April 2010 

 In this newsletter, you will discover innovative approaches to water treatment that are as efficient as they are respectful of the environment. Well-proven and recognized, these technologies aim at significantly reducing or even eliminating the use of harmful chemical products.  Please read on for more information.


*There is still a need for corrosion inhibitors.
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Copper-Silver Ionization

Silver has long been known as a bacterial killer and used extensively by medical profession before the introduction of antibiotics. Copper is recognized as one of the best algaecide killers known to man.

It was NASA that designed the first ionization system for their Apollo flights, using copper silver electrodes to purify their water. H2O Biotech has improved the technique to kill the bacteria and algae found in institutional, commercial and industrial water systems.

Copper and Silver ions are pH neutral, non-corrosive and have no effect on the human body in the concentration used to treat the water.
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Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower

Besides treating the circulating cooling water in cooling tower systems to minimize corrosion, scaling and fouling, the water must be dosed with biocides and algaecides to prevent growths that could interfere with the continuous flow of the water. Another very important reason for using biocides is to prevent the growth of Legionella as 40 to 60% of tested cooling towers contained the bacteria. Copper-silver ionization offers a greener and most effective alternative to the usual chemical treatment.

          - Plays two roles: curative and preventive (residual effect) as the ions stay in the water for weeks
          - Eliminates the algae surface coating which results in better heat transfer and lower energy cost
          - Not affected by temperature, none-corrosive, do not destabilize water pH
          - Eligible for LEED points
Hot Water Systems
 Hot Water Systems
Healthcare facilities, schools and hotels are among the most at risk when dealing with Legionella bacteria. The main source of propagation is the warm water system where contagion mainly takes place through shower steam. Many well known international and national organisations acknowledge copper-silver ionization as an effective and safe technology for the prevention and control of Legionella bacteria in hot water systems.

          - Reduction in energy costs and scale growth by allowing the reduction of hot water temperature 
          - No recolonization of the network in case of breakdown
          - Eliminates the need for hyperchlorination or thermal shock
          - Effective throughout the entire water system
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