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January 2011 Newsletter

New Year News from BLP!

BLP UltraSpreader Bars

BLP Ultra Spreader Bar
We are currently in the process of publishing a new BLP Ultra Lifting Devices catalogs. One of the products featured in the new catalog will be the BLP Ultra™ Spreader Bar. Although it's one of the most basic lifting devices we design and fabricate, it's the most common product we build on a daily basis. Click here to see this catalog page which includes ordering instructions and as always let us do your custom design work for lifting devices.

Made in the USA  

Web Slings and Roundslings made in USA

Have you noticed a new made in USA label on our Synthetic Sling products? If so, then good catch!  We added a new "Made in the USA" tag to recognize our commitment to quality and USA made products.  Bishop Lifting Products, Inc. fabricates all synthetic slings in the USA from materials made in USA.  These slings include Nylon and Polyester Web Slings, Polyester Roundslings, Lowering in Belts, Head Irons, and Lined Steel Chokers belts. The textiles used to produce synthetic slings include webbing, tubing, core yarns, thread and vinyl.  All these materials are made in USA and then fabricated into slings at our headquarters in Houston, Texas.

New Specials Page 

Specials IconWe recently added a new page to called Specials . We added this Specials page to list products that are in stock, but are not normal stocking items.  Check in from time to time to see what's available. 

Currently, there are 2 lifting devices listed:

For specifications, pricing, and more pictures, please visit us online or contact for more information.

Material BasketAdjustable Spreader Bar

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BLP Ultra Spreader Bars


Made in USA Slings

MaxiRider II


New Specials Page


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MaxiRider II News! 

 MaxiRider II - floor mounted personnel hoist

The MaxiRider™ II

 brochure and assembly & operating addendum is available here

Photo of the Month

Photo of the Month

Quinton Bean, son of MaKayla and Danny Bean (Branch Coordinator and Receiving Logistics in the Houston office), was born on 11/23/2010. The proud parents say he was their "Little Blessing" for Thanksgiving.  Congratulations!

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