open Door will participate in a new craft show in October.  Craft Gone Wild! is "an interactive crafting event" and sale.  54 vendors will be featured and Open Door is proud to be on that list.  From swag bags to crafty demonstrations, it should be a very fun event.  Stop by to support us and other artisans. 

Date: Saturday, October 30, 2010
Place: Wild Goose Creative
         2491 Summit Street
         Columbus, OH 43202
Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Admission: FREE

Learn more at
October is National Arts and Humanities Month

National Arts and Humanities Month (NAHM) is a nationwide celebration of culture coordinated by Americans for the Arts.

According to the NAHM website:
"Why have a National Arts and Humanities Month?"

"The arts and humanities play an important role in our lives-they provide enrichment and strive to provide enlightening and transformational experiences to the broadest possible cross section of the American public. The arts allow us to explore ideas, express emotions, and better appreciate cultures from around the world. NAHM is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the positive impact the arts bring to our schools and communities."

Here at Open Door we could not agree more about the importance of art in our everyday lives.  Do something this month to support the arts (hint, Open Door loves visitors) and have fun at the same time!
What happened to that donation?

We get lots of exciting donations here at Open Door.  In this section we feature what happens when one of our creative participants reworks the ordinary into the extraordinary.


One of our artists, John Emanuele, utilized a gourd to create a sculpture of one of his fantastical sketches.  He combines many different animals to create whole new species.  This particular imaginative critter is a Peacockbullpigasaurusurky.  Open Door always takes donations.  A big thanks to the supplier of the gourds!   

Thanks so much for your continued support of the studio and the amazing people who create there.

Open Door Art Studio Team

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