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2011 Thanksgiving Newsletter!
New Crosby Tools


Crosby Apps -

User's Guide For Lifting references to standards for basic rigging terminology and links to Crosby's "On-Line" General catalog for selected products. Features available in the Plus version includes: functional calculators for sling leg tension, volumes and weights, center of gravity and units conversion.

Block Selection and Application Guide features sample inspection forms for blocks, sheaves and block hooks. In addition, the Block App links to Crosby's "On-Line" General catalog for selected products. Features available in the Plus version includes functional calculators for parts of line, overhaul weight, snatch block rigging, block rigging-pulling, block angle multiplier, D/d ratio, block selector, snatch block bearing and bronze bushings. 


Crosby 2011 Catalog on CD - Crosby's newly released 2011 product catalog is now available on CD. Make it even easier to search for rigging hardware, blocks and more! Email to request a cd.


Crosby on YouTube®! - Crosby's company and lastest product videos are now available on YouTube®!  Click here to view the Crosby YouTube® channel.

BLP Skip Pans

New video of a BLP Skip Pan in action on a Houston area jobsite!
Skip Pan in Action
Skip Pan in Action

 Click here for quote:

New Product Annoucement from Crosby: Tubing Grabs for Well Servicing

 Tubing Grab  Tubing Grab Tool

Crosby's Tubing Grab was designed to move tubing from a trailer or the ground (tubing horizontal) to the well service truck's rig floor.  The Tubing Grab clamps on the tubing just behind the upset and a wire rope assist line is attached to the shackle on the Tubing Grab .  It is not designed to move the tubing from the rig floor up to vertical in the rack.  The rig elevators are used to lift  the tubing vertical in the rack, not the tubing grab. The Tubing Grab can also be used in the reverse to from the rig floor to the trailer or ground.   


Available in 2 sizes: 2-3/8" and 2-7/8" and has a rated capacity of 500 lbs.


For pricing and questions on Tubing Grabs contact:
Permian Basin & South Texas:
Billy Bob Anderson - 432-258-2535
Oklahoma & Rockies:
Bill Ray - 405-426-2440

In This Issue

NEW Crosby Tools
-Online Apps
- 2011 Catalog on CD
- Crosby on YouTube


BLP Skip Pans in Action

Crosby New Product: Tubing Grabs 


New Models for Straightpoint Load Cells

Photo of the Month-
5 Inch Master Links

Doug Wetzel, Senior Sales Representative, stands with one of the ten Crosby A342 5" master links sold to a company in Brazil to be used offshore.  



Weight: 516 lbs.

Rated Capacity: 395,000 lbs.

Proof Load: 790,000

Straightpoint adds new models

Straightpoint RLP, Case, Readout
Straightpoint added 35, 75, 150, and 200 ton RLP model load cells to their line up:

(Air Bus Video) Watch how Straightpoint load cells are used to test an Airbus 380 Wing

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