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2012 October Newsletter!
Permian Basin International Oil Show
Every even-numbered year, the Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc. brings together people from every phase of the petroleum industry. Leaders come to Odessa, Texas from every corner of the world to learn about the latest technology, the newest equipment, to transact business and renew friendships. Unlike most exhibitions, the Permian Basin International Oil Show, Inc. is a non-profit venture whose sole purpose is educational, designed to serve the oil and gas industry. Run by oilmen, its mission is unwavering and its commitment is the single most important factor in its overwhelming success.


Bishop Lifting Products will be showing at PBIOS this year and invite you to attend and visit our booth at OS-105!  We will be showcasing products and services that specifically target the Permian Basin.


Download the PBIOS 2012 App here! Features include: full exhibitor list, schedule of events, interative floorplan, and show updates! And it's all FREE!


Teufelberger EVOLUTION TK 18


Teufelberger EVOLUTION TK 18 is the new high-performance non-rotating rope for larger cranes in the offshore and shipping industry.  EVOLUTION TK 18 has been designed for cranes which operate under hardest conditions -- Subsea, Active Heave Compensation. This rope offers best in class breaking forces, high flexibility and is the first choice for larger diameters between 44 and 80 mm.


The combination of bigger outer wires and special core construction gives the rope high wear resistance and makes the rope even in larger diameters very flexible and enables optimal spooling results for multi-layer winding enabling extremely challenging lifting operations to be performed.


The plastizised steel core and special used lubricant promises permanent and strong lubrication and increase service life.  



  • Long service life time
  • Optimal spooling results
  • Easier handling during mounting
  • Smooth operations during extremely challenging lifting operations
  • Constant MBF during the whole service life
  • Click here for PDF catalog page.

    New Product: DynamicLift


    These lightweight and powerful Rare Earth permanent lift magnets, featuring Magswitch technology, can be used on flat or round surfaces and contain an internal release On/Off device that does not contact or damage the surface of the part being lifted. DynamicLifts™ have superior holding on thin gauge ferrous metals.


    DynamicLift remote control magnet  Features:

  • Remote operatred on/off Rare Earth magnet design
  • Lifts flat or round loads
  • Stays on if battery loses power
  • Magnet "On" indicator light
  • Heat resistant up to 180 degrees F
  • 3:1 design factor
  • Conforms to ASME B30.20 standards
  • Click here for PDF catalog page.

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    New Tie Down and Heavy Haul Catalog!
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    BLP Specials

     McKissick Oilfield Block  

    Specials on blocks, hoists, lifting devices and more!


    McKissick Oilfield Blocks:

    83A, 30 ton 430 Block, 

    30 ton 380 Block


    Coffing Hoists: JLC and EC

    Lincoln Cable Hoists:

    LH 3000-30

    Upcoming Events

    October 16-18, 2012

    Permian Basin Oil Show


    October 16-18, 2012

    WSTDA Annual Meeting


    November 13, 2012

    HBR Meeting


    December 4-6, 2012

    OSHA Oil & Gas Safety Conference


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