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2012 September Newsletter!
Twin-Path® Extra Covermax® Slings
This is our best synthetic sling. It is made with K-Spec® high performance fibers, and it has a bulked nylon outer cover (Covermax®) that is very abrasion resistant. These are made in sizes up to 500,000 lbs. vertical rated capacity. Extra Heavy Duty Covermax® is used on 40,000 lb. vertical capacity and higher. All of these slings have overload tell-tails or Check-Fast® early warning indicators, inner red cover, and are used worldwide in place of chain and wire rope slings for heavy lifts. Also, they are repairable. They have fiber optics for inspection. The Twin-Path® patented design provides the rigger with redundant protection in the event that one path is cut. These slings have 1% stretch at rated capacity and are made in matched lengths. These slings conform to ASME B30.9 Chapter six, US Navy NAVFAC P-307 Section 14, and CI 1905-07. The safety and inspection features found only in Twin-Path® products were created to overcome shortfalls riggers found in single path roundslings. US Patent No. 5,651,572 & 7,661,737
Crosby® Clamp-Co Barrier & Curb Grabs


Provide a fast and efficient method for handling concrete road barriers or large granite curbs.


Crosby Clamp-Co Barrier GrabFeatures:

  • Hands free operation
  • Alloy Steel Construction
  • Polyeurethane pads or hardened steel jaw available
  • Proof Tested to 2X rated cap.
  • All sizes are RFID equipped
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    "Liftmax" Lifting Beam for Frac Application

    Liftmax Frac Valve Lifting Beam   

    BLP designed and fabricated this custom adjustable lifting beam used during the installation and removal of valves on frac sites. The beam is supplied with multiple attachment points so adjustment can be made to align the crane with the C.G. of the swinging pipe spool. It is designed to fit four 3-1/4 ton Crosby sling saver shackles connected to 1 inch web slings and choker hooks.


    Pictured right is Jack Shreffler, Sales Representative, with customer at their training facility. 


    Click here for catalog page..

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    Twin-Path® Extra Covermax®
    Clamp-Co Grabs
    250 Ton BOP Handlers
    Liftmax™ Lifting Beam


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    BOP Handlers
    JD Neuhaus BOP Handler   

    JD Neuhaus

    250 Ton Ultra Low Headroom

    BOP handling system

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     McKissick Oilfield Block  

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