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Self Contained Ceiling Tile Unit
self contained ceiling tile unit
-Destroys Bio-Chemical contaminants
-Purify up to 500 sq. ft. (per unit)
-Silent operation 
Sanuvox patented Ultraviolet Air Purification Systems are designed to destroy airborne biological & chemical contaminants that continually circulate throughout the facility.  Viruses, bacteria, mold, allergens, chemicals, VOC's, odors, and thousands of other contaminants are destroyed through DNA sterilization and photo-oxidation.
Sanuvox systems include In-Duct units designed for whole building treatment while Sanuvox Stand-Alone systems benefit from the same patented process in a self-contained easily transportable purifier.

For more information on Ultraviolet Air Purification please contact The Filter Man, Ltd. at 800-224-7445.   

Jessica Ketchum
The Filter Man, Ltd.

June 2009 

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Prevention Of Illness Spread In Childcare Facilities

How many days of work are lost to the cold, influenza, or other common illnesses due to the spread of germs within childcare facilities? The lost work of the parent, the lost revenue of the child stay, the lost productivity of the parents company are many times the trickle down effects of runny noses. Then what is spread at the daycare is shared within families to compound the losses.  These facilities are required to follow very strict rules in regards to hours, food service, number of children to supervisory staff and countless other regulations. There isn't any requirement for the control of airborne spreading of germs. The concentration of people into a small area without specific ventilation or filtration of the air invites the rapid spread of illnesses. This is the reason why so many of these facilities require that children with common symptoms stay away until they are better.
While we will never be able to protect everyone from airborne spread of germs, it is possible to significantly reduce the microbiological components that infect the group. Air cleaning devices that are stand alone appliances can circulate air many times per hour and reduce the infectious particles that are being expelled by those who may have illnesses that are not showing signs yet. In addition when someone is ill it reduces the concentration exposure to all those in the facility.
Sanuvox has been disinfecting air in facilities for over 15 years, reducing the viable organisms, odors, viruses, and particulates to make the air cleaner for our respiratory systems. It is simple to operate and economical to offer your children a safer environment.
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