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March 2011 Newsletter

Crosby McKissick Roll Forged Sheaves

Crosby McKissick SheavesCrosby McKissick sheaves come in a variety of sizes to suit your specific applications. Crosby can make minor modifications to many of the sheaves listed at a reasonable charge. We can also custom design and manufacture sheaves to your exact requirements.
Your Benefits:
  • Stepped Hub Design
  • Flame Hardened Groove
  • Full Range of Standard Sizes
  • Solid Steel - No Casting
  • Bearing Options 

Click here for sheave configurator form. Just complete and email to, or fax to 713-672-9229

Cornermax  Sleeves - Sling Protection


Cornermax SleevesThe majority of synthetic sling accidents are caused by cutting.  There are many kinds of protective sleeves and pads available, but only two synthetic protectors provide adequate cut protection: Slingmax Cornermax Sleeves and Cornermax Pads. 


Cornermax Sleeves are available in any length and with inside widths of 4-1/2", 5-3/4" and 10".


Cornermax Sleeve Part Numbers:

CRNMXS03 * fits up to a TPXC  4000

CRNMXS04 * fits up to a TPXC  7500

CRNMXS10 * fits up to a TPXC 25000



Click here to download Slingmax Sling Protection Brochure. 

RFID Grows Up and Gets Integrated


RFID TrackingBishop Lifting Products' RFID program with InfoChip is highlighted in the March 2011 edition of Industrial Lift & Hoist for "Equipment in Action."  The article discusses how RFID tagging has evolved to become a safety standard for the lifting and rigging equipment industry.


Click here to read the full article.


Want to set up a meeting to learn more about how RFID tagging can be integrated into your company? Click here for more information.

Jaws! - Big Shark Spotted near Offshore Rig

Shark Cage Bottle Lifter


It may look like an ordinary shark cage -- but really it's a

Gas Cylinder Transport Cage we recently fabricated for one of our customers.  This transport cage can hold up to 12 gas cylinders, is made of galvanized steel and has a rated capacity of 6,000 lbs. Custom lifting devices are our specialty! Let us create your next custom design.


In This Issue

McKissick Sheaves


Cornermax Sleeves

RFID Grows Up and Gets Integrated


Jaws! Big Shark


BLP and Slingmax Video 


New Record! 

 Plasma Rope

 7-3/8" Nominal Diameter

22" Circumference

Plasma 12x12 Rope


Largest single braid rope manufactured to date by Cortland Puget Sound Rope. 

Video of the Month

BLP Slings and Slingmax  

Slingmax Slings fabricated at Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.

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