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2012 February Newsletter!
Tie Downs and Heavy Haul Catalog
Bishop Lifting is proud to announce the release of their newest catalog - Tie Downs and Heavy Haul equipment.  This catalog is an all inclusive guide to ordering binder chains, winches, load binders and ratchet assemblies. Also included are snatch blocks and winch lines for use in the oilfield.
This catalog is only available in electronic copy for now, but stay tuned to future email notifications for when the print catalogs become available.

Slingmax® Twin-Path®


Slingmax Slings in ActionTwin-Paths® are constructed from high performance, low-weight, synthetic fibers named K-Spec®. Twin-Path ® slings are easy to rig up and store. Twin-Path® slings are also abrasion resistant, less expensive, and less likely to cause injuries than other slings. Slingmax® Twin-Path® slings have overload early warning indicators, inner red cover and are used worldwide in place of wire rope slings for heavy lifts.


Have damaged Twin-Paths®? Bishop Lifting can inspect and possibly repair your Slingmax® Twin-Path® slings! 


  • Covermax® covers can be repaired. Over 99% of Twin-Path® slings stay in service.  
  • Fiber optics can be replaced if damaged.
  • The Check-Fast® System and overload tell-tails can be reset or replaced to keep your Twin-Path sling in service.


Click here to request a Slingmax® Twin-Path® Wall poster!


Poster features Twin-Path® capacities and proper usage techniques. 

JD Neuhaus BOP Handling Systems
JDN Monorail Hoists were specially designed for BOP Handling Systems and fulfill all requirements for this special application. They are available with pneumatic or hydraulic drives.


Standard Features at a Glance:

  • Explosion Proof Components
  • Efficient High Performance Vane Motor
  • Rugged All Steel construction  
  • Corrosion Resistant Coating System 
  • Chain Containers
  • Full Emergency Stop system
  • Overload Protection
  • Galvanized Load Chain
  • Stainless Steel Fasteners
  • Filter, Regulator Lubricator
  • All Brass Push button Control Valve
  • Trolley Anti-Drop and Anti-Climb System
  • 30 Feet of Lift
  • 50% of Trolley Wheels Powered  
  • Paper & Electronic Complete Documentation 
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April 30 - May 3

Offshore Technology Conference - Booth 1017

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Tie Downs and Heavy Haul Catalog
Slingmax Twin-Path 
JD Neuhaus BOP Handlers
Crosby Tubing Grabs

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Photo of the Month

Lifting Device 

Custom frac swing arm lifter made by Bishop Lifting Products. Click here to view a full sized picture.


Tubing Grabs 

Tubing Grab Photo 

The Crosby® Tubing Grab tool clamps onto the well tubing just behind the upset and is used to move the tubing to and from the rig floor. Keeping the tube horizontal, the grab allows handlers to move the tubing to the rig floor so the elevators can be attached and stand the tubing upright.

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