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February 2011 Newsletter

JD Neuhaus - BOP Handlers

JD Neuhaus BOP HandlerJD Neuhaus has 30 years of experience in oilfield material handing.  Conventional and directional drilling rigs use chain hoists for blowout preventer (BOP) handling.  Rigs with 1500+ horsepower or drill to depths 1200 feet and more utilize JD Neuhaus air hoists.
Your Benefits:

1.  25% less air consumption

2.  Lube-Free operation

3.  Less components, low maintenance

4.  Adjustable trolley

5.  Reduced noise level

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Application Handbook for High Performance Offshore Ropes - by Teufelberger


Teufelberger Application HandbookTeufelberger recently released a new application handbook covering the following areas for high performance wire ropes:


1.  Product information

2.  Purchasing recommendations

3.  Required information when ordering

4.  Storage, Handling & Inspection

5.  Installation

6.  Operations

7.  Maintenance

8.  Troubleshooting & Removal Criteria


Click here to download Teufelberger's new handbook. 


BLP UltraSpreader Frames - Are We Square?

BLP Ultra Spreader Frames are custom made to your specified capacity, length and width.  Available in fixed sizes or adjustable bottom lift points.  Common lift applications include:

  • Portable Buildings
  • Skid Packages
  • Fin Fans
  • Super Sacks
  • Ship Cargo

           BLP Ultra Spreader Frame, Adjustable

Easy Order Form for BLP Ultra Spreader Frames


For specifications, more information, or pricing, please visit us online or contact for more information.  

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Photo of the Month

Jay Fugate - BLP Employee

In the words of Forrest Gump, "I just felt like running!" Jay Fugate, Oilfield Sales Rep in Houston, has been on a marathon kick lately and on Jan. 30, he finished the Houston Half Marathon. 

WAY-2-GO Jay!

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