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2012 July / August Newsletter!
NEW Slingmax Pad Eye Testers

Applications: Proof testing pad eyes, lifting lugs, eye bolts.  Can be used inverted or sideways.  Testing capacity available up to 100 tons.



  • Light weight and portable
  • Aluminum housing on 10, 20, 30 ton models
  • Assist handles on 2 sides
  • Stainless data plate
  • Adjustable clevis height
  • Large dial type capacity read out
  • Powder coated finish
  • Hand pump
  • 10' hose and quick couplers
  • Email for more information!

    Singer Equities Merges with Bishop Lifting Products
    AEA Investors, one of the oldest private equity groups in the U.S., has formed SB Holdings to combine Singer Equities with the acquisition of Bishop Lifting Products.  Both groups provide high value added products used in the industrial distribution market sector.
    "Bringing these two groups together under one umbrella made sense when considering common customer types, economies of scale, and cross selling opportunities. Jeff Bishop will continue as president of Bishop Lifting Products and Don Fritzinger remains president of Singer Equities, with both groups continuing as independent entities executing on their respective strategies in their industries and taking advantage of the consolidation opportunities that are so prevalent in both spaces", said Otis Dufrene, CEO of SB Holdings and a forty plus year veteran of the industry. 
    Texas Oilman's Charity Fishing Tournament



    Our Bishop Lifting team at the Texas Oilman's Charity Fishing Tournament in Matagorda, TX last week. Click here to see the full image.

    Bishop Provides Slings to be Used in Large-Scale Moving Operation

    Historic League City, TX tree was preserved in large-scale moving operation in late May. The 540,000 lbs. tree was moved using BLP13 roundslings and 500 & 600 ton cranes.  Click here for the full story.

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    Pad Eye Testers
    Singer Equities Merges with BLP
    Texas Oilman's Charity Fishing Tournament

    Slings in Action


    BLP Specials  

    Photo of the Month

    Bishop Lifting Products receives the Platinum Channel Partner award for 2011-2012 from CM works.  Pictured above is Jeff Bishop, President of BLP, and Richard Corbello, Business Development Specialist for CM Works.


    Video of the Month

    Straightpoint New Center of Gravity Software
    Straightpoint New Center of Gravity Software


    Straightpoint has released a new product catalog!  New features include:


    • 35t, 75t, 150t and 300t capacity Loadlinks in addition to the other capacities we have always offered
    • Wireless centre of gravity weighing system
    • Wireless repeater station to extend or bend the range of our wireless loadcells
    • New handheld display

    Click here to download your copy! 

    BLP Specials

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    Sept. 19-21

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    Sept 28-29th

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    Sept. 30- Oct. 3

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    Washington D.C.


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