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Cortland Synthetic Ropes
High Performance Fiber Rope for Heavy Marine, Offshore Oil Exploration and Industrial Applications
Cortland designs and manufactures rope, slings, cables, and umbilicals for the oil and gas, heavy marine, subsea, ROV, seismic, defense and medical markets. 


Plasma® 12 Strand is the highest strength synthetic rope available. Manufactured from high performance Honeywell Spectra 900 ® Fiber that has been enhanced by Cortland's patented recrystallization process.Plasma Rope Plasma® is equal or greater in strength to wire size for size, yet is significantly lighter making handling much easier. Plasma lines offer superior flexibility and are easy to inspect as they do not rust, corrode or fish-hook like wire rope can.  More information on cordage offered from BLP can be found here.


Below are the latest brochures from Cortland.



Renfroe Plate Clamps

 Plate Clamps

Bishop Lifting Products is a master distributor and repair service center of JC Renfroe plate clamps. The majority of JC Renfroe's products are lifting plate clamps and fabricated products for vertical and horizontal lifting applications. Click here for a full catalog for vertical, horizontal and 90 degree plate clamps.

Where are your Web Slings Made?  
 Made in China Sling
Buried in the seam of this web  sling's warning tag is the country of origin. You may wonder what is "PRC"? PRC stands for People's Republic of China. Do not be fooled by foreign made web slings!  All BLP Web Slings are clearly marked with a "Made in USA" - American flag tag. 

At BLP, not only is the final web sling made in the United States, but all components that go into manufacturing our web slings are made in the US. We have made the commitment to buy products that have their origin in the US to ensure the highest quality products are being used to make our BLP Web Slings.   


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Cortland Synthetic Plasma Ropes
Drum Lifters

JC Renfroe Plate Clamps


Where are your Slings Made?


Christmas at BLP

Photo of the Month


Frank and Teresa Massaro at their ranch in South Texas over Thanksgiving.  Spotted on top of the rig is a BLP MaxiRider™Click here to read more about the "Standard in Personnel Lifting." 

Drum Lifters

Drum Lifter
Need to lift a steel, fiber or plastic drum? BLP fabricates custom drum lifters for lifting 33 and 55 gallon drums. Click here for a custom order form.
Merry Christmas!
Christmas Swager
Click here: photos from Christmas parties at our branches.  

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